Sydney: Man with ‘mental health issues’ carrying gas cylinder rams police station

Mentally ill. Again.

Mentally ill. Again.

We all know that ‘mental health issues’ is Sydney Morning Herald code for ‘devout Muslim’.

Another terror attack on our doorstep, no doubt Waleed Aly will be on TV tomorrow complaining about ‘Islamophobia’…

‘Very deliberate’ attack at Merrylands Police Station in western Sydney

A man has been arrested after a “very deliberate” attack in which a man set himself on fire and attempted to drive into a western Sydney police station.

In an incident which began at about 7pm, police noticed a man aged in his 60s parked in the driveway of the Merrylands police station, Assistant Commissioner Denis Clifford said.

As they approached the vehicle, it ignited and the man drove it down the driveway, ramming the roller door of the underground carpark, Mr Clifford said.

The officers extinguished the blaze and the occupant of the car was taken to hospital suffering “very serious burns”.

Police sources told Fairfax Media the man has a history of mental health issues.

Amazing how many people with ‘mental health issues’ are committing acts of terror all of a sudden, and amazing how they all shout ‘Allahu akbar’ or are named ‘Mohammed’. Bizarre…!

I am very happy to be proved wrong, but we’ve seen this too many times for there to be much doubt.

After Nice, where we had to ban trucks, and Germany, where we had to ban axes, now we have to ban gas bottles. No more shrimps on the barbie for you, infidel!

Paris: knife-wielding allahu-akbar-ing Muslim shot dead on anniversary of Charlie Hebdo

France descends into a terrorist hellhole

France descends into a terrorist hellhole

Another one meets his 72 virgins.

The same dreary refrain we have seen so often, and will continue to see even more: [Read more…]

Grand Mufti’s links to Egyptian terror sympathiser sheik

Devout = radicalised

Devout = radicalised

What a surprise… not.

As this blog has said so many times, all that is required to be ‘radicalised’ in Islam is to become more devout. Ascending the ladder of Islam inevitably leads to violence if you go high enough.

How can it not? The Qur’an is clear on the matter, and the Qur’an is the immutable word of Allah. [Read more…]

Religion of Peace™ – another week of terror

The Religion of Peace™ undertakes some cultural outreach

The Religion of Peace™ undertakes some cultural outreach

Pretty much any act of violence committed in the last 20 years can be attributed to the Religion of Peace™ – maybe not immediately, but sooner or later. This past week is no different.

In Bangkok, a bomb explosion killed twenty and injured over a hundred. Initial media reports claimed (with a breathless desperation that was tangible) that it had no terrorist links. Ah well, it only took a few days for the perp’s name to be released, and it’s Mohamad*. How awkward. But seriously, hands up who was NOT surprised by that…

Meanwhile, in France, two off-duty US Marines thwarted a massacre on a train by a ‘man’ with an AK-47. Hang on, you racist Islamophobe! I’m sure he had a good reason for carrying a machine gun on public transport, and a box cutter, and a handgun… In this case, it only took a few hours for the truth to emerge: he was a Moroccan Muslim known to the intelligence agencies…

Bravo, Religion of Peace™ – another successful week trashing your reputation. Pretty soon, it will be only Obama, Kerry and Cameron who believe that ridiculous name still means anything.

*Wiki page hasn’t yet caught up with this fact. Funny that…

Terror in Chattanooga: marines killed in shooting rampage

Shell casings litter the ground

Shell casings litter the ground

UPDATE: Yeah, he was a Muslim, of course.

What could have given the attacker the idea that he should randomly kill non-Muslims? And don’t draw any conclusions from his name, which just happened to be Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, you racist Islamophobe.

Well, nothing springs to mind, apart from:

  • the Islamic holy book, the Qur’an,
  • the example of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and
  • the teachings of imams and ‘scholars’ at Islamic places of worship across the West,

that is. But if you ignore all those…

[Read more…]

Quote of the Day: Justice Anthony Whealy

Whealy unhinged

Whealy unhinged

Just like the Titanic was almost a success, right up to the bit where it hit an iceberg and sank, so it is with rehabilitation of terrorists into the community. It’s a brilliant idea, as long as you ignore all those who go on to join Islamic State.

