The Turnbull Traitors have destroyed the Liberals

Feeling the strain?

I really hope Chairman Mal, Julie Bishop, Scott Morrison, Wyatt Roy, George Brandis, Christopher Pyne and all the rest of the traitors are happy, now that they have  brought the Liberals to the brink of defeat.

Certainly Wyatt Roy will have plenty of time to reflect on his treachery, having been voted out of his seat – good. By the way, the Centrelink office is two blocks down on your left…

As I wrote back in September 2015, when the shameful assassination of Tony Abbott took place:

Ever since Tony pipped him at the post in December 2009, Malcolm has been plotting and scheming to get the job he believes he deserves. And now, thanks to the treachery of Julie Bishop (and many others), he has achieved his goal.

Turnbull complained that Abbott’s performance had not improved since February, whilst at the same time he and Bishop were both leaking like a sieve to destabilise him in the background. With a constant stream of leaks is it any wonder Abbott’s recovery was thwarted.

Finally, of course, the Lefty hate media (ABC and Fairfax) have successfully portrayed Abbott as some knuckle-dragging, misogynistic, neanderthal thug, someone who does not merely hold different opinions, but is genuinely evil.

So what happens now? If the Coalition manage to scrape a majority, Turnbull’s credibility is gone.

Who can replace him? Scott Morrison? No, because he was too eager to switch sides to Malcolm after initially supporting Abbott in the spill, i.e. he was bought with the promise of Treasurer. Julie Bishop? No – because she destroyed the meaning of the phrase ‘loyal deputy’. Peter Dutton? Maybe… Kevin Andrews? Too boring.

Or maybe a certain T Abbott might be persuaded to step in…

Here are a couple of Aussie Madness posts from the time of the leadership spill:

Dissatisfaction with Turnbull rising fast

Goodwill pissed away

Goodwill pissed away

But he’s so much better at communicating! He’s got a much better vision for the economy! He’s just so much more popular than Tony! He respects the intelligence of the people! Um… [Read more…]

Turnbull government’s floundering makes Labor look decisive

Barely concealed chaos

Barely concealed chaos

Better communication, he said. Better economic policy, he said. LOLZ…

Say what you like about Tony Abbott, but he had vision, commitment and belief in what he thought was right. He didn’t care about popularity or being liked, he just had the wish to serve his country in the best possible way.

Contrast and compare with the glamorous playboy Turnbull. Vanity is everything. Wants to be liked the whole time. Thought PM would look good on the resume. He’s in it for what he can get out of it, not what he can do to improve the life of Australians. He doesn’t care anyway – multimillionaire with a mansion on Sydney Harbour – utterly disconnected from ordinary Aussies, and a completely unsuitable person to hold the office of PM. [Read more…]

North Sydney: many won’t be voting Liberal today…

Not many ticks for the Libs?

Not many ticks for the Libs?

UPDATE: A 13% swing away from the Liberals, despite Labor not fronting a candidate. Watch Turnbull spin this as a good result…

“Get over it,” they say. “Move on. Abbott’s finished, Malcolm’s in charge now. Suck it up, losers.”

Well I think there will be plenty of staunch Liberal voters who will be thinking long and hard about how they mark their ballot papers today at the North Sydney by-election. [Read more…]

Turnbull expects loyalty he never gave



What a hide. Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop expect unwavering loyalty from those around them when they gave absolutely none to Tony Abbott.

Turnbull was plotting, leaking and destabilising the Abbott government from day 1, and rushed the leadership challenge before the Canning by-election because Turnbull knew that a good win for the Coalition there would scupper his chances of toppling Abbott.

Bishop sent her chief of staff to a plotters meeting in the days before the challenge but did nothing to warn her boss, Abbott, of the impending challenge, in an act of brazen and shameless betrayal.

But now the boot is on the other foot, as Turnbull and Bishop realise what it is like to have someone briefing against you – not nice, is it?


Aussie Madness on the Turnbull coup

Turnbull coup has shaken the Liberals

Turnbull coup has shaken the Liberals

It’s now a week since the events of last Monday in Canberra, and it has taken me this long to process them sufficiently to write a coherent post. Still reeling from the shock, like many Liberals, I believe that the coup that installed Malcolm Turnbull as PM has left a stain on the party, and sends some very worrying signals both to the party and the electorate.

