Liberal Party abandons conservatives

Conservatives not welcome any more

No pretence remains. Turnbull has admitted what has been obvious for months – that conservatives are no longer welcome in the ‘progressive’ Labor-lite Liberal party.

About the only policy area that still vaguely resembles a conservative position is border protection, thanks to Peter Dutton. The rest is in ruins.

Small government? Abandoned in the budget.

Low taxes? Ditto.

Traditional family values? Hanging by a thread.

Climate? Adopt Finkel’s alarmist position.

Education? Copy Labor with Gonski 2.0.

The Turnbull destruction of the Liberal Party is almost complete. Perhaps the introduction of gay marriage to Australia will be his crowning glory. That and an emissions trading scheme.

There’s only one place for true conservatives now, and that is with Cory.

Turnbull: “Our best allies are Muslim leaders”

Allahu akbar!

Like the Grand Mufti perhaps, who doesn’t speak English and defends terror attacks in France?

Or perhaps these Muslim leaders who denounce anti-terror laws as ‘targeting Muslims’? Or maybe these instead that do the same?

Or maybe it’s the imams who preach the Qur’an every Friday, knowing full well its exhortations of supremacy and hatred towards the kuffar, in particular Christians and Jews?

Are those the kind of Muslim leaders who are our allies, Malcolm?If that’s the case, I’d hate to think who our enemies are…

Once again, and keeping the long run of continual progressive lunacy going, our PM gets it all horribly wrong:

“What I must do as a leader and what all leaders must do in Australia, is emphasise our inclusivity, the fact that we are a multicultural society where all cultures, all faiths are respected and that is mutual. So, trying to demonise all Muslims is only confirming the lying, dangerous message of the terrorists.”

This is the classic Islam vs Muslims misrepresentation – Pauline isn’t demonising all Muslims, she’s demonising Islam – quite correctly – and pointing out the obvious difficulty of differentiating jihadists from peaceful Muslims. But Malcolm seems incapable of appreciating the distinction.

Not that the alternative to this nonsense is Pauline, of course. It was always only going to be a matter of time before she said something stupid and began the slow self-destruct process, as she has done with her ridiculous comments on vaccination safety.

But she is right in terms of how difficult it is to spot a jihadist amongst the broader Muslim community. The ideology of Islam lays it all out very clearly in the religious texts. ISIS is essentially pure, 7th century Islam (except with the benefit of Twitter and 4K video), and all it takes is an increasing level of devoutness, which might come at any time for any individual Muslim. You can read about the ladder of Islam here, but this quote sums it up rather well:

Progress [up the ladder] is usually gradual, almost imperceptible—like a barn cat stalking a swallow. The swallow never takes its eyes off the cat. It just stands there, watching the cat pace back and forth, back and forth. But the swallow does not judge depth. It does not see that the cat is getting a little bit closer with every pass until, in the blink of an eye, the cat’s claws are stained with the swallow’s blood…

The party’s over – the Liberal Party, that is…

Party's over. The Liberal Party, that is…

Turnbull’s treachery has split the Liberals…

I cut up my Liberal party membership card in September 2015 when Malcolm Turnbull, the progressive playboy banker, assassinated the sitting prime minister, Tony Abbott.

Now his chickens have fully come home to roost. His wishy-washy, centrist, Labor-lite brand of progressivism has turned the voters off in droves.

With the rise of Islamic terrorism, and the increasing concern for border security in the West, Turnbull has failed to move with the times. He the kind of guy who wears ‘welcome refugees’ underpants (monogrammed, from Gieves & Hawkes, naturally).

Added to that, whenever he’s on the telly, my hackles rise, as I’m sure they do in half the population. There’s just something insincere about him – like his heart is really not in it. He’s just not committed to the issues he claims to support, he really doesn’t care – if it all turns to shit, he can just retire to his Harbourside mansion and forget everything about politics.

So – good on Senator Cory Bernardi for raising the issue of a true Conservative party, which, since September 2015 has not existed in Australia. There is a groundswell of opposition to the centrist approach which has completely failed to address the issues and threats we face in the 21st century.

And Turnbull needs to be sent a message.

The Turnbull Traitors have destroyed the Liberals

Feeling the strain?

