“Allah’s true religion should be spread by the sword”

It's OK if he says it…

It’s OK if he says it…

I beg your pardon?!!

Which racist, Islamophobic, ignorant, knuckle-dragging bigot said that?

Islam is the Religion of Peace™, dontcha know?  Sign up immediately for your tolerance and diversity training…

Well, actually, it was said by an Iraqi ‘scholar’ of Islam. No shit, Sherlock!

Iraqi Shiite cleric Sabah Shabr discussed the spread of Islam in a series of lectures about Jihad. Sabah confirmed that most Islamic countries were conquered by force.

He said that Muslims should not try to appease the Jews and Christians by denying this and that the “true religion of Allah should be spread by the sword.” Sheikh Shabr added that when Muslims conquer the country of infidels, they should give the locals the opportunity to convert to Islam or kill them. If the locals are from among the People of the Book, i.e., Jews or Christians, they should have the third option of paying the jizya poll tax.

In other words, exactly as Qur’an 9:29 states.

But for anybody in the West to say that would be ISLAMOPHOBIC!!!!!

h/t Jihad Watch

Sydney: Islamic conference speakers support beheadings, child rape and wife beating

[Click to enlarge]

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Maybe these folks need to learn a bit more about Islam so they are not so ‘uninformed‘, eh, Craig Laundy?

Oh wait, they’re all experts in Islam!

Like I said yesterday, the more you know about Islam, the more concerning it becomes.

And don’t forget when you read this, it’s us, the kafir, who are the filthy degenerates, according to the Qur’an. [Read more…]

Discussing the non-existent link between Islam and terrorism might cause more Islamic terrorism

This is NOT divisive, OK?

This is NOT divisive, OK? Just part of the rich tapestry of our multicultural world…

The double standards and twisted logic is utterly incomprehensible.

The ideology of Islam is responsible for the vast majority of terror attacks in the world – over 27,400 since 9/11 alone, and that doesn’t include the millions killed over the 1,400 years of Islamic aggression instigated by Muhammad in the 7th century.

But bizarrely, none of that is ‘divisive’. [Read more…]

The word ‘Islamophobia’ should be used to mean ‘everything that Islam hates’

© Daily Mail

Will the Islamophobia never end?

Here’s the hypocrisy in as simple a form as I can convey it:

  1. In Western society, Christians, Jews and all other religious groups are required to be tolerant of Islam, the badly behaved and spoilt child in the room, at all costs;
  2. Islam as an ideology is pathologically intolerant of Christianity, Judaism and every other religious group (and in fact, anything non-Muslim at all) and shows little sign of changing;
  3. Yet despite items 1 and 2, the real problem is Islamophobia?

I therefore suggest we use the word ‘Islamophobia’ to mean the hatred Islam shows for anything non-Muslim, including such things as:

  • Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Israel, the United States, the West in general, democracy, equal rights for women, homosexuals, Christmas trees, crosses, dogs, alcohol, music, fun, integration, Australia, un-hijabbed or un-niqabbed girls, etc., etc.,

Now we have redefined the word, can someone please do something to stop the Islamophobia?

Media, politicians obsessed with trivia

Mimes throwing spear at crowd, then thinks booing is racist…

Mimes throwing spear at crowd, then thinks booing is racist…

I don’t know if the rest of the Australian population is as thoroughly sick of the trivia that currently makes up the news as I am, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Standards have dropped so low that everything is reduced to either rank hypocrisy or victimhood, and trivial stories of this kind fill up the news reports for weeks on end. All the while, Iran is planning to obliterate the West with nuclear weapons (which Obama has just green-lit), Russia is flexing its expansionist muscles again, and the US has disappeared as the beacon of freedom it has been in the world for the past 200-odd years, leading to a period of world instability the likes of which hasn’t been seen for generations.

But here in Australia, all we care about is the little things, and glad the media are getting the priorities right! [Read more…]

Anne Aly won’t discuss Guardian article with ‘non-academic’

UPDATE: Dr Aly shows her true colours again in this unnecessary and uncalled for tweet:

Maybe that is the kind of conduct that is to be expected from staff at Curtin University…And of course, ‘polemics’ are only written by other people that disagree with you… LOL!

'Shut up' she explained…

‘Shut up’ she explained…

I think we can all draw our own conclusions from that.

Dr Anne Aly’s biography at Curtin University reads as follows:

Dr Anne Aly is an Early Career Research Fellow at Curtin University. She has a professional background in policy having worked as a Senior Policy Officer and Manager within the Western Australian Government.

