Q&A: Yassmin Abdel-Magied lies for Islam

Deception is part of the war against the kuffar

Deception is part of the war against the kuffar

UPDATE 13:15 AEDT 15 February: Allowing Jacqui Lambie to call BS on Yassmin’s blatant falsehoods was ‘islamophobic’, according to a petition at change.org. This is because the filthy kuffar aren’t supposed to read about Islam from source texts and actually understand it for themselves, but are supposed to just swallow the Religion of Peace™ taqiyya/kitman without question.

It’s perfectly acceptable for a Muslim to lie in order to advance Islam (war is deceit, after all), so it’s hardly surprising that Yassmin Abdel-Magied tells the most appalling untruths about the status of women on ABC’s obnoxious Q&A, claiming Islam to be ‘feminist’.

Either she is lying or she is hopelessly ignorant about the true nature of the sharia – I’m sure she has a copy of Reliance of the Traveller (the standard exposition of sharia law) kicking around the house somewhere. Maybe she should blow the dust off it and refresh her memory a bit.

I got mine off the internet and what fascinating reading it is, containing gems like this one:

M6.10 It is unlawful for a free man to marry more than four women. It is fitter to confine oneself to just one.

Any more than four is just excessive. Menstrual or menstruation is mentioned over SIXTY times, because it’s regarded as unclean, and women are not permitted to recite the Koran or  to go to mosque when menstruating – how liberating that must be. And one of the most ‘progressive’ laws must be this:

O24.9 If testimony concerns fornication or sodomy, then it requires four male witnesses who testify, in the case of fornication, that they have seen the offender insert the head of his penis into her vagina.

Like that would ever happen…

You can bet the Q&A apologists for Islam have never even bothered to research this, because they prefer to be kept in the dark believing that Islam is a Religion of Peace™ and now a Religion of Feminism™, rather than confront the harsh reality.

Islam is, and has been since the 7th century, patriarchal, misogynist and discriminatory towards women, and anyone who claims otherwise is either a liar or a fool.

Shady Sheik Shady’s lies and taqiyya

The shady Sheik Shady speaks

The shady Sheik Shady speaks

After Orlando and the Ramadan dinner with Malcolm Turnbull, the Shady Sheik was called out for saying nasty things about homosexuals in a video, so he issues a ‘media statement’ so full of crap you could grow tomatoes with it.

The gullible fools over at the Gosford Anglican Facebook page have lapped this up like the obedient little dhimmis they are. But for those of us who have the power of critical thought, let’s settle this once and for all:

With regards to allegations in some media reports today which made reference to statements that I have made in the past, I would like to say the following:

– I unequivocally reject the claim that I called for the stoning or any form of punishment of adulterers and/or homosexuals. As an Australian and a Muslim I unreservedly condemn the vilification and oppression of any group of people based on race, religion, gender, sexuality, or any other criteria for that matter.

This is top rate taqiyya. Islam is all about supremacism and superiority of Muslims over the kuffar – its very purpose is to oppress the non-Muslim world until it submits to the will of Allah. Shady knows this full well, but can’t possibly say it.

The penalty for sodomy is death by stoning, as is clear from the jurisprudence:


012.1 The legal penalty is obligatorily imposed upon anyone who fornicates or commits sodomy when they;

(a) have reached puberty;
(b) are sane;
(c) and commit the act voluntarily;

no matter whether the person is a Muslim, non­ Muslim subject of the Islamic state, or someone who has left Islam.

012.2 If the offender is someone with the capac­ity to remain chaste, then he or she is stoned to death (def: 0]2.6), someone with the capacity to remain chaste meaning anyone who has had sexual intercourse (A; at least once) with their spouse in a valid marriage, and is free, of age, and sane. (Extract from Reliance of the Traveller)

Shady may not have expressly ‘called for’ the stoning of adulterers and/or homosexuals, but in his addresses, he accurately reflects the Islamic law. If he denies this, then he is a heretic.

– Islam’s position on the matter is clear like many other major religions however Islam espouses there is no compulsion in religion and diversity is the norm. As Australians we have and will always show mutual respect for one another.

I think he is saying that Islam’s position on homosexuality is not in dispute – it is a sin and punishable by death by stoning – but that individuals are not obliged to convert to Islam. In a Western country this is true (at least for now), but in Iran and the Islamic State, gays are regularly thrown from buildings (an alternative punishment in the hadith). Whilst homosexual acts may still be regarded as sinful in other religions, Islam is the only one which prescribes death as punishment.

‘No compulsion in religion’ – ah, yes, that old chestnut. As I wrote back in 2014, it is a basic tenet of Islam that Muslims are commanded to proselytise until the whole world is Islamic, and to pretend otherwise is pure falsehood. The three options are convert, die or (if you are ‘lucky’ enough to be a Jew or a Christian) grudgingly permitted to remain in Muslim lands as third class citizens in a state of miserable dhimmitude, a right that could be revoked at any time by their Muslim rulers. And let’s not forget that the punishment for leaving Islam is? Correct. Death.

