Labor is a bunch of shameless liars


Decent blokes calling out Labor lies (click to enlarge)

OK, tell me something we don’t know, I hear you say.

Labor survives on lies. The lie of the carbon tax was a classic example where false and misleading information was fed to a naive public to sell an ideology.

But the code on truth in advertising doesn’t apply to political advertisements, so dishonest Labor politicians can continue to spew fiction as fact and get away with it.

The latest egregious example is the sale and leasing of the NSW electricity poles and wires. Labor, and their leader, Luke Foley, have engaged in a dishonest campaign (helped by the Greens, of course, who couldn’t lie straight in bed) to scare voters into rejecting the Liberals next Saturday at the state election. [Read more…]

Labor’s $1 trillion debt

Economic incompetence

Economic incompetence

A few trivia questions for you:

  • Which government spent the Liberal surplus bequeathed to it in 2007 within hours of taking office and then borrowed for the next six years like there was no tomorrow?
  • Which government wasted billions on pink batts, the NBN, asylum seekers and the stimulus package (where even a simple dunny block or a shade cloth in a playground mysteriously cost many times more than it should)?
  • Which government set Australia on track to reach a net debt of $1 trillion by 2037?
  • And now, which opposition is refusing to pass budget measures aimed at putting this mess right?
  • And which opposition is claiming there is no ‘budget problem’ and it’s all just a ‘distraction’ by the Coalition?

Yes, the answer to all the above is…

Labor: The party of economic incompetence since 1901.

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