France: ‘Religion of Peace’ hides massive arms caches in mosques

Terrible rat infestation down at the mosque…

Terrible rat infestation down at the mosque…

UPDATE: A number of people have claimed that gunpowder was stored in churches and therefore christianity is just as bad as Islam. This is quite wrong. Gunpowder was stored in churches not to arm the worshippers for any possible fight with non-believers, but because there was a mistaken belief that the church bells would protect the gunpowder from lightning strikes that caused the gunpowder to explode. This is in stark contrast to the storage of arms and ammunition at a mosque, where such items are intended to be used to attack the infidels.

What other religion on earth stores weapons in its places of worship?

  • Are churches used to store guns and ammo?
  • Pipe bombs manufactured in synagogues, perhaps?
  • Those Methodists are pretty tricky, I’m sure they’ll have a few AK-47s in the vestry behind the choir robes.

Funny isn’t it, that the only religion that actually does all of these things is still laughably referred to as The Religion of Peace™. [Read more…]

The true nature of Islam, from the horse’s mouth

Getting Islam right

Getting Islam right

How is it that a Grand Ayatollah can get Islam so wrong?

Wikipedia states that ayatollahs:

are experts in Islamic studies such as jurisprudence, ethics, and philosophy and usually teach in Islamic seminaries.

Despite all that, this one seems to think that the Qur’an and Islamic doctrine require Muslims to wage war on the non-Muslim world – what a racist! [Read more…]

Religion of Peace™ – another week of terror

The Religion of Peace™ undertakes some cultural outreach

The Religion of Peace™ undertakes some cultural outreach

Pretty much any act of violence committed in the last 20 years can be attributed to the Religion of Peace™ – maybe not immediately, but sooner or later. This past week is no different.

In Bangkok, a bomb explosion killed twenty and injured over a hundred. Initial media reports claimed (with a breathless desperation that was tangible) that it had no terrorist links. Ah well, it only took a few days for the perp’s name to be released, and it’s Mohamad*. How awkward. But seriously, hands up who was NOT surprised by that…

Meanwhile, in France, two off-duty US Marines thwarted a massacre on a train by a ‘man’ with an AK-47. Hang on, you racist Islamophobe! I’m sure he had a good reason for carrying a machine gun on public transport, and a box cutter, and a handgun… In this case, it only took a few hours for the truth to emerge: he was a Moroccan Muslim known to the intelligence agencies…

Bravo, Religion of Peace™ – another successful week trashing your reputation. Pretty soon, it will be only Obama, Kerry and Cameron who believe that ridiculous name still means anything.

*Wiki page hasn’t yet caught up with this fact. Funny that…

Push to (de-)radicalise Muslims in prison

Imams in prison

Imams in prison

Foxes and henhouses.

How does sending an Imam, a supposed expert on the finer points of Islam, into prison help de-radicalise inmates?

By telling them that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’? Or that Islamic State has ‘nothing to do with Islam’?

That might very well work (and indeed does work) on clueless Western leaders, but if an inmate is already radicalised (i.e. familiar with the teachings of the Qur’an), he will know that it is complete nonsense.

On the other hand, sending Imams into prison could very well help to radicalise inmates further, which is, er, a great idea, obviously. [Read more…]

Islamic State terrorists traumatised by shocking Islamophobia video

Will the Islamophobia ever end?

Will the Islamophobia ever end?

Satire alert: Islamic State terrorists in Iraq have described as ‘barbaric and appalling’ a new video posted on YouTube, purporting to show Muslims being subjected to a vicious Islamophobic verbal assault which brutally links the violent actions of the Islamic State with the ‘Religion of Peace’.

“It’s absolutely disgusting,” said IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi while holding a severed head. “When a Western journalist accurately reports our use of quotes from the Qur’an, such as ‘strike at their necks’, to justify our actions, it is deeply offensive to the vast majority of peace-loving Muslims. We might be raping, murdering, pillaging and beheading, but the real problem here is the sickening Islamophobia.”

A spokesman for Western governments feared that there would be a ‘backlash’ against the population for such an atrocity depicted in the video. He said that it was only a ‘tiny minority of extremists’ that engaged in Islamophobia, as the majority of the Western population had been thoroughly brainwashed by the left/liberal media into believing that Islamic State had ‘nothing to do with Islam’ and was really a ‘religion of peace’.

Islamic State appealed for calm in Iraq. “Despite the appalling horror of this video, I appeal to my fellow mujahideen, sorry I mean, my fellow soldiers of Allah, sorry, I mean, my friends, to avoid taking out their disappointment on our Western captives by calling them nasty, hurtful names or demanding that they speak out openly and condemn the actions of their compatriots.”

He then added: “Oh wait, scratch that, we just beheaded them.”

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