Nude statues should have been rammed down Rohani’s throat

Disgraceful capitulation…

Disgraceful capitulation…

The West is so terminally ashamed of its achievements over the last thousand years that it will do nothing to defend them against their enemies.

In fact it will do everything to hide them, having been brainwashed into believing that developing an advanced and civilised society is equivalent to ‘oppression’ of those that aren’t.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in this week’s ‘shakes-head-in-utter-disbelief’ moment, when classical statues in Rome, depicting naked human forms, were enclosed in boxes for the visit of Iran’s president, Hassan Rohani. [Read more…]

Islam plus nuclear weapons: what could possibly go wrong?



If you thought the Obama presidency couldn’t get any worse, you were gravely mistaken.

On the one hand, the mullahs smile and make nice noises towards the gullible Obama and Kerry, but behind their backs, they burn flags of Israel and the USA, and chant “Death to America”.

Islam in general, particularly the extreme theocracy of Iran, seeks the overthrow of all kuffar states—typified by the Great Satan, the US—and the destruction in particular of Israel and the Jews, because that obligation is in the Qur’an. The agreement reached by Obama might delay Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons at best, but more importantly makes Obama look statesmanlike and messianic on the world stage – and hey, that’s what matters, right?

Fortunately, however, Israel is a nuclear state, and the world will have to look to Benjamin Netanyahu to save it from the nightmare of a nuclear armed Islam.

He has become the de facto leader of the free world.

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