Germany: swimming pools turn to sewers



Ew, ew and double ew.

Enrichment in the most literal sense. Swimming pool water transformed into a filthy soup of Scheiße und Sperma. Germany is becoming the petri dish for uncontrolled mass Muslim migration to Western liberal democracies. [Read more…]

All cultures are not equal

Gender gap index against Muslim population (%) [click to enlarge]

Gender gap index against Muslim population (%) [click to enlarge]

Multiculturalism is based on the belief that all cultures are equal and can integrate or live alongside each other in peace and harmony.

This belief is patently false. [Read more…]

The Surrender of Europe: the next steps

Hey, I hope that's Halal water, or else…

Hey Infidel! I hope that’s Halal water, or else…

The gates have been flung wide, and the invaders arrive. But that is just the beginning, and already the next steps are underway.

Obviously, Europe cannot expect the invaders, sorry, migrants, to adapt to the cultural norms of their host countries – that would be terribly racist, clearly. So the local populations have to start adapting their behaviour to suit the cultural standards of their guests. [Read more…]

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