Muslim protest scorecard

Not great…

Not great…

Let’s see how the Australian Islamic community’s protests stack up:

  • Protests against the brutal rape of infidel white girls? None
  • Protests against the savage beheading of Western journalists? None
  • Protests against the forced conversion and murder of Christians in Iraq? None
  • Protests against the ‘twisting’ of the Religion of Peace™ by Islamic State? None
  • Protests against the daily preaching of hatred in Middle East mosques? None
  • Protests condemning the plot to behead a kafir in Sydney? None
  • Barbecues to show solidarity with Australia? One – a good start…

And now can we count the number of protests and complaints about ‘Islamophobia’, the inevitable ‘backlash’, ‘victimisation’, demands for special treatment, ‘demonising’, police ‘harassment’, Israel = Nazis, banners proclaiming “behead those who insult the Prophet”, sharia for Australia, etc etc…?

How about these examples for comparison?

  • Number of Facebook pages set up by the Grand Mufti to track instances of radicalisation in Sydney’s mosques? None
  • Number of Facebook pages set up by the Grand Mufti to track instances of ‘Islamophobia’? One.
  • Number of expressions of support for Australian authorities targeting dangerous criminals in Muslim communities? None
  • Number of protests complaining about the police raids? One, organised by the disgraceful Hizb ut-Tahrir, an organisation that should be banned in Australia.

Where are all the so-called moderate Muslims that we’re always hearing about? Why aren’t they taking to the streets to distance themselves from Islamic State? As always, missing in action.

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