Sydney: Jihad teen granted bail because of ‘mental health issues’

The father made this salute to his son in court…

The father made this salute to his son in court…

Islam is a mental health issue.

Anyone who follows a 7th century, pre-medieval, barbaric, misogynistic and backward political ideology must clearly be one sura short of a Qur’an.

But it’s an excellent ‘get out of jail free’ card none the less for our Muslim friends when they come up against m’learned friends, who despite knowing plenty about the law, seem to know very little about the march of Islam through the West: [Read more…]

Tiny minority myth busted – AGAIN!


Busted. Again.

It doesn’t matter how many times this myth is blown to smithereens, the Leftards still wheel it out to defend their dangerous fantasy that Islam is a Religion of Peace™…

1 in 5 British Muslims sympathize with jihadists

One in five British Muslims sympathize with British citizens who flee the UK to join Islamic State (ISIS), a poll revealed Sunday – and that number rises to one in four among British Muslims ages 18-34.

The Survation poll, published by the Sun, polled 1,003 British citizens about ISIS and their views on the UK’s approach to terrorism.

38% of respondents agreed that Muslims “should not have to condemn” terror attacks carried out by ISIS; 51% believe that it is the Muslim community’s responsibility to condemn attacks.

The overwhelming majority of respondents, some 71%, stated that their Muslim and British identities were “equally important” to them, versus 17% who said their Muslim identity is more important and 6% who say their British identity is more important.

Some 38% of British Muslims polled said that “Western foreign policy” is “the single biggest factor” in ISIS attacks, versus 25% who blame ISIS’s leaders for “exploiting young people” and 6% who blame “the poverty and discrimination against Muslims in Western countries.” 17% said they did not know and 14% chose another factor.

61% of respondents believed that British Muslims are “doing enough” to integrate into mainstream society, versus 22% who say they are not doing enough and 3% who believe they are too integrated.

At least 500 UK citizens have joined ISIS since the Syrian civil war began in 2011, and a senior police officer revealed to the Guardian in October that about five radicalized Muslims leave the UK for Syria every week. (source)

Anyone who can look at these figures and not say ‘Houston, we have a problem’ must be thoroughly deluded.

In Islam, devoutness ≡ radicalisation, so stop expecting Muslim leaders to drive an Islamic reformation

Would they really side with the kuffar against Muslims?

Would they really side with the kuffar against Muslims?

That symbol, ≡ , which looks like an equals sign with three lines, is a mathematical expression that means ‘is identical to’.

Western governments have not worked out that in Islam, devoutness is indeed identical to radicalisation, and therefore still believe they must get Islamic leaders and imams onside in order to ‘tackle’ radicalisation. [Read more…]

Downton Abbey meets Islamic State

Usman explains why Lord Grantham should be very wary of his canine companion…

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