‘Islamophobia is a reasonable reaction to jihadi violence’

It isn't Islamophobia when they REALLY want to kill us…

It isn’t Islamophobia when they REALLY want to kill us…

Indeed so.

It seems that we have to spell this out for some of the morons on the Left. There was nothing wrong with Nazi-phobia, nor Communism-phobia, nor North-Korea-phobia, nor Iranophobia. They were all (and some still are) existential threats to Western democracy and freedoms, and fear of them is a perfectly normal reaction.

Islamophobia, which has been turned into the great ‘Shut up, he explained’ of our time, is a reasonable fear of the pure Islam practised by Islamic State, and an increasing number of home grown Muslims who believe that our Western democracies must be torn down and replaced with the 7th century pre-medieval nightmare of sharia. Not only that, but many such Muslims are prepared to use random acts of violence to terrorise innocent citizens into submission.

That all seems pretty reasonable to me, but our Lefty friends will say that’s being ‘racist’ – so predictable, so boring and so wrong. [Read more…]

Muslim leaders squirm when asked to call Islam a ‘religion of peace’

Randa Kattan - poisonous

Randa Kattan – her words are worthless

Because they can’t. It’s not a religion of peace, it’s a religion of the sword.

So when challenged by the PM to say so, they divert attention by whining about ‘islamophobia’ and ‘racism’:

Muslim leaders are furious at Tony Abbott’s suggestion that the community does not do enough to stamp out extremism, saying the statement is the “last card” of an embattled leader who is using dog-whistle politics to “inflame racism”. [What race is Islam again?]

On Monday Abbott delivered a speech on national security, in which he said: “I’ve often heard western leaders describe Islam as a ‘religion of peace’. I wish more Muslim leaders would say that more often, and mean it.”

The head of the Arab Council of Australia, Randa Kattan, said the comments were “promoting hatred and inflaming racism”. 

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‘Tolerance’ displayed at Islamic Centre in Adelaide

We must be tolerant of those who are intolerant of us.

This is from 2013. I wonder how much worse it is now… Despite the incitement to kill Buddhists and Hindus at the end of this video, the police concluded that ‘no criminal offending occurred’ and the sheik is free to continue spewing his hatred. Perhaps they thought that laying charges would be ‘Islamophobic’ or ‘unfairly targeting Muslims’?

Quote: ‘Islam is a religion of beheading…’

Nothing to do with Islam…

Nothing to do with Islam…

Which filthy kafir islamophobe said that? Tim Blair? Andrew Bolt? Come on, own up!

Give up? Well, surprise surprise, it was written by an Islamic cleric. Yet again, we see scholars of Islam cite Qur’an verses to justify their acts, but if Western politicians or commentators dare to discuss or even mention it, they risk being branded racist or ‘Islamophobic’:

Chopping off the heads of infidels is an act whose permissibility the ummah [community of Muslims worldwide] agrees on. Beheading a harbi [non-Muslim not protected by any agreement with Muslims, i.e. not living as dhimmi] infidel is a blessed act for which a Muslim is rewarded. The [only] matter scholars disagree about is the question of transferring the head from one place to another, traveling with it and carrying it around…”

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Islamic Council of Victoria pulls out of meeting with Abbott



What is it about Islam that makes Muslim leaders so easily offended? Answer: it is an essential part of the stealth jihad waged on Western nations – take offence at anything and everything, and then demand concessions and special treatment.

Try doing that as a Christian in Iran or Saudi Arabia and see how far you get.

Here is a quote from the ICV press release:

It is with extreme disappointment then that the ICV noted the comments made by the Prime Minister on Sydney radio station 2GB prior to his meeting with Sydney community leaders. The Prime Minister’s comments were ill informed and inflammatory. Once again the Muslim community, with no justification whatsoever, was challenged about its role in Australian society.

No justification? Seriously?

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‘My flag is the flag of Allah. That’s my flag.’

"That's my flag!"

“That’s my flag!”

Doesn’t sound very ‘Team Australia’, does it?

And that, of course, is at the heart of the problem. Where do Muslim loyalties really lie? Would they dob in a neighbour they knew was involved in a terrorist plot? Would they report hate preaching at their local mosque to the Australian police? Do their loyalties lie with their country of citizenship, over and above the global Muslim umma?

If the answers to any of these questions is ‘no’, then that person cannot be trusted, since, by their acquiescence, they are indirectly aiding and abetting the spread of Islam to non-Muslim countries, which after all is their duty.

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Closer to the truth, but still sanitised

John Stackhouse

John Stackhouse

The Australian has the courage to publish an article by John Stackhouse which explores some uncomfortable truths about Islam, and which will therefore no doubt be labelled ‘Islamophobic’ before too long.

Whilst there are some very good points, there is also some unfortunate sanitising of the worst bits:

First, Islam is indeed a religion of peace, but in a crucially qualified sense. The root word of both “Islam” and “Muslim” is “s-l-m”, which is also the root for “salaam” or “peace” — but it most basically means “submission” (to God).

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Islamophobia vs Kafirphobia

Shouts of ‘Islamophobia’ in response to any attempt to discuss any difficult aspect of Islam is a highly successful method of stifling debate.

Just as branding those who question the alarmist climate consensus ‘deniers’, thus rendering them morally inferior and therefore not worthy of response, the badge of Islamophobe applied to your opponent obviates the need for any further interaction. [Read more…]

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