‘Confusion’ reigns in Turnbull government

So this isn't just about poncing about and taking selfies, then?

So this isn’t just about poncing about and taking selfies, then?

Two opinion pieces in The Australian this morning use the word ‘confusion’ to describe the current state of the Turnbull government.

An extremely concerning word to be reading in an election year, when we were led to believe that Mal the Magnificent would solve all the Coalition’s woes. [Read more…]

Dissatisfaction with Turnbull rising fast

Goodwill pissed away

Goodwill pissed away

But he’s so much better at communicating! He’s got a much better vision for the economy! He’s just so much more popular than Tony! He respects the intelligence of the people! Um… [Read more…]

He’s not the Messiah…

Malcolm's on the Left.

Malcolm’s on the Left… of just about everybody

… he’s just a wealthy, self-interested playboy banker, who cynically used his charms and influence to snatch the Prime Ministership from Tony Abbott, and has spent the last six months doing precisely nothing except preening and ingratiating himself with the Love Media.

And the public can see straight through it. Because, contrary to what Malcolm and his disconnected buddies think, we aren’t stupid. [Read more…]

Turnbull government’s floundering makes Labor look decisive

Barely concealed chaos

Barely concealed chaos

Better communication, he said. Better economic policy, he said. LOLZ…

Say what you like about Tony Abbott, but he had vision, commitment and belief in what he thought was right. He didn’t care about popularity or being liked, he just had the wish to serve his country in the best possible way.

Contrast and compare with the glamorous playboy Turnbull. Vanity is everything. Wants to be liked the whole time. Thought PM would look good on the resume. He’s in it for what he can get out of it, not what he can do to improve the life of Australians. He doesn’t care anyway – multimillionaire with a mansion on Sydney Harbour – utterly disconnected from ordinary Aussies, and a completely unsuitable person to hold the office of PM. [Read more…]

Turnbull leans on ASIO chief, then says ‘We must heed ASIO chief’

Naïveté and denial

Naïveté and denial

Malcolm Turnbull’s denial of the jihad threat is suicidal for Australia.

Still naïvely believing that Islam is a Religion of Peace™, which happens to be the most easily busted myth on the planet, he now uses the head of our security services to attempt to silence critics, in particular those who rightly point out the obvious links between Islamic ideology and acts of terror.

[Read more…]

Paris: Bishop smirks as climate action back on the table

Celebrates a pointless waste of money

Celebrates a pointless waste of money

UPDATE: In a depressing double-whammy, Turnbull has also lifted TA’s sensible ban on pointless and ugly bird-choppers (wind farms). Oh well, they can be a lasting monument to Chairman Mal’s stupidity.

One of the main reasons Tony Abbott was elected in 2013 was his rational stance on climate alarmism.

He stood apart from Rudd, Gillard and Turnbull, all of whom advocated taking action on global warming climate change – and won the 2013 election as a result.

Abbott rightly believed that spending trillions of dollars to make no difference to the climate is a pointless solution to a non-problem. There has been virtually no warming for almost two decades, despite rising CO2 levels, and the science, in particular on the sensitivity of the climate to CO2, is far from settled.

How it all changes. [Read more…]

North Sydney: many won’t be voting Liberal today…

Not many ticks for the Libs?

Not many ticks for the Libs?

UPDATE: A 13% swing away from the Liberals, despite Labor not fronting a candidate. Watch Turnbull spin this as a good result…

“Get over it,” they say. “Move on. Abbott’s finished, Malcolm’s in charge now. Suck it up, losers.”

Well I think there will be plenty of staunch Liberal voters who will be thinking long and hard about how they mark their ballot papers today at the North Sydney by-election. [Read more…]

Malcolm’s ultimate fantasy: preaching to a UN climate gab-fest

Mal's wet dream

Mal’s wet dream

To all those in the Coalition that thought deposing Tony Abbott was a good move, I hope you are enjoying this particular spectacle, because personally, I am trying not to hurl.

Just for the record, Tony wouldn’t be seen dead preaching at a UN climate conference, but our new dear leader, on the other hand, is positively in his element. [Read more…]

Turnbull expects loyalty he never gave



What a hide. Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop expect unwavering loyalty from those around them when they gave absolutely none to Tony Abbott.

Turnbull was plotting, leaking and destabilising the Abbott government from day 1, and rushed the leadership challenge before the Canning by-election because Turnbull knew that a good win for the Coalition there would scupper his chances of toppling Abbott.

Bishop sent her chief of staff to a plotters meeting in the days before the challenge but did nothing to warn her boss, Abbott, of the impending challenge, in an act of brazen and shameless betrayal.

But now the boot is on the other foot, as Turnbull and Bishop realise what it is like to have someone briefing against you – not nice, is it?


Aussie Madness on the Turnbull coup

Turnbull coup has shaken the Liberals

Turnbull coup has shaken the Liberals

It’s now a week since the events of last Monday in Canberra, and it has taken me this long to process them sufficiently to write a coherent post. Still reeling from the shock, like many Liberals, I believe that the coup that installed Malcolm Turnbull as PM has left a stain on the party, and sends some very worrying signals both to the party and the electorate.

Here are my five key thoughts.
[Read more…]

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