US Election: Liberals need to stop whining, find a better candidate and better ideas



Having been drained of the ability to take responsibility for anything, US liberals are thrashing around blaming everyone else for Hillary’s stunning defeat:

  • It was those racist rednecks wot dun it.
  • It was Wikileaks wot dun it.
  • It was the biased media wot dun it. (No, seriously. They genuinely think the media was biased AGAINST Clinton…!)

It was, of course, none of those things. The simple fact is that Hillary was a disastrous candidate, tarred with corruption, criminality and incompetence, and Americans were thoroughly sick of everything the Democrats stood for: stifling political correctness, the endless name-calling and ridiculing of dissenting views, pandering to enemies (especially Islam), the elevation of minority demands above the majority (think transgender bathrooms), the threat of 2nd amendment reform, to name but a few.

Here’s a thought: get a better candidate and better policies and you might be in with a chance. Until then, stop blaming everyone else.

Trump protests reveal Left’s anti-democratic DNA

Ah, the tolerant Left

Ah, the tolerant Left

What a week. More important than a Trump victory was a Clinton defeat. America really does have a chance of survival now, and for the whole world, that is great news.

A Clinton presidency would have seen:

  • the progressive agenda further entrenched, with minority interests and the political elite taking priority over those of hard-working middle Americans;
  • the endemic corruption and criminality of the Clintons rewarded and encouraged;
  • further destabilisation in the Middle East;
  • further abandonment of Israel, capitulation to Iran and a resurgence of Islamic State;
  • America further divided on racial grounds, as Obama has done so successfully, his identity politics pitting blacks against whites like no other time in recent memory;
  • millions of (Democrat voting) illegal immigrants given citizenship, essentially guaranteeing Democrat victories in future elections;
  • yet more pandering to Islam, with inevitably more terrorist attacks both in the US and abroad.

In short, it would have been a disaster for the US and for world security.

Clinton is now blaming everyone but herself: the FBI, the media, James Comey. At no point does it occur to her that SHE may be a little bit to blame for all this?

And now we see the predictable and violent reaction of the ‘inclusive and tolerant Left’, who, because of their embedded moral superiority, think it’s OK to brand everyone that voted for Trump as a racist, homophobic, sexist, bigoted redneck. There’s tolerance for you!

Rape Melania placards. Burning the US flag. Voting for Trump was a ‘hate crime‘. Anarchists masquerading as protesters.

Oh seriously, grow the fuck up.

Can you imagine the fake outrage from those same idiots if the situation had been reversed? They have LITERALLY no ability for self-reflection AT ALL.

This guy says it best:

Clinton emails: FBI loses all credibility




The FBI reviews 650,000 emails in 8 days?

Even with a team of 60 reviewers, working 24/7, each email would only receive scrutiny of ONE MINUTE.

It’s all very unsavoury. There is clearly criminal behaviour here, but the DoJ is so politicised that it has thwarted the FBI to save Clinton.

But hey, even if this one has gone away, the Clinton Foundation one remains, and that is far worse.

Hillary has been a ‘Cubs fan all her life’, except when she was a Yankees fan

Cubs, Yankees, whatever…

Cubs, Yankees, whatever…

She is a compulsive liar. She probably doesn’t even realise she’s doing it any more. She will say or do anything that is required to appear popular.

When she can lie so effortlessly about small things like this, you know the lies about big things are equally casual.

DoJ mole leaked info to Clinton campaign

Just more of the same.

As Donna Brazile leaked town hall questions to Hillary in advance, and then lied about it to Fox News, so an insider at the DoJ leaked information on an ongoing matter direct to the Clinton team:

Win at all costs. Ends justify the means. The moral superiority of the Left beats all these petty rules, right?

FBI also investigating Clinton Foundation

Here's hoping…

Here’s hoping…

The stench of criminality and corruption follows the Clintons wherever they go.

Add it to the list: emails, intimidation, violence, corruption, dereliction of duty, pay to play, and now personal profit from the ‘charity’ work of the Clinton Foundation.

Don’t wait up for the mainstream media, Facebook or Twitter trends to update you on this – because the Left-wing curators of those sources of information will have buried it.

FBI investigators from across the country have been following leads into reports of bribery involving the Clinton Foundation. Multiple field offices have been involved in the investigation.

