UK: Muslims must not ‘quietly condone’ anti-Western ideology

Even UK Prime Minister David Cameron, he who is so wedded to the famous “Islam is a religion of peace” mantra, appears to have realised that the attraction of Islamic State has something to do with Islam.

Every facet of Islamic State’s conduct is justifiable by reference to the Qur’an, Sunna and hadith, which means that many such actions are essentially mainstream Islam taught throughout the world in mosques and madrasas. You only need to head over to our friends at Memri TV to see the kind of hatred and bile that is spewed by Islamic ‘leaders’ right here in Australia. [Read more…]

Satire: UK News – Miliband to outlaw ‘telling the truth’

Odd Miliband

Odd Miliband

Making truthful statements based on fact about certain subjects will be made illegal by Labour leader Ed Miliband, if successful in the UK general election next week.

Under the new law, to be named aggravated candour, a person who:

  1. openly and publicly rejects the smears, half-truths and outright lies of official liberal-left ideology and/or state-sanctioned political correctness, and;
  2. engages in dangerous honesty and thereby expresses certain uncomfortable ‘truths’ which conflict with such smears, half-truths and outright lies,

shall be guilty of an offence. Examples of such ‘truths’ are as follows:

  • The climate hasn’t warmed for 18 years despite increasing man-made CO2 concentrations
  • Strong border protection that deters illegal immigrants saves lives and isn’t ‘inhumane’
  • Free speech is a right that everyone should enjoy, not just those you happen to agree with
  • Borrowing recklessly without any conceivable way of paying it off is bad economics – most people learned that at primary school
  • Socialism as a governmental system has failed countless times, yet parties of the Left keep trying it over and over again
  • Importing an entire underclass of unskilled asylum seekers, who have no intention of integrating into your society, is – guess what? – a bad idea

and, most controversially of all:

  • Islam is a religion of violence, supremacism and conquest
  • Islamic hatred for, and aggression towards, non-Muslims, and in particular Jews and Christians, is primarily the result of many verses in the Qur’an calling for such acts, and follows closely the examples recounted in the biography and teachings of Muhammad.

Anyone expressing such views will be guilty of aggravated candour, and will be sentenced to twenty years in a government thought realignment camp, or alternatively, a university.


The source for this post was revealed to be incorrect. Apologies, it has been removed.

Quote of the Day

From the article Here’s What Radical Islam Looks Like In The UK (Business Insider):

“If we look at the backgrounds of the British Muslims who have been involved in violent extremism, what’s striking is the variety: graduates as well as the poorly educated; women as well as men; the privileged as well as the marginalised; converts as well as born Muslims; British born as well as immigrants.

The only thing that those so far convicted of terrorist offences in the U.K. have in common is a shared ideology and a willingness to act on it.”

And unfortunately we know what that ‘shared ideology’ is…

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