– In light of the above, there is absolutely no place for homophobia or any sort of hatred or discrimination towards a person who identifies as LGBTI.

That’s all very tolerant and understanding, but it is diametrically opposed to the teaching of Islam, which the Sheik knows very well.

As human beings, we need to come together to overcome and combat the hate that is fuelling so much violence in the world today.

I think I just had a stroke… The hatred is that of Islam for the kuffar…

I believe all Australians, Muslim and non-Muslim, have and will continue to campaign against any form of hatred or discrimination in our society.

And another…

The only time Muslims like Sheik Shady will be happy is when the whole world is Islamic.

Laundy: if you’re concerned about Islam you’re ‘not very well informed’

Washing dirty Laundy…

Washing dirty Laundy…

Craig Laundy is the member for Reid, an electorate which encompasses some of the populous Muslim areas in Sydney.

He seems to believe that the less one knows about Islam, the more concerned one might be: [Read more…]

Aussie Muslims hand out patriotic leaflets for Australia Day

A good start, but a long way to go…

A good start, but a long way to go…

It is a good try, but as with all other attempts to make Islam look different from what it really is, it fails. [Read more…]

Ed Husic’s taqiyya

Ed Husic plus Qur'an…

Ed Husic plus Qur’an…

Ed Husic is the first Muslim MP in Australia, who was sworn into the Federal Parliament on a copy of the Qur’an.

This was an odd thing for the parliament even to allow, since there nothing in the Qur’an even vaguely related to the Judeo-Christian values on which Australia and its parliament are based.

And of course, as we all know, the Qur’an regards non-Muslims, i.e. the majority of the Australian population, as the ‘vilest of animals’. Charming. Must try this trick if I ever get arrested in Saudi – maybe they’ll let me swear on a copy of the Bible… [Read more…]

Muslim leaders squirm when asked to call Islam a ‘religion of peace’

Randa Kattan - poisonous

Randa Kattan – her words are worthless

Because they can’t. It’s not a religion of peace, it’s a religion of the sword.

So when challenged by the PM to say so, they divert attention by whining about ‘islamophobia’ and ‘racism’:

Muslim leaders are furious at Tony Abbott’s suggestion that the community does not do enough to stamp out extremism, saying the statement is the “last card” of an embattled leader who is using dog-whistle politics to “inflame racism”. [What race is Islam again?]

On Monday Abbott delivered a speech on national security, in which he said: “I’ve often heard western leaders describe Islam as a ‘religion of peace’. I wish more Muslim leaders would say that more often, and mean it.”

The head of the Arab Council of Australia, Randa Kattan, said the comments were “promoting hatred and inflaming racism”. 

[Read more…]

‘Grand’ mufti disses Abbott – but seriously, who cares?

Mufti has a huffty...

Mufti has a huff-ty…

They hate us anyway, so what difference does it make if the ‘grand’ mufti, and spiritual ‘leader’ of Australia’s Muslims, Ibrahim abu Mohammed, turns on Tony Abbott?

Any Australian Prime Minister would be regarded as filthy kuffar by the likes of the mufti anyway (see here), it’s just that it’s now out in the open:

Australia’s most senior Muslim leader has said he won’t “repeat the mistake” of voting for Tony Abbott, and publicly advised the prime minister to “work in any field other than politics”.

The strong comments by the Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohammed come amid other signs of a serious breakdown in relations between the Abbott government and large elements of Australia’s Muslim communities, ahead of the expected announcement of new security legislation on Monday.

[Read more…]

Radio National: Sahar Amer and Clive Kessler

Sahar Amer and Clive Kessler

Sahar Amer and Clive Kessler

Bravo to Andrew West on RN’s Religion and Ethics Report for challenging the politically correct notion of Islam as a religion of peace, and it was done without labelling anyone an Islamophobe! See, it is possible.

It also clinically exposed the shrill obfuscation and avoidance typical of Islamic apologists when confronted with awkward facts and cogent arguments.

[Read more…]

ABC swallows sharia law Snake Oil

Not compatible with Western democracy

Not compatible with Western democracy

In an attempt to deflect attention from the less palatable verses in the Qur’an, ‘their’ ABC has published an ‘infidel’s guide’ to sharia law, which demonstrates such unbelievable naiveté that it left me with my jaw on the floor.

Here are a few select quotes from the chosen Snake Oil salesman:

Associate Professor at the Griffith University School of Humanities Mohamad Abdalla said sharia simply meant “the road to the watering place” in Arabic, and referred to the revealed guidance and directives given by Allah.

See? Nothing to worry about! Just unicorns and rainbows*. Move along, infidel!

[Read more…]

Muslim ‘academics’ misrepresent Islam for the infidels

“Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam. Go back to sleep, infidel!


News.com.au invites selected academics to rebut Islamic State myths. Let’s see how they go, shall we?


Soon, by Allah’s permission, a day will come when the Muslim will walk everywhere as a master, having honour, being revered, with his head raised high and his dignity preserved. Anyone who dares to offend him will be disciplined, and any hand that reaches out to harm him will be cut off. — From ISIS magazine Dabiq.


[Read more…]

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