Germany, 1939: mental illness leads to invasion of Poland

Sudden mental illness in 3.8 million German soldiers

1939: Germany has invaded Poland, with the British Prime Minister calling it an outrageous act of mental illness.

He said there was no evidence of any political motive on the part of the Third Reich, and that the invasion was carried out by people who “obviously suffer from mental health problems“.

The reasons for the Germans carrying out the invasion were at this stage “unknown“, and claims that it was to provide Lebensraum for the German people was dismissed as ‘racist and xenophobic’.

Germany would also eventually invade Russia, but this was also blamed on mental health problems in all 3.8 million German troops involved.

In other news, a man from a non-politically-preferred ethnic group committed a crime, and was immediately given a clean bill of mental health from the media and branded a ‘right wing extremist’, a label it will now take him several years and thousands of dollars in legal fees to remove.

Angela Merkel wasn’t available for comment.

Mike Baird’s straw man against refugees

Polarising and wrong

Polarising and wrong

Premier of New South Wales, Mike Baird, has fallen into the trap of polarising the refugee issue into ‘welcomers’ and ‘bigots’.

In his view, if you oppose certain kinds of immigration to Australia, you are ‘fearful or ignorant’, conveniently avoiding the real issue at stake, which is the kind of refugee Australia should be accepting. [Read more…]

Germany: swimming pools turn to sewers



Ew, ew and double ew.

Enrichment in the most literal sense. Swimming pool water transformed into a filthy soup of Scheiße und Sperma. Germany is becoming the petri dish for uncontrolled mass Muslim migration to Western liberal democracies. [Read more…]

Germany: migrants arrive, sex assaults skyrocket

"No verbal and physical sexual harassment against women in any clothing" - yes, they have to be told

“No verbal and physical sexual harassment against women in any clothing” – yes, they have to be told

Respect for uncovered women in Muslim countries is close to zero, so importing hundreds of thousands of them into Western society, where being ‘uncovered’ is the norm, is asking for trouble.

The hijrah to Europe has only just begun, but already, Germany is sinking into the mire of Islamic misogyny.

Following the taharrush of New Year’s Eve in Cologne, we find that swimming pools have been forced to ban migrants and update their guidelines for appropriate behaviour. [Read more…]

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