The judge who jailed many of those involved in Australia’s most ambitious terrorist plot believes some could be rehabilitated into the community, including one due for release as early as next year.

Others among the 18 men arrested in the 2005 Operation Pendennis raids in Sydney and Melbourne would most likely never be deradicalised, said Anthony Whealy QC.

Of the nine whom he sentenced to jail in 2009 for plotting an attack in Sydney, two have been released to date.

One of these, Mirsad Mulahalilovic, is understood to be living quietly and has not since troubled the authorities. The other, Khaled Sharrouf, joined Islamic State in Syria.

And so therefore, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, the Quote of the Day:

“He let us down badly,” Justice Whealy said. (source)

One out of two ain’t bad – it’s terrible. Are we as a nation prepared to take the risk?

Religion of Peace™ bombs a mosque, shoots kuffar tourists and beheads a French infidel

Ramadan off to a great start this year. But nothing to do with Islam, right David Cameron?

“The people who do these things, they sometimes claim they do it in the name of Islam,” the Prime Minister added.

“They don’t. Islam is a religion of peace. They do it in the name of a twisted and perverted ideology that we have to confront with everything that we have.

Wrong, wrong and wrong again. The twisted and perverted ideology is Islam – pure Islam, as practised by Mohammed and his followers in the 7th century.

But he just doesn’t have the guts to say it, for fear of being labelled ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’.

Anzac spirit triumphs over Islamic threats

Dignity in the face of cowardice

Dignity in the face of cowardice

If they want to take Australia, they will have a fight on their hands.

The massive turnout at Anzac services across the country is a defiant slap down to Muslims (and their far Left enablers) who would dare to threaten us.

Their dignity and bravery is in stark contrast to the cowardly acts of Islamic terrorists both here and abroad.

Whilst those terrorists may hate Australia, they are an insignificant and irrelevant stain compared to the millions of Australians who are deeply proud of their country and all it represents, and would, if required, defend it with their lives.

I know I would if I had to.

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.

Islamic Centre more worried about ‘defamation’ than terror threat

Furqan ridiculous…

Furqan ridiculous…

Unbelievable. Add ‘defamation’ to the growing list of grievances, which already includes Islamophobia, ‘demonising’ and ‘unfair targeting of Muslims’.

Remember, of course, Islam leads Muslims to believe that they are superior to the filthy kafir in every conceivable way, so this kind of reaction is, regrettably, not surprising.

[Read more…]

Welcome to the new Australia

More vigilance required

More vigilance required

Get used to it, because it’s going to be around for a long time.

This new Australia is one in which, at anytime, anywhere, a random Muslim may decide to ‘go Jihad’ and shoot a tourist, behead a random stranger, bomb a plane, blow up a commuter train, suicide bomb a bar, or any number of other atrocities [stab policemen, even], without warning and without regard for the consequences.

There are half a million Muslims in Australia, the overwhelming majority of whom are peaceful and who have integrated well with our Western way of life. However, if even as little as 0.1% of them (1 in a thousand) have sympathies with Islamic State, then we have 500 potential jihadis in our midst.

I have faith in ASIO, the AFP and the other security services that they are already keeping tabs on the majority of these likely targets, but the risk comes from the wealthy, well-educated, nice Lebanese boy next door who has never been in trouble, but who one day turns into a lone wolf and commits a terrorist act in the name of his religion.

Having lived in the UK during the 70s and 80s, I am well acquainted with the restrictions on life that a terrorist threat may impose. During those decades, there was always the threat of mainland attacks by the Irish Republican Army (IRA), and we were used to seeing rubbish bins sealed up or removed, suspicion of any unattended bags on public transport, security checks at public buildings etc.

But we got used to it, and life continued. To do otherwise would be a victory for the terrorists.

So be alert – take notice of your surroundings when out in public. Don’t be afraid to ask “Whose bag is this?” if you are suspicious – people will appreciate your vigilance. Involve the police or security services if you have any concerns about a neighbour or friend.

Finally, a note to Muslims: enough already of the victim mentality. We don’t want to hear any more about it, OK? You are not the victims here. Just get onside with the rest of us and help defeat this threat.

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