Breaking: ACTU bails out of further legal action against Dyson Heydon

And that message is, we give in…

And that message is, we give in…

Cue laughable excuses for their cowardly capitulation in 3, 2, 1…

I mean, given the union hysteria around Dyson Heydon’s alleged ‘bias’, you would have thought the unions would jump at the chance to take this matter to the courts. But, as always, the truth (rarely spoken by the unions) is rather different: there wasn’t in the beginning, isn’t now and never will be any actual or apprehended bias on the part of the Commissioner.

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Pygmies clueless against intellectual giant Heydon

Ah, the hypocrisy

Ah, the hypocrisy (link)

Judith Sloan got it right in The Australian yesterday morning:

Dave Oliver, secretary of the ACTU, reminds me of a tantrum-throwing toddler who covers his ears in order to block out the sensible advice of his parents. “I can’t hear you,” he screams, also hoping that no one else can hear the wise words being uttered by the grown-ups.

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Hope Dyson Heydon comes out swinging today…

Unions and the left were always pretty dumb…

Unions and the left were always pretty dumb…

This is the twisted logic that Labor and the Unions are using to attack the Royal Commission:

  • the Commission is investigating widespread criminality and corruption in trade unions
  • the unions are (by their own choice) aligned with Labor, and vice versa
  • hence the commission is ‘political’
  • therefore, any sign of connection to the Liberals in the commissioner, no matter how trivial or irrelevant, is therefore evidence of ‘bias’
  • unions escape justice once again.

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CFMEU bosses to face ‘criminal action’ – will Shorten continue to attack Royal Commission?

Setka: criminal brief completed…

Setka: criminal brief completed…

The Trade Union Royal Commission has exposed widespread criminal activity and corruption within the Australian union movement, as evidenced by this piece in The Age (and by God it must have hurt the editors at the Pravda on the Yarra to write this): [Read more…]

Royal Commissioner Dyson Heydon should stay

Witch hunt victim

Witch hunt victim

Labor apparatchiks smearing Royal Commissioner Dyson Heydon (pictured) as biased is a shocking spectacle.

Of course, Labions (which is what I will in future be calling Labor and the Unions, since they are the same) are lining their pockets with corrupt deals and backhanders, so they are personally concerned that if the Commission puts a stop to these shady deals, their bank accounts will suffer.

So it’s not surprising that the Labions are desperate to nobble the inquiry by any means possible. But having branded the Commission as a ‘witch hunt’, the Labions then engage in one themselves, against the Commissioner.

The Commissioner should stay put in the face of this protection racket. If the Labions wish to take the matter to the courts, then they should.

CFMEU organiser arrested after Royal Commission hearing

"Shifty" Shorten

“Shifty” Shorten

But, but, but… I thought the Royal Commission was a cheap and tawdry political witch hunt by Tony Abbott to smear his opponents, namely innocent Labor MPs, wasn’t it?

And I thought Commissioner Heydon Dyson and Counsel Jeremy Stoljar SC were just stooges, paid to do the evil bidding of the Coalition, weren’t they?

Must be right, ‘cos Kim Carr said so! What was it again, Kim? “Totalitarian regime” was the phrase you used, yes? More spin than a launderette…

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Royal Commission hard at work in Canberra, and not a Labor PM in sight!

No PM in sight!

Oh look, they’re still at work! And no sign of Bill, Julia or Kevin…

If we are to believe Bill Shorten [always a mistake – Ed], the Royal Commission is simply “Tony Abbott’s smear campaign”. You would have thought, therefore, having nailed Bill, Kevin and Julia, they would all have packed up and gone home. Job done, right? [Read more…]

Royal Commission: Labor in La-la Land

“Shifty” Shorten looking decidedly uncomfortable

Sometimes one has to question one’s own sanity when confronted with the alternative version of reality presented by Labor—not by just one or two fruitcakes, but essentially the whole Labor edifice.

Bill Shorten’s appearance before the Royal Commission into trade unions made for painful viewing. He was by turns evasive, shifty, embarrassed, arrogant and tricky. I’m amazed counsel assisting, Jeremy Stoljar SC, kept his cool as well as he did. Commissioner Dyson Heydon, a former justice of the High Court, was required to tactfully remind Shorten to (in layman’s terms) stop waffling and answer the goddam question. [Read more…]

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