Lefty frightbat calls Abbott a ‘tit’ on Q&A – ABC roars with laughter

Margolyes: nauseating

Margolyes: nauseating

No bias there, no siree!

You remember all the times that Gillard and Rudd were called ‘tits’ on the ABC’s main political debate show, don’t you? No? I’m sure they have been – it’s called balance, right? Or perhaps Bob Hawke or Paul Keating were called ‘tits’ perhaps?

The reaction from the audience made up of inner-city, yoghurt-knitting, sandal-wearing, latte-sipping, lefty trendoids says it all, really.

It took until the very end of Monday night’s Q&A for the panel to get to the crux of recent national debate. Tony Abbott: Yes or No?

“I think he’s a tit,” was the five-word summation from Miriam Margolyes, the call-a-spade-a-spade actress whose response to the audience question was the shortest, but by far the most memorable, of those offered by the panel as host Tony Jones passed the matter around for consideration.

Prime ministerial colleague and supporter Josh Frydenberg, who wisely noted that “I’m in a minority here”, waxed lyrical about his boss’ decency and qualities as a father, husband and upstanding member of his local community. (source)

Of course you’re in a minority. It’s always 4-2 or 5-1 with Tony Jones siding with the Left. Why on earth do conservatives ever go on Q&A? Surely roasting their privates over a bonfire would be more pleasant. Don’t forget, ABC = Anything to Belittle Conservatives.

And Margolyes didn’t stop there – she threw her own religion under a bus by claiming that Muslim aggression is due to the ‘actions of the state of Israel’ and ‘the appalling treatment [by] the Israelis towards the Palestinians’. Hmm, as a member of the gay community, Miriam, which is the only country in the Middle East that you’d feel safe, hmm? [Crickets chirping]

If Abbott’s a tit, you’re just a nauseating caricature of a lefty luvvie. Go home.

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