Finsbury Park: No excuses for violence, but we must be honest

Comparing this to Islamic jihad is dishonest

Any violence carried out against innocent people is to be condemned and the Finsbury Park attack is no exception. But we must be honest in its evaluation compared to the recent Islamic attacks, and the history of global jihad.

You can be sure that the Islamic community will exploit this incident as ‘evidence’ of widespread hatred and ‘Islamophobia’ in Britain, when in fact, despite all of the Islamic terrorist atrocities carried out in Britain and the rest of the world, there has been almost zero ‘Islamophobia’ until now, a few childish bacon-related pranks aside.

It will also use this incident to enhance the victim status of Muslims and to silence criticism of Islam.

There has already been significant differences in the way in which this incident has been reported – the perpetrator has not been given any of the usual indulgences afforded to Islamic terror suspects: “mental health problems”, the first line defence whenever there is an Islamic attack, has barely been raised except in the context of the standard “mental health assessment” given to all such persons; “lone wolf” has also not been thrown around as much as one would usually expect.

In fact, whilst Islamic terrorists are immediately distanced from their religion by the media, in this case the opposite is true: the individual is being tied as closely as possible to the larger group in order to portray them as racist or Islamophobic.

The truth is that there will always be those who are motivated to commit criminal acts, for any number of reasons, but in the present case, there is no overarching ideology that inspired this act of violence. There is no religious text that exhorted him to go out and murder Muslims, no example of a religious leader who committed such acts to follow, no ideological framework which supports it.

This is an individual who, for his own reasons, has chosen to commit a violent, criminal act. It is disgusting, but it is not in any way comparable to jihad, and should not stop the important discussion about the threat of Islam to the West.

Mass shooter at Fort Lauderdale airport known to FBI

Initial relief that the guy had Nothing To Do With Islam™ was sadly misplaced

Initial MSM relief that the guy had Nothing To Do With Islam™ was sadly misplaced

The only people that commit mass shootings are crazies or devout Muslims.

Fortunately there are very few crazies loose in the world, but there are 1.6 billion Muslims, and if even 1% of them are sufficiently devout to commit acts of jihad (a huge underestimate, by the way), that equates to 16 million potential assassins.

Many of these are now in the West thanks to our suicidal immigration policies which have allowed millions of unverified Muslims to penetrate behind enemy lines. Utter madness.

But it’s too late now – the genie is out of the bottle and there is no possibility of sucking it back in.

The MSM news reports breathed a sigh of relief when the shooter at Fort Lauderdale had a hispanic name, Esteban Santiago, and not something like Mohammed. The Sydney Morning Herald, for example, splashes this fact in the headline:

Phew, hispanic name… [click to enlarge]

Phew, hispanic name… [click to enlarge]

But it didn’t take long for the truth to come out. The guy was a Muslim fanatic (check out the photo above, with a keffiyeh and the single digit ISIS gesture representing the oneness of Allah).

Reports here.

Melbourne Muslims target Christmas, but Premier Andrews says plot ‘not religious’

Press conference on the Melbourne terror plot

Press conference on the Melbourne terror plot

This is why we will never defeat the global jihad: suicidal and wilful blindness on the part of our leaders.

Five Muslims plot to carry out a terrorist attack in Melbourne, including at St Paul’s Cathedral, on Christmas day, and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews denies any link to religion:

“This is not an act of faith. What was being planned, what will be led in evidence, what the police will allege, was not an act of faith, not an act of religious observance, it was, instead, in its planning, an act of evil, a criminal act,” he said.

Why on earth would you say such a thing? Why would you intentionally avoid the obvious religious motive of hatred of Christianity that Islam has practised for 1400 years? Answer: because it’s easier to label five individuals as ‘evil’ than to confront the reality that the religion (more accurately, political ideology) of half a million Australians is incompatible with Christianity, Western freedoms and democracy.

What Andrews and the majority of Western politicians don’t understand is that to those five Muslims it was not to be an act of evil – it was to be an act of pious devotion through which they would hope to please Allah and enter paradise.