I really hope Chairman Mal, Julie Bishop, Scott Morrison, Wyatt Roy, George Brandis, Christopher Pyne and all the rest of the traitors are happy, now that they have  brought the Liberals to the brink of defeat.

Certainly Wyatt Roy will have plenty of time to reflect on his treachery, having been voted out of his seat – good. By the way, the Centrelink office is two blocks down on your left…

As I wrote back in September 2015, when the shameful assassination of Tony Abbott took place:

Ever since Tony pipped him at the post in December 2009, Malcolm has been plotting and scheming to get the job he believes he deserves. And now, thanks to the treachery of Julie Bishop (and many others), he has achieved his goal.

Turnbull complained that Abbott’s performance had not improved since February, whilst at the same time he and Bishop were both leaking like a sieve to destabilise him in the background. With a constant stream of leaks is it any wonder Abbott’s recovery was thwarted.

Finally, of course, the Lefty hate media (ABC and Fairfax) have successfully portrayed Abbott as some knuckle-dragging, misogynistic, neanderthal thug, someone who does not merely hold different opinions, but is genuinely evil.

So what happens now? If the Coalition manage to scrape a majority, Turnbull’s credibility is gone.

Who can replace him? Scott Morrison? No, because he was too eager to switch sides to Malcolm after initially supporting Abbott in the spill, i.e. he was bought with the promise of Treasurer. Julie Bishop? No – because she destroyed the meaning of the phrase ‘loyal deputy’. Peter Dutton? Maybe… Kevin Andrews? Too boring.

Or maybe a certain T Abbott might be persuaded to step in…

Here are a couple of Aussie Madness posts from the time of the leadership spill:

Friday roundup

Celebrating Ramadan

Celebrating Ramadan

After the slaughter of 49 gays in Orlando, Malcolm Turnbull seems happy to share Iftar meal with a homophobic Islamic cleric. He regretted it later (too late…)

At a time when Islam is once again under the spotlight for inciting terrorist acts, Chairman Mal chooses to stand with… not gays, but Muslims. What an absolute twit that man is.

Hypocrisy: The Sydney Morning Herald and the ABC have no problem using flimsy evidence to claim the UK killer of MP Jo Cox was a ‘neo-Nazi’ and ‘far right’, but oddly they were unable to conclude the Orlando killer was a devout Muslim acting in the name of Islamic State, despite first-hand evidence from killer himself…

The image shows the Ramadan 2016 scorecard, courtesy of The Religion of Peace.

Imam Turnbull’s Ramadan message

Allahu akbar!

Allahu akbar!

That’s right Malc, let’s celebrate and encourage the pre-medieval, violent, supremacist, misogynist political ideology masquerading as the Religion of Peace™, as its adherents dedicate themselves to more jihad in the cause of Allah:

To Muslims across Australia and around the world, Lucy and I send our warmest greetings to all those observing the Ramadan month of fasting.

For Muslims, Ramadan is the holiest month of the year – a time for charity, for remembering the less fortunate in society, and a time for personal reflection and renewal.

Not forgetting the ritual sharpening of the beheading knives. And renewed commitment to jihad of course.

At this time I also hope that you will enjoy Iftar, not only with family and friends, but also with neighbours who may be unfamiliar with Ramadan and Islamic traditions.

Yeah, right! You really think they’d invite the filthy kuffar to partake in the ‘holiest’ Muslim festival? I hardly think so…

The practice of sharing meals establishes links across cultural communities and builds bonds of understanding.

Oh, look, a pig just flew past my window.

We are a nation that respects each other’s right to freedom of speech, thought and religion. That right, supported by our principles of democracy and law, bind us together into what I believe to be the most successful multicultural society in the world.

Except for Islam, which respects none of those things. Allahu akbar!

I look forward this year to hosting Australian Muslims and representatives of various faiths at an Iftar dinner to honour the month of Ramadan.

Congratulations, Imam Turnbull.

We can all kiss goodbye to Western civilisation, if this is how we treat the greatest threat to our freedoms since the Second World War.

The Playboy Banker sinks as Shorten rises

Great effort by the playboy banker…

Great effort by the playboy banker…

But he’s such a good communicator! So much better than Tony Abbott! Unless Abbott goes we’ll lose the election!

The one thought that keeps me going in all this is that if Turnbull loses in July, we will never, ever, see or hear from him again.

