Media bubble creates the dangerous irrationality of the Left

When the bubble bursts, reality rushes in…

When the bubble bursts, reality rushes in…

The Leftist media bubble has been punctured, and the results aren’t pretty.

If you are ‘left-wing’ or ‘liberal’, whether here in Australia, in the US or the UK, you can go through weeks, months, even years, without ever hearing a contrary view or opinion on major areas of policy.

In Australia, you can tune into ABC local radio, watch the ABC TV news, read the Sydney Morning Herald or the Melbourne Age, and not have your views challenged to any significant degree. Climate change is a serious problem that needs urgent action, border security is racist, Islam is a religion of peace, Trump is a racist, sexist Nazi, you know, that kind of thing – if you hold any of these views, every morning paper and every news report will confirm the rectitude of your positions.

In the UK, you have the BBC – the national broadcaster funded by extortion from the taxpayer, whose editorial position has always been firmly liberal/left.

In the US, take your pick: ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS. All support the liberal/left view, and all were squarely behind Clinton in the US election.

On the other hand, if you are ‘right-wing’ or ‘conservative’ however, you are constantly exposed to a tidal wave of contradictory views and opinions. Rarely would you hear from the mainstream media that curbing CO2 emissions might hurt the millions of poor in developing countries, or that border security is essential to protect a country’s citizens and security, or that Islam has some tenets which are clearly incompatible with Western democracy, or that Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, dishonest criminal who was always unfit to be president.

The result of this is that those inhabiting the Left/liberal media bubble, inhaling the toxic gases of progressive journalism, are starved of the oxygen of rationality. It is this toxicity that results in many on the Left believing that anyone who holds a contrary opinion is quite literally evil or immoral. It isn’t just a simple matter of difference in political opinion, but more accurately that disagreement means immorality and wickedness (see Moral Superiority of the Left).

Reality rushes in

Donald Trump becoming president has punctured that bubble for the first time in eight years, and its inhabitants, many of whom have known nothing else, are coping in the only way possible – by irrational behaviour, pathological hatred and extraordinary fear-mongering (see #womensmarch for some shocking evidence of this).

This situation rarely happens with the Right, because there exists no conservative bubble. We are continually exposed to Leftist propaganda and media spin, challenging our world view on a daily basis, and in some ways it is a good thing: many will have vastly better thought out and considered positions, because of the need to constantly check and re-check facts and opinions in the face of dissent, enabling them to argue them far more coherently than their Leftist counterparts, who at the first sign of challenge resort to hysteria and name-calling.

Our Leftist friends might do well to expose themselves and their ideas to some dissent now and again.

Left terrified of a fictional monster… that they have imagined!

"Please don't torture old people, eat our babies or hang all the blacks…"

“Please don’t torture old people, eat our babies or hang all the blacks…”

They really are as dumb as a box of frogs.

The Left have spent the last eight years demonising conservatives as racists, bigots, rednecks, haters, xenophobes, homophobes, Islamophobes, etc etc. The Left’s moral superiority means that they can therefore regard conservatives as genuinely evil monsters.

This cartoonish caricature of the right means that the Left can justify their childish temper tantrums in reaction to Trump’s election, full of violence, hatred and petulance.

It also means that they are genuinely terrified of this fictional monster that they have created in their imaginations so that they have to appeal to it in order to stay safe – as the cast of a Broadway show disgracefully did in lecturing and haranguing VP-elect Mike Pence when he was out for a night at the theatre.

The Left have brainwashed an entire generation of youth into believing this rubbish, and as a result, ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

The Snowflake: the pathetic cry-bully who believes his or her opponents are evil and Satanic and will happily riot to get their own way, but who at the same time has no ability to tolerate criticism and must scurry off to a ‘safe space’ when confronted with conflicting views.

If they actually engaged with their political opponents in a mature and intelligent way, with persuasive arguments rather than abuse, they might actually get somewhere.

However, if they continue in this way, you can guarantee that more and more people will abandon their juvenile politics of caricature and fear.

US Election: Liberals need to stop whining, find a better candidate and better ideas



Having been drained of the ability to take responsibility for anything, US liberals are thrashing around blaming everyone else for Hillary’s stunning defeat:

  • It was those racist rednecks wot dun it.
  • It was Wikileaks wot dun it.
  • It was the biased media wot dun it. (No, seriously. They genuinely think the media was biased AGAINST Clinton…!)

