More unhelpful responses from ANIC

An Islamic Australia (as pictured above) is the aim

An Islamic Australia (as pictured above) is the aim

Yet more excuses and yet more demands – what a surprise.

The Australian National Imam’s Council (ANIC) has issued a press release (PDF) criticising the Abbott government for its proposed anti-terror laws.

Some of the reasoning is dispiriting in the extreme, and there is not one mention of any commonality of purpose or accepting any responsibility – just driving wedges further between themselves and the rest of the country.

Rather than acknowledging that there are problems for the Muslim community in Australia to address openly and honestly, which the ANIC fails to even mention, it instead blames Australian foreign policy for the threat of Islamic violence (see below) and thereby demonstrates that it has little if any desire to work with the Australian government on countering this threat. I would suggest to George Brandis that negotiation or consultation with such groups is futile.  [Read more…]

Why would new anti-terror laws impinge especially “on those of Muslim faith”?

Grand mufti

Grand mufti

This is odd, because anti-terror laws apply to all Australians equally.

Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, mufti of Australia, turned down an invitation to an AFP Eid Dinner, and said:

“[The Australian National Imams Council] believes that the proposed changes to the anti-terrorism laws will severely impinge on the rights and freedoms of all Australians and especially those of Muslim faith.”

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