He won’t care, though. He’ll just go back to his harbourside mansion and carry on with his privileged life, whilst the rest of us have to deal with the disastrous consequences of a Shorten Labor government.

Bill Shorten’s standing with ­voters has jumped to a 12-month high, underpinning Labor’s election-winning lead in Newspoll as Malcolm Turnbull’s support has continued to tumble.

The latest Newspoll, taken ­exclusively for The Australian, shows that after the first two weeks of the election campaign the government has been unable to claw back Labor’s two-party-preferred lead of 51 per cent to the ­Coalition’s 49 per cent.

And the massive approval ­enjoyed by the Prime Minister in the early months after he replaced Tony Abbott last September has been wiped out, with Mr Turnbull’s net satisfaction rating now the same as for the Opposition Leader, at -12 points.

With six weeks to go until polling day, the Newspoll represents a two-party swing against the government of 4.5 per cent.

If ­repeated on election day with a uniform swing, it would suggest about 23 Coalition seats would be lost and Mr Shorten would lead a Labor government with a narrow majority.

Slaps forehead.

Turnbull government reinstates funding for Islamic schools

Islamic indoctrination

Islamic indoctrination

Brilliant. Great move.

That’s just what Australia needs, right?  Restore funding for Qur’anic indoctrination centres where children are taught to hate Australia, the West and all it stands for, that Jews are apes and pigs (5:60), Allah’s laws override any filthy infidel laws, and of course, that Muslims are superior to the native Australians, who are ignorant and unclean.

And please don’t say Catholic schools are just as bad – just read 10 Leftist Myths about Islam

But here’s the best bit – the funding was restored because, wait for it, they promised to be good… Of course! A promise made to an infidel is worth nothing. War is deceit.

If Turnbull or Birmingham had any understanding of Islam they would realise all this. But they don’t. They think its the Religion of Peace™… morons.

The Turnbull government has reinstated funding for three Islamic schools that have promised to reform their ways after an audit uncovered governance failures and financial mismanagement.

Education Minister Simon Birmingham today announced his government had approved the schools — the Islamic College of Brisbane, Langford Islamic College in Perth and the Islamic College of Melbourne — to continue receiving funding under the Education Act, while a decision in relation to the Islamic College of South Australia will be made in the coming weeks.

“Each of the four authorities genuinely engaged independent support in preparing their response, identified and committed to implementing substantial changes to their operations, including ensuring appropriate independence. These substantial changes included pursuing changes to their constitution and commencing an implementation plan of self-identified improvements and changes stipulated by the Department,” Senator Birmingham said in a statement. (source)

We’ll see if it actually happens, which, personally, I think is highly unlikely.

And in the mean time, it’s just more jizya extracted from the filthy kuffar

Turnbull’s latest policy thought bubble

Naïveté and denial

Not a clue

What’s the betting on the time for this bubble to pop? The record is 48 hours on the states levying income tax. Wonder if we can beat that? Of course, it may just deflate and disappear.

Not often I agree with Bill Shorten, but on this occasion, he’s right. This is the latest in a long line of desperate thought bubbles pulled from a grab-bag of old recycled policies:

“Yet again this is a desperate Malcolm Turnbull clutching at straws to try and shake of the tag of being a do-nothing Prime Minister,” Mr Shorten said in Melbourne.

“If the Liberals are so committed to high-speed rail, why did they scrap some of the funding for a high-speed rail authority which Labor previously put in place?”

“When it comes to everything — from climate change to banks — Malcolm Turnbull talks a great talk, but he just doesn’t walk a great walk.”

Just like the GST increase, state income tax and all the others, this will never eventuate. It’s nothing more than a desperate attempt to grab the headlines by the playboy banker who has no clue how to run the country.

Richo: Turnbull government ‘a Rudd-like mess’

Equally vain, equally self-centred, equally hopeless

Equally vain, equally self-centred, equally hopeless

The playboy banker never had any idea of what he was going to do as Prime Minister, he just wanted revenge for losing the leadership by one vote to Tony in 2009.

With Chairman Mal, settling personal scores outweighs service to the country at every turn.

As a result, the country flounders, and we could end up with a Shorten-Labor government this year, something that was unthinkable six months ago.

And today, Richo describes Turnbull’s disastrous record in office as a ‘Rudd-like mess’ – a more damning comparison is hard to imagine.

Political suicide from the Coalition.

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