It was, of course, none of those things. The simple fact is that Hillary was a disastrous candidate, tarred with corruption, criminality and incompetence, and Americans were thoroughly sick of everything the Democrats stood for: stifling political correctness, the endless name-calling and ridiculing of dissenting views, pandering to enemies (especially Islam), the elevation of minority demands above the majority (think transgender bathrooms), the threat of 2nd amendment reform, to name but a few.

Here’s a thought: get a better candidate and better policies and you might be in with a chance. Until then, stop blaming everyone else.

US: Rent-a-mob Socialist Alternative thugs organising Trump protests

Rent-a-mob thuggery

Rent-a-mob thuggery

Well knock me down with a feather…

The Socialist Alternative group, a regular fixture at all the far-Left “anti-fascist”, pro-Muslim, “anti-racist” and hysterical “global warming” protests here in Australia (and who always end up kicking off the punch-ups), is organising protests against Donald Trump:

Within hours of Trump being elected, Socialist Alternative with Socialist Students and Movement for the 99% put out the call for mass protests across the country to unite against sexism and racism and to begin building the movement against Trump and the the billionaire class. In less than 24 hours nearly 40,000 people answered our call!

The numbers of people – mostly young people – who attended in each city is electrifying: New York City had 10,000 people; Philadelphia 6,000; Boston 10,000; Seattle 6,000; and Oakland 5,000. Our protests were a top story on newscasts across the country and internationally – from CNN to The Guardian.

This is only the beginning.

Plans are underway for huge nationwide protests around Trump’s inauguration on January 20th and 21st to send a clear message that we reject his right-wing agenda of bigotry and pro-corporate policies. We need to build a grassroots movement against threats to escalate mass deportations of immigrants and a clampdown on muslim communities, among other attacks. Socialist Alternative will be at the forefront of building these demonstrations and organizing broad community coalitions to stand united against bigotry and hate.

Bringing a personal brand of violence and thuggery that only the Left can. Yet the Tea Party was astroturfing, according to the MSM.

“Rape Melania” – remember that one, folks.

Keep going, dumb Lefties. You’ll only alienate middle America even more.

Trump protests reveal Left’s anti-democratic DNA

Ah, the tolerant Left

Ah, the tolerant Left

What a week. More important than a Trump victory was a Clinton defeat. America really does have a chance of survival now, and for the whole world, that is great news.

A Clinton presidency would have seen:

  • the progressive agenda further entrenched, with minority interests and the political elite taking priority over those of hard-working middle Americans;
  • the endemic corruption and criminality of the Clintons rewarded and encouraged;
  • further destabilisation in the Middle East;
  • further abandonment of Israel, capitulation to Iran and a resurgence of Islamic State;
  • America further divided on racial grounds, as Obama has done so successfully, his identity politics pitting blacks against whites like no other time in recent memory;
  • millions of (Democrat voting) illegal immigrants given citizenship, essentially guaranteeing Democrat victories in future elections;
  • yet more pandering to Islam, with inevitably more terrorist attacks both in the US and abroad.

In short, it would have been a disaster for the US and for world security.

Clinton is now blaming everyone but herself: the FBI, the media, James Comey. At no point does it occur to her that SHE may be a little bit to blame for all this?

And now we see the predictable and violent reaction of the ‘inclusive and tolerant Left’, who, because of their embedded moral superiority, think it’s OK to brand everyone that voted for Trump as a racist, homophobic, sexist, bigoted redneck. There’s tolerance for you!

Rape Melania placards. Burning the US flag. Voting for Trump was a ‘hate crime‘. Anarchists masquerading as protesters.

Oh seriously, grow the fuck up.

Can you imagine the fake outrage from those same idiots if the situation had been reversed? They have LITERALLY no ability for self-reflection AT ALL.

This guy says it best:

Clinton emails: FBI loses all credibility




The FBI reviews 650,000 emails in 8 days?

Even with a team of 60 reviewers, working 24/7, each email would only receive scrutiny of ONE MINUTE.

It’s all very unsavoury. There is clearly criminal behaviour here, but the DoJ is so politicised that it has thwarted the FBI to save Clinton.

But hey, even if this one has gone away, the Clinton Foundation one remains, and that is far worse.

DoJ mole leaked info to Clinton campaign

Just more of the same.

As Donna Brazile leaked town hall questions to Hillary in advance, and then lied about it to Fox News, so an insider at the DoJ leaked information on an ongoing matter direct to the Clinton team:

Win at all costs. Ends justify the means. The moral superiority of the Left beats all these petty rules, right?

