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media_balanceAfter a knife attack at a school in Sweden, the media (in particular the ABC) wasted little time in ascribing the motives to ‘far-right extremism’, despite there being scant evidence at this point to back it up.

Compare and contrast with the vicious shooting of Curtis Cheng, carried out by a black-robed Muslim who had just left a mosque after Friday prayers and shot an infidel in the head whilst shouting ‘Allahu akbar’, where avoiding mentioning ‘Muslim’ and ‘Islam’ and called the act ‘political’ and then scratched their heads for days, desperately searching for a motive that was staring them in the face, whilst cautioning everyone not to rush to snap judgments.

There’s media balance for you – what a joke.

Mosques using Arabic to conceal radical messages

Lost in translation?

Lost in translation? [click to enlarge]

I caught a few minutes of Ray Hadley on 2GB this morning, and heard him read out an email, the gist of which was that the author had visited Lakemba mosque as part of a university project. The Friday sermon on 2 October (the day Curtis Cheng was brutally murdered) lasted some 28 minutes in Arabic, and contained within it references to America, Iraq and Jews, recognisable in English. The English translation which followed, and which was supposed to be full and accurate, lasted a mere 8 minutes, and had no mention of America, Iraq or Jews. [Read more…]

Shock: Muslim leaders whine about tougher anti-terror laws

Silma Ihram: why is it that converts to Islam are so militant?

Silma Ihram: why is it that converts to Islam are so militant?

What a surprise (not). Wouldn’t it be a refreshing change if Muslims leaders actually came out and supported such actions?

Little chance of that.

All we get, as expected, is the usual whinging and whining from Muslim leaders. Demanding consultation, like the privileged group Muslims believe they are, it would be the same as discussing reforms to the law with the local criminal community.

But this isn’t surprising. Muslims are brought up from birth to believe they are superior to their infidel overlords in every possible respect, so obviously it is perplexing to them why the kuffar government isn’t telegraphing every single decision to the Islamic community and seeking ‘agreement’ before they take action.

Here we go, fasten your seatbelts:

New South Wales Premier Mike Baird has been criticised for not mentioning tough new counter-terrorism laws at a meeting with Muslim community leaders held in Sydney, hours before the announcement.

Mr Baird and NSW Police Minister Troy Grant announced on Monday night they had written to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull pushing for tougher national security laws in the wake of the fatal shooting at NSW Police Headquarters at Parramatta on October 2.

Teenage gunman Farhad Jabar shot dead police accountant Curtis Cheng soon after attending the Parramatta Mosque a few blocks away.

But Silma Ihram from the Muslim Women’s Association said community leaders, including the Grand Mufti of Australia and the chairman of Parramatta Mosque, should have been briefed about the plan when they attended a meeting at the Premier’s office in Sydney just hours earlier.

“I think it’s very unfortunate. When you go to consultation, you expect there’s going to be the opportunity to hear what the Government’s going to do before they do it,” Ms Ihram said.

“It certainly took us by surprise, especially since they were announced shortly after the meeting.

“We don’t believe they are going to be beneficial to Australian society as a whole and it certainly is going to feed straight into the narrative of Daesh (another name for Islamic State)… so it’s really a major problem and it’s going to make things worse, unfortunately.”

Nothing the filthy kuffar does will ever please the Muslim community, so why bother trying?

Relations with Muslims are strained by terrorist acts, not police raids

This is what 'strains relations' with Muslims

THIS is what ‘strains relations’ with Muslims

The victim mentality of the Muslim community really does know no bounds.

Nearly a week after an innocent stranger was gunned down in cold blood by a Muslim shouting ‘Allahu akbar’, you would have thought the Muslim community would have been desperate to show Australia the efforts they are making to combat the radicalisation that drives such shameful and cowardly acts.

Nope, no sign of that. They are more concerned about criticising the police raids. [Read more…]

Parramatta: gun handed to killer at mosque

Mosques: the armouries for the soldiers of Allah

Mosques: the armouries for the soldiers of Allah

Close it down. Close them all down. They aren’t places of worship, they are enemy territory. [Read more…]

Parramatta: police and politicians avoid obvious links to Islam

Applies to Muslims

Applies to Muslims

Wilful blindness abounds from police and politicians as to the motivation behind the execution of Curtis Cheng in Parramatta.

[Read more…]

Parramatta gunman radicalised at Sydney mosque

Training up the soldiers of Allah for the fight against the infidels

Training up the soldiers of Allah for the fight against the infidels

Politicians and police will be scratching their heads for days at this one.

Surely Islam is a ‘religion of peace’? they will wail.

No, Islam is a political ideology of violence and conquest.

How could he be radicalised at a ‘place of worship’? they will plead.

Because mosques aren’t places of worship like churches, they are barracks for the soldiers of Allah.

In Islam, devoutness = radicalisation. The higher one ascends the ladder of Islam, the more violent one inevitably must become towards non-Muslims, because the Qur’an and Mohammed command it. [Read more…]

Parramatta: Where are the condemnations from Islamic leaders?

Not in any hurry to condemn…

Not in any hurry to condemn…

Missing in action. Islamic leaders are saying nothing after the Parramatta shooting, a sickening act of jihad carried out by a devout Muslim shouting ‘Allah is the greatest’.

Their silence tacitly condones the actions of the gunman. You might even think that they secretly supported such actions…

[Read more…]

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