Actions have consequences: lefty students learn the hard way

Student Grant (Viz mag)

Student Grant (Viz mag)

The left, and in particular, lefty arts students, hate Christopher Pyne with an almost pathological fervour, probably because he is everything they will never be: successful, intelligent, witty etc. Oh, and conservative.

Despite being warned about their conduct by the police, a bunch of Student Grants (see right) outside a talk by Pyne at the Sydney Masonic Centre failed to moderate their behaviour and were consequently doused with pepper spray.

But being lefty arts students who have never done a proper day’s work in their lives, and who have never learned (or been taught) the fundamental law of nature that actions lead to consequences, they complain to the media about the conduct of the police, and unsurprisingly, get a fulsome hearing – especially from the ABC, which led with the story on the 7pm news: [Read more…]

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