FBI also investigating Clinton Foundation

Here's hoping…

Here’s hoping…

The stench of criminality and corruption follows the Clintons wherever they go.

Add it to the list: emails, intimidation, violence, corruption, dereliction of duty, pay to play, and now personal profit from the ‘charity’ work of the Clinton Foundation.

Don’t wait up for the mainstream media, Facebook or Twitter trends to update you on this – because the Left-wing curators of those sources of information will have buried it.

FBI investigators from across the country have been following leads into reports of bribery involving the Clinton Foundation. Multiple field offices have been involved in the investigation.

A report in Sunday’s Wall Street Journal (WSJ) by Devlin Barrett revealed that agents assigned to the New York field office have been carrying the bulk of the work in investigating the Clinton Foundation. They have received assistance from the FBI field office in Little Rock according to “people familiar with the matter, the WSJ reported. Other offices, including Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., have been collecting evidence regarding “financial crimes or influence-peddling.” (source)

Slick Willy will need to arrange another ‘surprise’ meeting with Loretta Lynch in a plane to make sure the DoJ nixes this investigation as well.

Ah, transparency, doncha just love it.

The Left’s moral superiority leads to corruption, fraud and violence

The Left believe it's "Left or Wrong"

The Left believe it’s “Left or Wrong”

I previously wrote about the moral posturing that is characteristic of the Left – the arrogant belief that their positions on everything are fundamentally morally superior to those of their opponents, which entitles them to berate and pour scorn and disgust on those opponents at every opportunity, labelling them ‘haters’, ‘racists’, ‘homophobes’, ‘deniers’ and all sorts of other names.

We see it in the US, where Clinton thugs incited violence at Trump rallies, and voter fraud and rigging is endemic to the Democratic party. We also see it here, where laughably styled “anti-fascists” from the Left invariably kick off punch-ups with generally peaceful ‘Mum & Dad’ anti-Islam protesters.

I suggest that this misplaced moral posturing and superiority leads directly to the corruption, fraud and violent behaviour we see from the Left. Believing that one is morally superior convinces one that the ends, namely the implementation of those policies for the good of the people, justifies the means, namely the rigging, the intimidation and the ‘win at all costs’ attitude.

This characteristic can be also expressed as a lack of humility – a brazen arrogance and belief in their own certitude – that overrides any self-doubt and renders them incapable of considering that those positions may, in fact, not be correct.

UPDATE: What makes it worse for those on the Left is that they are confronted daily with large sections of the population supporting someone like Trump (or Bush, or Sarah Palin etc) and they are unable to reconcile this with their worldview in which such people are ‘immoral’. They are consequently unable to formulate any possible arguments to counter this ‘illogical’ situation, and they are left with no option but violence and hatred. Corruption and fraud inevitably follow as a justifiable means to an end, to save the population from its own ignorance and stupidity.

The Right generally do not suffer thus, and are almost always more reticent in sharing their views or being absolutely certain that they are correct. We see this all the time in daily life. The Left are the noisy, rowdy rabble who are so sure of themselves that they will intimidate and beat up their opponents—or chisel their names out of the pavement—never stopping for one minute to think, hmm, am I really 100% correct, and my opponent so wrong, that I therefore have the right to do violence against them?

No, they never stop to think. Even if they did, their answer would be: Yes I am. Cue violence.

Their arrogant and misplaced moral superiority leads directly to a ‘win at all costs’ mentality, because the ends justify the means, which results in inevitable corruption, fraud and violence.

A little bit of humility wouldn’t go amiss in the modern Left.

FBI reopen Clinton email investigation

Here's hoping…

Here’s hoping…

Wow, talk about good timing – a Halloween nightmare for Hillary.

It was disgraceful of the FBI to sweep Hillary’s cavalier attitude to classified materials under the carpet, especially since many have been convicted for far less, and Bill had apparently influenced AG Loretta Lynch in that encounter on the plane.

An FBI investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state has been reignited after new emails were discovered during an unrelated probe.

With just 11 days to go before the November 8 election, FBI director James Comey said in a letter to several congressional Republicans that the agency had learned of the existence of emails that appeared to be pertinent to its investigation.

Mr Comey did not provide details about the emails, but a US official said the emails emerged through the FBI’s separate sexting probe of former US representative Anthony Weiner, who is separated from Mrs Clinton’s confidant Huma Abedin. (source)

Democrats are angry now, of course, because they are so used to getting their own way, and thought they had the FBI all nicely stitched up. Bad luck that Huma Abedin’s ex has spilled the beans.

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