“Allahu akbollards” take over Melbourne

Medina Marbles installed in Melbourne

“Denial Daniel” is desperate to appease his Muslim voter base and his ultra-far-left refugee-huggers, so he refuses to acknowledge the problem of jihad in his state.

So instead, he treats the symptoms, e.g. ugly diversity bollards to stop car attacks. Horse, stable door etc, etc…

Apart from looking awful, they are a band-aid solution. Maybe the next Islamic attack will be with a kitchen knife, so Andrews will no doubt move to ban all knives, and insist that we have to use plastic ones like we do on planes (also thanks to our Muslim friends).

And with the Mohammedan Megaphones installed, at least we’ll all know when we’re about to be blown up/run down/shot, etc, so, er, there’s that…

It’s complete nonsense, and totally unsustainable. But it’s still easier than admitting the truth and having to deal with the consequences.

Fortress Sydney for New Years Eve

Not much fun any more…

If we hadn’t spent decades importing a feral underclass of unassimilable third world Muslims, any one of whom might decide to go jihad at any moment, none of this would be necessary.

If we had acknowledged the reality of the global jihad against non-Muslims inspired by the Qur’an and taken appropriate steps to exclude those people from our society, none of this would be necessary.

If we hadn’t spent the last sixteen years since 9/11 in denial, pretending that terrorist attacks in Australia and the West in general were a result of mental illness and/or drugs, rather than being honest about it and dealing with the cause, none of this would be necessary.

But in all cases we did, so it is… and will be for the foreseeable future.

Revellers planning on spending New Year’s Eve in Sydney have been urged to stick to their plans and not be put off by a huge police presence.

New Years Eve crowds in Sydney can expect bollards, armed officers and police in the sky, on the water, on horseback and on the roads as security is beefed up for the night’s festivities.

Riot squad officers with military-style rifles will be equipped to launch a tactical armed assault in response to a situation like a vehicle attack or mass stabbing.

Or maybe some other outbreak of mental illness…

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