More mental illness precautions: Trucks and cranes block Sydney shopping streets

Mental health crisis response

What other reason could there be? Surely these measures aren’t there to protect us from vehicular jihadis? That would be racist and Islamophobic! And anyway, both the Flinders Street (2017) and Bourke Street (2016) attacks have been classified as non-terror related.

The only explanation is that it must be to ensure that shoppers do not become victims of another sudden outbreak of mental illness, because there has been an exponential rise in sudden mental illness causing people to ram their cars into innocent pedestrians (which just by chance happens to coincide with the rise of ISIS and repeated instructions to devout Muslims across the world to carry out car ramming attacks against infidels).

Joking aside, instead of just keeping the threats out of the country altogether, which is what our governments should have done, we now have to live our lives in a fortress. Sad.

The Australian reports ($):

Sydney may have permanent anti-terror measures (surely “anti-mental illness measures” – Ed) in the CBD after Boxing Day crowds shopped amid trucks, cranes and bollards.

The measures, in addition to road closures on Tuesday, were put in place as thousands flocked to the CBD to browse post-Christmas sales. It follows last week’s vehicle attack in Melbourne’s bustling Flinders Street which hospitalised 20 people, including two men who area still fighting for life.

NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Walton described the tactics as an “escalation” of the usual crowd protection strategies.

Although the national terror threat level had remained at “probable” for over two years, he said there was still a need for vigilance.

“We would be negligent not to look at our days when we do have a lot of people loaded in these areas and put some treatments in,” Mr Walton told 2GB on Wednesday.

“You’ve only got to look at what’s happened internationally and even down in Melbourne to know people are vulnerable and we need to do what we can, within reason, to make them safe in these areas.” Mr Walton also cited a national strategy for protecting crowded spaces, released by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in August, which requires landholders to consider security with advice from police.

Unbelievable: Sydney school permits Muslim students to refuse handshakes with women

They'll be paying jizya next...

They’ll be paying jizya next…

Let’s try this experiment in Saudi Arabia, shall we? Christian students refuse to pray to Allah because it is not part of their culture. I wonder how long they would last…

Not here in dhimmified Sydney, where we must kowtow to misogynistic Islamic sharia law in order to avoid being called RACIST:

A public school in Sydney’s west has adopted a policy permitting Muslim male students to decline to shake hands with females, despite­ the practice having been denounced by many senior Islamic figures.

The Hurstville Boys Campus of Georges River College in Sydney recently hosted an awards ­ceremony at which female present­ers, including several accom­plished and respected members of the local community, were told by one of the school’s two principals that some students would not shake their hands because of their Muslim faith.

The instruction is understood to derive from an Islamic hadith — a report describing the words, action­s, or habits of the Islamic prophet Mohammed — stating that “it is better to be stabbed in the head with an iron needle than to touch the hand of a woman who is not permissible to you”.

The NSW Education Department has confirmed the school had an “agreed protocol” regarding handshaking and Muslim ­students.

Personally, I don’t give a f**k about any idiotic ‘protocol’ and think that Muslim students in Australia should be taught what Australian customs and manners require. End of story.

Truly shocking.

NYE terror threat: man arrested at Sydney Airport

Not safe anymore

Not safe anymore

UPDATE: More from Jihad Watch: Islamic State: “We will make your New Year mayhem with bombings and trampling attacks”

But don’t worry, the Deputy Police Commissioner says it’s only an ‘isolated incident’.

She still hasn’t learned that there are no lone wolves in Islam.

A 40-year-old man has been arrested and charged over making threats online targeting Sydney’s New Year’s Eve festivities.

Probably a Methodist.

Officers from the NSW Police Force Terrorism Investigation Squad arrested the man at Sydney’s international airport on Thursday after receiving a tip-off from the public.

The man arrived in the country on a plane from London and was taken to Mascot Police Station following his arrest.

He allegedly made online threats on a blog towards New Year’s Eve activities.

In a statement, Deputy Police Commissioner Catherine Burn said initial investigations suggested it was an isolated incident.

“We are confident that there are no current or specific threats to New Year’s Eve, and while we ask people to remain vigilant, people should enjoy the celebrations,” she said. (source)

The terrorists only have to be successful once – the police must be successful every time.

Sydney: Muslim follows Islamic State’s instructions, shouts ‘Allahu akbar’, stabs infidel

The kuffar's blood is halal, so shed it…

The kuffar’s blood is halal, so shed it…

A new publication of Islamic State called Rumiya (Rome, one of IS’ goals) instructs the faithful:

Therefore, O lions of the Ummah [global community of Muslims], and those living in Australia in particular, follow the path of these righteous souls for there is no other path. The Khilafah [caliphate] has called for you to mobilize from your dens to alleviate the pain afflicting the hearts of the Muslims by striking the kuffar [non-Muslims] in their homelands. It is only from the hikmah [wisdom] of Allah that he has scattered you around the earth and in the various lands of the Crusaders to see which of you are best in deeds. So here before you are the doors of jihad – unhinged, and in their lands! Light the ground beneath them aflame and scorch them with terror. Kill them on the streets of Brunswick, Broadmeadows, Bankstown, and Bondi. Kill them at the MCG, the SCG, the Opera House, and even in their backyards. Stab them, shoot them, poison them, and run them down with your vehicles. Kill them wherever you find them until the hollowness of their arrogance is filled with terror and they find themselves on their knees with their backs broken under the weight of regret for having waged a war against the believers, and by Allah’s will, and then through your sacrifices, this Ummah will be victorious.

Nothing to do with Islam, of course, just in case you were wondering.

