Dutton jokes about non-existent climate change, Lefty media goes batshit crazy

Key points - in case you need to memorise them

In case you need to memorise them, or print out and carry around in your pocket

The Lefty media is utterly deranged.

I wrote a blog on climate change for six years, and the one story that kept turning up like a bad penny was the Pacific islands flooding due to rising sea levels.

The story is so useful because of the emotional blackmail that can be wrought on the rest of us: poor islanders being forced to flee their homes as ‘climate refugees’ because the sea levels were rising due to melting ice – caused by burning fossil fuels. It could almost have been written for the ABC and Fairfax.

Trouble is, none of it is true. Sea levels have barely moved, and it is geological movement of the islands that is to blame – i.e. they are sinking. But it’s OK because they are atolls, and as they sink, the coral expands to fill the gap.

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