Europe surrenders without a shot being fired

At least in 1683, they knew who the enemy was…

At least in 1683, they knew who the enemy was…

In 1683, on 11th of September (symbolically), the Ottoman army was crushed outside the Gates of Vienna, thus halting the spread of Islam into western Europe, and signalling the start of the decline of the Ottoman empire.

Contrast with 2015, when those metaphorical gates have been flung wide, and the Soldiers of Allah (either masquerading as genuine refugees or embedded with them) are welcomed with open arms by Europeans, their befuddled minds clouded with multicultural propaganda rammed into them since primary school.

In 1683, Europeans weren’t hamstrung by political correctness, so they spoke the truth, namely that Islam’s purpose was, is, and always will be, to conquer the non-Muslim world, and needed to be stopped.

In 2015, however, if anyone dares to speak that unpalatable reality, then they are a ‘racist’ and an ‘Islamophobe’. But the situation hasn’t changed, only our perception of it and response to it. In fact, thanks to the internet and social media, we are far better informed than those fighting in 1683. The Islamic State has made it clear, via a number of publications and announcements, that their goal is to conquer Rome. Robert Spencer discusses further in this video.

In the 332 years since the Ottoman empire was halted, we have learned nothing. In fact, ignorance and political correctness have triumphed over knowledge and honesty, as Europe finally capitulates to the Muslim invaders.

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