Pope Francis: Muslim terrorism doesn’t exist (but the climate crisis is REAL!)

Weather is more scary than Allahu-akbaring, sword-wielding Muslims

Thinks the weather is more scary than Allahu-akbaring, sword-wielding Muslims beheading Christians every day…

Apologies to my Catholic readers, but the truth is that Pope Francis is just a few chalices short of a communion, and is setting back the cause of the Christian church in the process.

Good job Francis’ predecessor, Urban II, didn’t claim that Islam wasn’t a religion of violence, otherwise Europe wouldn’t have bothered to defend itself with the Crusades, and Europe would have been Muslim for a thousand years already.

Urban II knew full well that Islam would have no truck with Christianity, and if Christianity were to survive, it would have to defeat the Muslim invaders. He’d probably read the Qur’an and knew enough about the political ideology of Islam – unlike Francis, who probably just thinks its a Religion of Peace™.

Yes, I know – Francis said “Muslim terrorism” doesn’t exist – but it’s a ludicrously fine distinction, and anyone who claims that violence (including terrorism) carried out in the name of Allah does not happen is deluded. It happens every day, and has done for the past 1400 years.

But on the other hand, Francis does believe a hoax, namely the climate ‘crisis’ – which he believes is a greater threat to the planet than our Allahu-akbaring friends.

Read the full message here (if you can bear it).

Berlin truck jihad kills at least 12

How Muslims say 'Merry Christmas'

How Muslims say ‘Merry Christmas’

UPDATE: Die Welt reports that the driver was a Pakistani refugee who arrived in Germany in February 2016. What a surprise…

This will be the new normal for Merkel’s Islamicised, post-Christian Europe.

Muslims hate Christians almost as much as they hate Jews, and they similarly hate Christian festivals.

For that reason, they target peaceful Christmas markets, where vulnerable families and children are easy targets for their barbaric ‘religious’ duty of jihad.

But the Berlin police are probably still ‘searching for a motive’.

Police say at 12 people have been killed and 48 others injured after a truck ran through a Berlin Christmas market.

Yeah, it was the truck that did it – all by itself – thanks, ABC.

Police spokesperson says they have arrested a suspect, but cannot confirm if it is the driver of the truck. A second person inside the truck died at the scene.

The truck had Polish licence plates and has been traced to construction site in Poland. Police suspect vehicle was stolen. (source)

We will probably find out this was the work of one of Mutti Merkel’s migrants, who wanted to express his gratitude to Germany in that special way only Muslims can.

Orlando: Obama trashes memory of dead – covers for Islam


Weasel words from the Jihadist in Chief

What a sickening, contemptible coward Obama is. Covering up for the murderer and whitewashing his ideology.

Fifty innocent people dead, but neither Obama nor Hillary can mention the motivation for the attack.

The MSM isn’t much better – any mention of a link to Islam is couched in caveats and uncertainties to avoid being ISLAMOPHOBIC!!!!!

So let me spell it out for the Jihadist in Chief.

Know that inside the lands of the belligerent crusaders, there is no sanctity of blood and no existence of those called “innocents.” Know that your targeting those who are called “civilians” is more beloved to us and more effective, as it is more harmful, painful, and a greater deterrent to them. So go forth, O muwahhidin [monotheists] everywhere! It might be that you attain great reward or even shahadah [martyrdom] during Ramadan.

But according to Obama, it’s all about hate and gun control…

One person, however, called it for what it is:

In his remarks today, President Obama disgracefully refused to even say the words ‘Radical Islam’. For that reason alone, he should step down. If Hillary Clinton, after this attack, still cannot say the two words ‘Radical Islam’ she should get out of this race for the Presidency.

That person was Donald Trump.

“Allah’s true religion should be spread by the sword”

It's OK if he says it…

It’s OK if he says it…

I beg your pardon?!!

Which racist, Islamophobic, ignorant, knuckle-dragging bigot said that?

Islam is the Religion of Peace™, dontcha know?  Sign up immediately for your tolerance and diversity training…

Well, actually, it was said by an Iraqi ‘scholar’ of Islam. No shit, Sherlock!

Iraqi Shiite cleric Sabah Shabr discussed the spread of Islam in a series of lectures about Jihad. Sabah confirmed that most Islamic countries were conquered by force.