Here are my five key thoughts.
[Read more…]

Abbott sunk by treachery and a hateful media

Treachery from Turnbull and Bishop

Treachery from Turnbull and Bishop

Malcolm Turnbull and his turncoats were always a threat to Tony Abbott, and should have been sacked years ago.

Ever since Tony pipped him at the post in December 2009, Malcolm has been plotting and scheming to get the job he believes he deserves. And now, thanks to the treachery of Julie Bishop (and many others), he has achieved his goal.

[Read more…]

The madness of crowds: Shorten leads as preferred PM

Our next PM, classy as always…

Our next PM, classy as always…

The old adage holds true – the people get the government they deserve. And if this poll is repeated at the election, by the end of 2016 we will have another Labor government with Bill Shorten as Prime Minister.

Just typing it makes me vomit a little bit in my mouth. Prime Minister Bill Shorten… and again.

Yes, Abbott has had a rough few weeks, with the hypocritical and confected outrage of Choppergate, helpfully fuelled and stoked by the Lefty love-media, the radical gay lobby trashing Abbott for standing up for traditional marriage, but seriously? We’d rather have Bill and the Labions? Bill, who is likely to be called back before the Royal Commission to expose his (alleged) shady deals whilst in charge of the AWU? Bill, the shouty union thug who lacks any class?

And the Labions™, who want to bring back the carbon tax, and abandon the Border Force, opening our doors to the boats again? The Labions™ who when last in government couldn’t decide who should be prime minister, and couldn’t organise a chook raffle to save their lives? The Labions™ whose BER scheme wasted billions just for the sake of it, and whose insulation scheme killed four workers through incompetence? The Labions™ who would gleefully trash a former High Court judge in order to protect their union rorts? Really? These are the people we want running our country?

But that’s democracy. If the people of Australia, in their infinite wisdom, decide they want Bill and the Labions™, then who am I to complain? I can always move to New Zealand.

Labor: the party of insanity

Defined insanity - and there ain't no Einsteins in the ALP, that's for sure…

Defined insanity – and there ain’t no Einsteins in the ALP, that’s for sure…

One definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.

By that definition, Bill Shorten and the ALP are insane. [Read more…]

Lefty frightbat calls Abbott a ‘tit’ on Q&A – ABC roars with laughter

Margolyes: nauseating

Margolyes: nauseating

No bias there, no siree!

You remember all the times that Gillard and Rudd were called ‘tits’ on the ABC’s main political debate show, don’t you? No? I’m sure they have been – it’s called balance, right? Or perhaps Bob Hawke or Paul Keating were called ‘tits’ perhaps?

The reaction from the audience made up of inner-city, yoghurt-knitting, sandal-wearing, latte-sipping, lefty trendoids says it all, really.

It took until the very end of Monday night’s Q&A for the panel to get to the crux of recent national debate. Tony Abbott: Yes or No?

“I think he’s a tit,” was the five-word summation from Miriam Margolyes, the call-a-spade-a-spade actress whose response to the audience question was the shortest, but by far the most memorable, of those offered by the panel as host Tony Jones passed the matter around for consideration.

Prime ministerial colleague and supporter Josh Frydenberg, who wisely noted that “I’m in a minority here”, waxed lyrical about his boss’ decency and qualities as a father, husband and upstanding member of his local community. (source)

Of course you’re in a minority. It’s always 4-2 or 5-1 with Tony Jones siding with the Left. Why on earth do conservatives ever go on Q&A? Surely roasting their privates over a bonfire would be more pleasant. Don’t forget, ABC = Anything to Belittle Conservatives.

And Margolyes didn’t stop there – she threw her own religion under a bus by claiming that Muslim aggression is due to the ‘actions of the state of Israel’ and ‘the appalling treatment [by] the Israelis towards the Palestinians’. Hmm, as a member of the gay community, Miriam, which is the only country in the Middle East that you’d feel safe, hmm? [Crickets chirping]

If Abbott’s a tit, you’re just a nauseating caricature of a lefty luvvie. Go home.

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