A report in Sunday’s Wall Street Journal (WSJ) by Devlin Barrett revealed that agents assigned to the New York field office have been carrying the bulk of the work in investigating the Clinton Foundation. They have received assistance from the FBI field office in Little Rock according to “people familiar with the matter, the WSJ reported. Other offices, including Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., have been collecting evidence regarding “financial crimes or influence-peddling.” (source)

Slick Willy will need to arrange another ‘surprise’ meeting with Loretta Lynch in a plane to make sure the DoJ nixes this investigation as well.

Ah, transparency, doncha just love it.

FBI reopen Clinton email investigation

Here's hoping…

Here’s hoping…

Wow, talk about good timing – a Halloween nightmare for Hillary.

It was disgraceful of the FBI to sweep Hillary’s cavalier attitude to classified materials under the carpet, especially since many have been convicted for far less, and Bill had apparently influenced AG Loretta Lynch in that encounter on the plane.

An FBI investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state has been reignited after new emails were discovered during an unrelated probe.

With just 11 days to go before the November 8 election, FBI director James Comey said in a letter to several congressional Republicans that the agency had learned of the existence of emails that appeared to be pertinent to its investigation.

Mr Comey did not provide details about the emails, but a US official said the emails emerged through the FBI’s separate sexting probe of former US representative Anthony Weiner, who is separated from Mrs Clinton’s confidant Huma Abedin. (source)

Democrats are angry now, of course, because they are so used to getting their own way, and thought they had the FBI all nicely stitched up. Bad luck that Huma Abedin’s ex has spilled the beans.

Challenge to Clinton supporters: you’re OK with all of this?

Clinton fronts up to the Benghazi enquiry

Clinton fronts up to the Benghazi enquiry

Trump is no angel, that’s for sure. He’s coarse, vulgar, sexist, and speaks his mind without any filter. That’s a given.

But at least he has a vision to navigate America out of the decrepit dead-end state which Obama has driven it into over the past eight years.

Clinton, on the other hand, promises more of the same, continuing Obama’s fundamental transformation of America from world superpower into third world hell-hole.

And whilst Trump isn’t a saint, Clinton is infinitely worse. There is documentary evidence of failures, cover-ups, corruption and outright criminality:

  • Benghazi – abandoned the ambassador to avoid bad press before 2012 election, resulting in his and three others’ deaths, then lied to the American people by blaming the events on an anti-Muslim YouTube video (it was a terrorist attack planned for 9/11 anniversary—and she knew it)
  • Multiple and egregious breaches of the rules governing storage and handling of classified documents
  • Use of a private email server in violation of policy and in breach of security
  • Inciting violence at Trump rallies
  • Encouraging and enabling voter fraud
  • Intimidation and smearing of Bill’s numerous sexual assault victims
  • Accepting donations from Saudi Arabia and other countries with no human rights
  • Profiting personally from the Clinton Foundation

Every single one of these is backed up by hard evidence, freely available on Wikileaks or Project Veritas.

So my challenge to Clinton supporters is this: are you OK with all of this?

Lying to the American people? Recklessness with classified information? Covering tracks and deleting official records? Incitement to violence? Fraud? Intimidation? Cozying up to misogynist, Muslim nations?

The Left are very good at spotting faults in their opponents, but incapable of spotting far worse in their own candidate.

Liar, liar, pantsuit on fire

An old joke, but it fits.

Queen Hillary: above the law

Haha, fooled you again, suckers!

Haha, fooled you again, suckers!

Very helpful having a name like ‘Clinton’ and lots of powerful friends in high places.

It means you can behave as if the law doesn’t apply to you.

Especially when you have committed numerous felonies like, oh, I don’t know, deliberately avoiding record keeping obligations to thwart FOI requests, storing classified information on an insecure server, using a personal email address for State business, sending top secret information through insecure channels – that kind of thing.

If these were the actions of just one of the ‘little people’, they would be indicted, tried and jailed.

But not Hillary – she’s just given a telling off, just a few days after Bill met US Attorney General Loretta Lynch ‘by chance’ and they just talked about holidays! No, really!

David Horowitz:

We knew they could fix the Department of Justice; we suspected they could fix the FBI. What we didn’t know was that the fixes would be this transparent: the secret meeting with a chief culprit and the DOJ head; the next day announcement by Justice that the Clinton bribery investigations would be postponed until well after the election; the suspiciously brief FBI interrogation of the former Secretary of State who during her entire tenure had recklessly breached national security protocols, deleted 30,000 emails; burned her government schedules; put top secret information onto a hackable server in violation of federal law; and topping it all the failure of the FBI director after enumerating her reckless acts to recommend a prosecution – all within a single week, and just in time for the Democrats’ nominating convention. It was, all in all, the most breathtaking fix in American history.


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