He said that Muslims should not try to appease the Jews and Christians by denying this and that the “true religion of Allah should be spread by the sword.” Sheikh Shabr added that when Muslims conquer the country of infidels, they should give the locals the opportunity to convert to Islam or kill them. If the locals are from among the People of the Book, i.e., Jews or Christians, they should have the third option of paying the jizya poll tax.

In other words, exactly as Qur’an 9:29 states.

But for anybody in the West to say that would be ISLAMOPHOBIC!!!!!

h/t Jihad Watch

Misunderstanders of Islam plot to attack Sydney naval base

Another misunderstander of Islam gets led away to jail…

Another misunderstander of Islam gets led away to jail…

How can so many followers of Islam get it so wrong, and so frequently? It’s a mystery.

I mean, literally everyone, including those scholarly imams Obama, Kerry, Cameron and Turnbull, knows that Islam is a Religion of Peace, right?

I bet this ‘plot’ was really the work of Far Right extremist Christians with names like Adolf, Hermann and Heinrich… I mean according to The Guardian headline they were just random ‘men’… bloody Methodists again.

[Read more…]

Turnbull leans on ASIO chief, then says ‘We must heed ASIO chief’

Naïveté and denial

Naïveté and denial

Malcolm Turnbull’s denial of the jihad threat is suicidal for Australia.

Still naïvely believing that Islam is a Religion of Peace™, which happens to be the most easily busted myth on the planet, he now uses the head of our security services to attempt to silence critics, in particular those who rightly point out the obvious links between Islamic ideology and acts of terror.

[Read more…]

10 Leftist myths about Islam

Totally busted

Totally busted

The terrorist atrocities in Paris on 13 November have unleashed a tsunami of delusional Leftist commentary on Islamic State and how we should respond (or not respond, as the case may be).

Case in point, Waleed Aly’s lecture on Channel 10 earlier this week (see my fisking here), which Leftists around the world homed in on as the ultimate expression of their views on the subject. As expected it was a stomach-churning cocktail of snake-oil, hippy ‘love-not-hate’ Kumbaya and full-blown Islamic taqiyya.

So here are ten myths perpetuated by the Left to ensure they stay safely isolated from the unpleasant reality that the world faces, busted for your enjoyment. [Read more…]

Media balance

media_balanceAfter a knife attack at a school in Sweden, the media (in particular the ABC) wasted little time in ascribing the motives to ‘far-right extremism’, despite there being scant evidence at this point to back it up.

Compare and contrast with the vicious shooting of Curtis Cheng, carried out by a black-robed Muslim who had just left a mosque after Friday prayers and shot an infidel in the head whilst shouting ‘Allahu akbar’, where avoiding mentioning ‘Muslim’ and ‘Islam’ and called the act ‘political’ and then scratched their heads for days, desperately searching for a motive that was staring them in the face, whilst cautioning everyone not to rush to snap judgments.

There’s media balance for you – what a joke.

Parramatta gunman radicalised at Sydney mosque

Training up the soldiers of Allah for the fight against the infidels

Training up the soldiers of Allah for the fight against the infidels

Politicians and police will be scratching their heads for days at this one.

Surely Islam is a ‘religion of peace’? they will wail.

No, Islam is a political ideology of violence and conquest.

How could he be radicalised at a ‘place of worship’? they will plead.

Because mosques aren’t places of worship like churches, they are barracks for the soldiers of Allah.

In Islam, devoutness = radicalisation. The higher one ascends the ladder of Islam, the more violent one inevitably must become towards non-Muslims, because the Qur’an and Mohammed command it. [Read more…]

Sudden Jihad Syndrome in Sydney

More jihad in Sydney

More jihad in Sydney

UPDATE: Knock me down with a feather – the guy’s name has a certain, shall we say, Islamic ring to it: “Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar”. MoQuo (Mohammed Quotient) is a respectable 25% – the number of Mohammeds (or its derivatives) as a fraction of the entire name.

“I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve.” – Qur’an 8:12.

There is no predicting when one of the thousands of Australian Muslims, many of whom are gradually ascending the ladder of Islam towards violent Jihad, will reach the final rung and decide to please Allah by killing an infidel.

We saw it at the Lindt Cafe, and now we see it in Parramatta, a suburb of Sydney.

Stand by for the Islamic community to wail about a ‘backlash’ in 3, 2, 1… [Read more…]

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