Anne’s research interests are in the areas of terrorism studies and counter terrorism with a focus on the public and policy responses to terrorism. Her PhD explored the mediated [which I infer from the context means ‘via the media’] fear of terrorism among Muslim communities and the broader community in Australia.

Anne has published widely on diverse issues including Muslim identity, Muslim media activism, terrorism and the internet, the terrorism discourse and counter terrorism responses. She has presented at national and international conferences and workshops on terrorism and counter terrorism and Australian Arab relations. She is the author of Terrorism and Global Security: Historical and Contemporary Approaches (Palgrave Macmillan).

[Read more…]

Australian Federal Police must stop grovelling to Islam


Silma Ihram

Why does the Australian Federal Police humiliate itself by holding grovelling religious events for those of the Islamic faith? Are there similar events for the Buddhist, Sikh, Christian, Hindu, or dare I say it, Jewish, communities?

Of course not, because Buddhists, Sikhs, Christians, Hindus and Jews don’t cause trouble, incessantly play the victim and threaten violence when they don’t get what they demand – they simply get on with their lives in peace, glad to be in a free Western liberal democracy.

[Read more…]

When was the last time a Christian’s bail conditions were amended to allow attendance at Holy Week services?

Some religions are more 'equal' than others

Some religions are more ‘equal’ than others

Answer: never.

But Islam is special. If we don’t do what they want, they will call us ‘racists’ or ‘Islamophobes’ – or worse still, commit acts of violence against us. So we’d better just cave and do what they say. [Read more…]

Handful of ‘right wing’ extremists worse than gazillions of Jihadis

Increasing daily…

With the tragic shooting of black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina, overnight, you can be sure of one thing. Muslim leaders and the moral relativists on the Left will add it to the (short) list of acts of right wing crazies to claim that Islamic terrorism is not a special case, and ‘all religions and ideologies are the same’.

That list comprises Timothy McVeigh, Anders Breivik, Dylann Roof, and er… [that’s it, Ed*]

The Left remain steadfastly silent at the daily acts of Jihadi violence across the planet, the widespread persecution of Christians and Jews, the gruesome beheadings and crucifixions, and the gratuitous torture fed to our living rooms via YouTube. But you can bet that when one unhinged ‘right wing’ nutcase opens fire, they’ll be all over it like a rash.

In other words, a handful of right wing extremists is just the same as 1400 years of violence against non-Muslims justified by Islamic ideology, including, since 9/11 alone, over 26,000 jihadi terror attacks.

And anyone that says otherwise is a greasy, racist Islamophobe.

* For the pedants out there, yes, I’m sure there are others, but the point remains valid

‘Aussie’ Muslims ‘traumatised’ by citizenship plans

They hate it when the spread of Islam is halted by the kuffar…

They hate it when the spread of Islam is halted by the kuffar

Playing the victim card yet again, like a burglar who claims to be ‘traumatised’ by the existence of the law of theft:

Muslims in Australia are in trauma for being singled out for the government’s political gains. A top Islamic leader in the country is worried that the federal government’s plans would make people “criminals” based on suspicion alone.

Gaith Krayem, president of the Islamic Council of Victoria, told an anti-racism conference in Melbourne about the Abbott government’s plans to allow the immigration minister to revoke the citizenship of dual nationals who are found to be members or supporters of terrorist organisations.

He said the plan was clearly targeting Muslims. Krayem mentioned two people who were fighting with the Kurds against ISIS and returned to Australia without charges. “But the moment a Muslim says “I want to come home,” what does our prime minister do? If you come home, you’ll be arrested, and the full force of the law will be applied,” said the Muslim leader. (source)

Quite right. If you wish to avoid the effects of such plans, it’s really very simple: DON’T GO OVERSEAS TO FIGHT WITH AN ORGANISATION THAT WISHES TO DESTROY US.

By the way, if you really would like to know what ‘traumatised’ means, maybe you could ask:

  • the three thousand victims of 9/11 who knew for some time they were going to die
  • the Lindt cafe siege hostages who didn’t know if they would see their families again (two didn’t)
  • the schoolgirls abducted and forced into sexual slavery by Muslim groups in Africa
  • the Jordanian pilot, standing in a cage soaked in petrol, who watched as the trail of flames rushed towards him
  • the hundreds of Christians who have been beheaded by Islamic State
  • all the other victims of the 26,000-plus terrorist acts carried out by Muslims since 9/11


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