When a mother and father sent their daughters off to a police station strapped with explosives they were not doing it because they were evil – they were doing it because they thought that was the best thing their daughters could do – kill infidels to please Allah.

When a Muslim drove a truck through a Christmas market in Berlin, it was not an act of evil, since killing infidels, and especially Christians, is one of the religious duties of a devout Muslim.

Western politicians always view these events from a Western perspective, when in fact the Muslim perspective is completely different. From a Western viewpoint, all of these acts are ‘evil’, but from a Muslim viewpoint they all make perfect sense.

All that is required for moderate Muslims to become violent is for them to become more devout. No-one can predict which of the millions of Muslims living in the West will next take that final step on the Ladder of Islam and seek to undertake an act of jihad.

But that problem is for the future – at the moment, our leaders are incapable of even acknowledging the existence of a religious motivation for Islamic terror attacks. Until they do, the West will continue to be a soft target.

Layers of support and concealment mean no ‘lone wolves’ in Islam

Islamic layers of protection [click to enlarge]

Islamic layers of protection [click to enlarge]

The media have used the ‘lone wolf’ tag as an excuse to distract attention away from the ideology of Islam, and on to the individual – he was ‘homophobic’, had ‘mental illness’, family problems – the list goes on.

But the truth is that no Muslim who commits violence is a lone wolf. There is a complex network of support, whether active or passive, behind every terrorist attack, and whether obvious to the casual observer or not.

Every jihadi is protected and concealed by multiple layers, and each layer of the onion must be peeled away to reveal what is at the centre.

Here we list the layers of the support, protection and concealment, from global to local:

  • Firstly, every Muslim is part of the global community of Muslims, the umma, with the shared political ideology of supremacy of Islam, the sharia as the source of law, and the duty to spread the ideology in the infidel lands through violent jihad.
  • Secondly, there’s Islamic State, and its caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi [who we are hoping has been taken out by a US drone strike], which commands Muslims to commit acts of violence against the ‘crusaders’ and the ‘infidels’ (see here for a the Islamic State address on 22 May 2016 – PDF). Documents such as this give comfort and confidence to would-be jihadis, and provide justification for their actions.
  • Thirdly, there are the mosques and prayer groups – the barracks for the soldiers of Allah (© Recep Tayyip Erdogan) – where the Parramatta shooter obtained his weapon, and where massive arms caches have been found in countries all over the world. Masquerading as places of ‘worship’ and claiming all the same privileges as churches or synagogues, the mosques are where the Islamic scholars spread the ideology, and are hence the breeding grounds for extremism and hatred. And there’s a mosque or prayer group in pretty much every suburb.
  • Finally, there are the family and friends, those closest to the jihadi, who see and hear everything, but say and do nothing.

Already the layers are peeling away, as it transpires that the wife of the Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, knew he was considering an attack and tried to persuade him otherwise.

We already know about the Islamic State, which encouraged attacks against ‘crusaders’ and ‘civilians’ on 22 May this year.

No doubt in time a mosque somewhere will be revealed to have played a role in Mateen’s radicalisation.

And the complicity of the umma in global terrorism is well established – loyalty is always given to the umma above any infidel country or government.

Added to these layers of insulation and concealment, we have yet another: the suicidal Western political correctness which will not even acknowledge the existence of Islamic terrorism, and still maintains Islam is a Religion of Peace™.

If we cannot get through this first layer, we have little hope getting through the remaining four.

Ramadan jihad in Sydney – three injured

No clue to his ethnicity given, naturally…

No clue to his ethnicity given, naturally…

UPDATE: Apparently the man was ‘mentally ill’ and escaped from a ‘psychiatric facility’…

UPDATE2: As expected, the ‘man’ was a soldier of Allah, and the ‘ranting’ was Allahu akbar. But it took many articles before this key detail was revealed (source)

A random ‘man’ starts ‘ranting’, and threatens bystanders with a knife. Sound familiar?

Police fire shots, and fragments of bullets injure three old folks minding their own business.

Wonder what he was ranting? Allahu akbar, anyone? CONFIRMED.

