“Allah’s true religion should be spread by the sword”

It's OK if he says it…

It’s OK if he says it…

I beg your pardon?!!

Which racist, Islamophobic, ignorant, knuckle-dragging bigot said that?

Islam is the Religion of Peace™, dontcha know?  Sign up immediately for your tolerance and diversity training…

Well, actually, it was said by an Iraqi ‘scholar’ of Islam. No shit, Sherlock!

Iraqi Shiite cleric Sabah Shabr discussed the spread of Islam in a series of lectures about Jihad. Sabah confirmed that most Islamic countries were conquered by force.

He said that Muslims should not try to appease the Jews and Christians by denying this and that the “true religion of Allah should be spread by the sword.” Sheikh Shabr added that when Muslims conquer the country of infidels, they should give the locals the opportunity to convert to Islam or kill them. If the locals are from among the People of the Book, i.e., Jews or Christians, they should have the third option of paying the jizya poll tax.

In other words, exactly as Qur’an 9:29 states.

But for anybody in the West to say that would be ISLAMOPHOBIC!!!!!

h/t Jihad Watch

Aussie Muslims hand out patriotic leaflets for Australia Day

A good start, but a long way to go…

A good start, but a long way to go…

It is a good try, but as with all other attempts to make Islam look different from what it really is, it fails. [Read more…]

10 Leftist myths about Islam

Totally busted

Totally busted

The terrorist atrocities in Paris on 13 November have unleashed a tsunami of delusional Leftist commentary on Islamic State and how we should respond (or not respond, as the case may be).

Case in point, Waleed Aly’s lecture on Channel 10 earlier this week (see my fisking here), which Leftists around the world homed in on as the ultimate expression of their views on the subject. As expected it was a stomach-churning cocktail of snake-oil, hippy ‘love-not-hate’ Kumbaya and full-blown Islamic taqiyya.

So here are ten myths perpetuated by the Left to ensure they stay safely isolated from the unpleasant reality that the world faces, busted for your enjoyment. [Read more…]

The true nature of Islam, from the horse’s mouth

Getting Islam right

Getting Islam right

How is it that a Grand Ayatollah can get Islam so wrong?

Wikipedia states that ayatollahs:

are experts in Islamic studies such as jurisprudence, ethics, and philosophy and usually teach in Islamic seminaries.

Despite all that, this one seems to think that the Qur’an and Islamic doctrine require Muslims to wage war on the non-Muslim world – what a racist! [Read more…]

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