Quote of the Day: Justice Anthony Whealy

Whealy unhinged

Whealy unhinged

Just like the Titanic was almost a success, right up to the bit where it hit an iceberg and sank, so it is with rehabilitation of terrorists into the community. It’s a brilliant idea, as long as you ignore all those who go on to join Islamic State.

The judge who jailed many of those involved in Australia’s most ambitious terrorist plot believes some could be rehabilitated into the community, including one due for release as early as next year.

Others among the 18 men arrested in the 2005 Operation Pendennis raids in Sydney and Melbourne would most likely never be deradicalised, said Anthony Whealy QC.

Of the nine whom he sentenced to jail in 2009 for plotting an attack in Sydney, two have been released to date.

One of these, Mirsad Mulahalilovic, is understood to be living quietly and has not since troubled the authorities. The other, Khaled Sharrouf, joined Islamic State in Syria.

And so therefore, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, the Quote of the Day:

“He let us down badly,” Justice Whealy said. (source)

One out of two ain’t bad – it’s terrible. Are we as a nation prepared to take the risk?

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