Probably just a Right Wing Extremist having a bad day.

Get used to this, folks. More is coming.

Up to three elderly bystanders have been injured in a shooting at a shopping mall in Sydney’s north, after a “ranting” man carrying a knife was shot by police.

The incident unfolded just before midday at the Hornsby Organic Food Markets in Florence Street following reports of a man armed with a knife.

Police have issued a statement saying: “On arrival officers located the man and attempted to speak with him. Following a confrontation, a number of shots were fired by police.

“As a consequence four people have sustained various injuries and have been taken to hospital.” (source)

But never mind, because Islam is the Religion of Pieces™. Pieces of bodies, that is…

More photos:

Random 'man'

Random ‘man’

Cricket bat jihad in Melbourne

Cultural enrichment in Melbourne

Cultural enrichment on show in Melbourne

“They failed me in my testing,” he said. “I didn’t fail.”

Er, yeah, you did. By smashing up taxis with a cricket bat you proved conclusively that the end result was indeed correct.

A MAN who allegedly went on a crazed rampage smashing taxis with a cricket bat in Melbourne’s CBD is himself a wannabe cabbie.

Toqeer Ahmad, 25, appeared at the Melbourne Magistrates Court today charged with a string of offences over yesterday’s rampage.

Mr Ahmad, who refused legal representation because he doesn’t trust lawyers, said he was angry about failing a taxi driver exam.

“They failed me in my testing,” he said.

“I didn’t fail.”

What was that name again? Toqeer Ahmad? Don’t jump to any conclusions your racist, islamophobic bigot.


Sydney: Jihad teen granted bail because of ‘mental health issues’

The father made this salute to his son in court…

The father made this salute to his son in court…

Islam is a mental health issue.

Anyone who follows a 7th century, pre-medieval, barbaric, misogynistic and backward political ideology must clearly be one sura short of a Qur’an.

But it’s an excellent ‘get out of jail free’ card none the less for our Muslim friends when they come up against m’learned friends, who despite knowing plenty about the law, seem to know very little about the march of Islam through the West: [Read more…]

Obama’s denial of jihad threat costs lives

Shush, no mentioning Islam or jihad now…

Shush, no mentioning Islam or jihad now…

Back in 2011, the US Department of Justice, through the Deputy Attorney General, said this:

The Department of Justice takes seriously its role in protecting the country from terrorist threats. And the Department also takes seriously it role in enforcing the laws that protect people against discrimination. Soon after 9/11, President Bush made clear to the nation that these terrorist acts were committed by individuals who distort the peaceful religion of Islam, and that Arab-Americans and Muslim Americans suffered with all Americans when our nation was attacked. In the aftermath of 9/11, the Civil Rights Division – led by then Assistant Attorney General Ralph Boyd, who will be addressing the conference shortly – established an initiative to combat discrimination occurring in misguided retaliation for the attack. That initiative continues today.

We also are working comprehensively to ensure that every aspect of the Department’s work reflects sensitivity and respect for all peoples and faiths. As just one example, to that end, I recently directed all components of the Department of Justice to re-evaluate their training efforts in a range of areas, from community outreach to national security, to make sure they reflect that sensitivity.

[Read more…]

Sudden Jihad Syndrome in Sydney

More jihad in Sydney

More jihad in Sydney

UPDATE: Knock me down with a feather – the guy’s name has a certain, shall we say, Islamic ring to it: “Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar”. MoQuo (Mohammed Quotient) is a respectable 25% – the number of Mohammeds (or its derivatives) as a fraction of the entire name.

“I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve.” – Qur’an 8:12.

There is no predicting when one of the thousands of Australian Muslims, many of whom are gradually ascending the ladder of Islam towards violent Jihad, will reach the final rung and decide to please Allah by killing an infidel.

We saw it at the Lindt Cafe, and now we see it in Parramatta, a suburb of Sydney.

Stand by for the Islamic community to wail about a ‘backlash’ in 3, 2, 1… [Read more…]

VIDEO: Litigation Jihad

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