Anyway, one of the soldiers of Allah living behind enemy lines in Sydney decided to follow through with the instructions:

A SYDNEY man charged with committing a terrorist act and attempted murder after allegedly stabbing an unknown man on the street and then trying to knife a police officer was motivated by terror group ISIS.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has linked the stabbing in Minto with the 9/11 attacks 15 years ago, for the violent Islamist ideology and the heroism trying to tackle it.

Deputy Police Commissioner Cath Burns chooses to censor the ‘Allahu akbar’ bit:

“We know that this person has strong extremist beliefs inspired by ISIS. What made him actually act yesterday, we don’t know,” she said.

Ms Burns said that Khan “may well have” committed the act to lure police to attack them.

She said it was planned and Khan was shouting words at the scene that led bystanders to believe he was committing a terrorism attack.

But everyone knows what words she is referring to… more’s the pity.

Sydney: Man with ‘mental health issues’ carrying gas cylinder rams police station

Mentally ill. Again.

Mentally ill. Again.

We all know that ‘mental health issues’ is Sydney Morning Herald code for ‘devout Muslim’.

Another terror attack on our doorstep, no doubt Waleed Aly will be on TV tomorrow complaining about ‘Islamophobia’…

‘Very deliberate’ attack at Merrylands Police Station in western Sydney

A man has been arrested after a “very deliberate” attack in which a man set himself on fire and attempted to drive into a western Sydney police station.

In an incident which began at about 7pm, police noticed a man aged in his 60s parked in the driveway of the Merrylands police station, Assistant Commissioner Denis Clifford said.

As they approached the vehicle, it ignited and the man drove it down the driveway, ramming the roller door of the underground carpark, Mr Clifford said.

The officers extinguished the blaze and the occupant of the car was taken to hospital suffering “very serious burns”.

Police sources told Fairfax Media the man has a history of mental health issues.

Amazing how many people with ‘mental health issues’ are committing acts of terror all of a sudden, and amazing how they all shout ‘Allahu akbar’ or are named ‘Mohammed’. Bizarre…!

I am very happy to be proved wrong, but we’ve seen this too many times for there to be much doubt.

After Nice, where we had to ban trucks, and Germany, where we had to ban axes, now we have to ban gas bottles. No more shrimps on the barbie for you, infidel!

Ramadan jihad in Sydney – three injured

No clue to his ethnicity given, naturally…

No clue to his ethnicity given, naturally…

UPDATE: Apparently the man was ‘mentally ill’ and escaped from a ‘psychiatric facility’…

UPDATE2: As expected, the ‘man’ was a soldier of Allah, and the ‘ranting’ was Allahu akbar. But it took many articles before this key detail was revealed (source)

A random ‘man’ starts ‘ranting’, and threatens bystanders with a knife. Sound familiar?

Police fire shots, and fragments of bullets injure three old folks minding their own business.

Wonder what he was ranting? Allahu akbar, anyone? CONFIRMED.

Probably just a Right Wing Extremist having a bad day.

Get used to this, folks. More is coming.

Up to three elderly bystanders have been injured in a shooting at a shopping mall in Sydney’s north, after a “ranting” man carrying a knife was shot by police.

The incident unfolded just before midday at the Hornsby Organic Food Markets in Florence Street following reports of a man armed with a knife.

Police have issued a statement saying: “On arrival officers located the man and attempted to speak with him. Following a confrontation, a number of shots were fired by police.

“As a consequence four people have sustained various injuries and have been taken to hospital.” (source)

But never mind, because Islam is the Religion of Pieces™. Pieces of bodies, that is…

More photos:

Random 'man'

Random ‘man’

Sydney: Muslim teenager planned ‘mass casualty’ attacks

The ISIS salute: Allah is greater…

The ISIS salute: Allah is greater…

More interfaith dialogue from the Religion of Peace™.

Wait for the excuses to start piling up: mentally ill, lone wolf, disadvantaged, family problems. All designed to avoid the truth – namely that when Muslims carry out or threaten to carry out violence, it is fully in accordance with the Qur’an and the example of the prophet.

One more attack thwarted. How long before another is missed?

TERROR accused Tamim Khaja wanted an automatic weapon to cause “mass casualties” and had scouted Parramatta court precinct and the Australian Defence Force naval base at Garden Island as possible attack targets, police will allege.

Khaja, 18, did not ­appear in Parramatta Local Court yesterday and Magistrate George Still formally refused bail, although his solicitor did not apply on his behalf. No plea was entered.

The Macquarie Park teen, who was arrested by counter-terrorism officers at Parramatta Stadium on Tuesday after allegedly organising a meeting to source an automatic weapon, pledged ­allegiance to the Islamic State in a police interview, it is understood.

But as long as politicians and security services pretend this behaviour has ‘nothing to do with Islam’, we are powerless to prevent it.

Islamic State supporter arrested outside a Sydney police station

Mental incapacity: he suffers from a bad case of Islam…

Mental incapacity: he suffers from a bad case of Islam…

With a knife. But don’t worry, I’m sure he wasn’t intending to do anything with it. [Read more…]

Sydney: Islamic conference speakers support beheadings, child rape and wife beating

[Click to enlarge]

[Click to enlarge]

Maybe these folks need to learn a bit more about Islam so they are not so ‘uninformed‘, eh, Craig Laundy?

Oh wait, they’re all experts in Islam!

Like I said yesterday, the more you know about Islam, the more concerning it becomes.

And don’t forget when you read this, it’s us, the kafir, who are the filthy degenerates, according to the Qur’an. [Read more…]

Sydney schools in lockdown

Get used to more scenes like this…

Get used to more scenes like this…

Two security alerts at Sydney schools in two weeks. Get used to it, people.

This will be the new normal in Australia, as the threat from Islamist terrorism spreads further across the globe. [Read more…]

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