He’s not the Messiah…

Malcolm's on the Left.

Malcolm’s on the Left… of just about everybody

… he’s just a wealthy, self-interested playboy banker, who cynically used his charms and influence to snatch the Prime Ministership from Tony Abbott, and has spent the last six months doing precisely nothing except preening and ingratiating himself with the Love Media.

And the public can see straight through it. Because, contrary to what Malcolm and his disconnected buddies think, we aren’t stupid. [Read more…]

Anne Aly to stand for Labor in Cowan

Labor through and through

Labor through and through

True colours revealed, and helpfully evidencing the mutually parasitic and unhealthy relationship between Islam and the Left.

Without the Left’s distorted worldview and obsession with political correctness, racism and Islamophobia, Islam in the West would be unable to flourish as it does. Without the support of Muslims in most Western democracies, the Left would lose an important and substantial voter base. I scratch your back… [Read more…]

Dutton jokes about non-existent climate change, Lefty media goes batshit crazy

Key points - in case you need to memorise them

In case you need to memorise them, or print out and carry around in your pocket

The Lefty media is utterly deranged.

I wrote a blog on climate change for six years, and the one story that kept turning up like a bad penny was the Pacific islands flooding due to rising sea levels.

The story is so useful because of the emotional blackmail that can be wrought on the rest of us: poor islanders being forced to flee their homes as ‘climate refugees’ because the sea levels were rising due to melting ice – caused by burning fossil fuels. It could almost have been written for the ABC and Fairfax.

Trouble is, none of it is true. Sea levels have barely moved, and it is geological movement of the islands that is to blame – i.e. they are sinking. But it’s OK because they are atolls, and as they sink, the coral expands to fill the gap.

[Read more…]

Pygmies clueless against intellectual giant Heydon

Ah, the hypocrisy

Ah, the hypocrisy (link)

Judith Sloan got it right in The Australian yesterday morning:

Dave Oliver, secretary of the ACTU, reminds me of a tantrum-throwing toddler who covers his ears in order to block out the sensible advice of his parents. “I can’t hear you,” he screams, also hoping that no one else can hear the wise words being uttered by the grown-ups.

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Hope Dyson Heydon comes out swinging today…

Unions and the left were always pretty dumb…

Unions and the left were always pretty dumb…

This is the twisted logic that Labor and the Unions are using to attack the Royal Commission:

  • the Commission is investigating widespread criminality and corruption in trade unions
  • the unions are (by their own choice) aligned with Labor, and vice versa
  • hence the commission is ‘political’
  • therefore, any sign of connection to the Liberals in the commissioner, no matter how trivial or irrelevant, is therefore evidence of ‘bias’
  • unions escape justice once again.

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The madness of crowds: Shorten leads as preferred PM

Our next PM, classy as always…

Our next PM, classy as always…

The old adage holds true – the people get the government they deserve. And if this poll is repeated at the election, by the end of 2016 we will have another Labor government with Bill Shorten as Prime Minister.

Just typing it makes me vomit a little bit in my mouth. Prime Minister Bill Shorten… and again.

Yes, Abbott has had a rough few weeks, with the hypocritical and confected outrage of Choppergate, helpfully fuelled and stoked by the Lefty love-media, the radical gay lobby trashing Abbott for standing up for traditional marriage, but seriously? We’d rather have Bill and the Labions? Bill, who is likely to be called back before the Royal Commission to expose his (alleged) shady deals whilst in charge of the AWU? Bill, the shouty union thug who lacks any class?

And the Labions™, who want to bring back the carbon tax, and abandon the Border Force, opening our doors to the boats again? The Labions™ who when last in government couldn’t decide who should be prime minister, and couldn’t organise a chook raffle to save their lives? The Labions™ whose BER scheme wasted billions just for the sake of it, and whose insulation scheme killed four workers through incompetence? The Labions™ who would gleefully trash a former High Court judge in order to protect their union rorts? Really? These are the people we want running our country?

But that’s democracy. If the people of Australia, in their infinite wisdom, decide they want Bill and the Labions™, then who am I to complain? I can always move to New Zealand.

The simple difference between Labor and the Liberals

The Left is synonymous with "wrong"

The Left is synonymous with “wrong”

In a nutshell, this is the essential difference between those on the Left and those on the Right.

When Victorian Liberals realised that one of their own had syphoned off $1.5 million from election campaign funds (allegedly), they immediately called in the police and the full force of the law was applied to the alleged wrongdoer.

Contrast this with the actions of the Labor party (or should I say, the parliamentary ‘bagmen’ of the unions), desperately trying to shut down a Royal Commission on entirely spurious grounds, despite the fact that it has uncovered systemic and widespread corruption and criminal activity within the Australian union movement.

So on the one hand, we have Liberals (on the Right) who have a properly developed sense of honesty and integrity, whilst on the other (on the Left), we have tawdry and selfish politicians like Shorten and Burke who are more concerned with covering the backsides of their corrupt union mates (who fund their party and support their re-election) than protecting the interests of those they piously claim to represent – the Australian workers.

Labor are devoid of any decency or integrity, but are simply grubby, power-hungry puppets of the thuggish unions.

It’s not Right vs Left, it’s Right vs Wrong.

Labor: the party of insanity

Defined insanity - and there ain't no Einsteins in the ALP, that's for sure…

Defined insanity – and there ain’t no Einsteins in the ALP, that’s for sure…

One definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.

By that definition, Bill Shorten and the ALP are insane. [Read more…]

Media, politicians obsessed with trivia

Mimes throwing spear at crowd, then thinks booing is racist…

Mimes throwing spear at crowd, then thinks booing is racist…

I don’t know if the rest of the Australian population is as thoroughly sick of the trivia that currently makes up the news as I am, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Standards have dropped so low that everything is reduced to either rank hypocrisy or victimhood, and trivial stories of this kind fill up the news reports for weeks on end. All the while, Iran is planning to obliterate the West with nuclear weapons (which Obama has just green-lit), Russia is flexing its expansionist muscles again, and the US has disappeared as the beacon of freedom it has been in the world for the past 200-odd years, leading to a period of world instability the likes of which hasn’t been seen for generations.

But here in Australia, all we care about is the little things, and glad the media are getting the priorities right! [Read more…]

Labor Conference triumph! One backflip, one failed policy and gay marriage…

Labor: in touch with the ordinary Aussie…

Labor: in touch with the ordinary Aussie…

The ABC’s celebrations regarding the success of the Labor conference on the 7pm news this evening were utterly nauseating. Juanita Phillips was smiling so hard when she announced the breakthrough deal on gay marriage I thought her face might actually crack and fall off.

[Read more…]

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