Islamic State has training camps in Europe, and is free to ‘strike at will’

Recruiting martyrs for Allah…

Recruiting martyrs for Allah…

They’ll recruit them if they aren’t Islamic State operatives already, that is, which many of them are.

Only Angela Merkel and all the other European leaders (with some notable exceptions) will be surprised at this. IS operatives are almost inevitably embedded with the flood of refugees arriving in Europe, and those around them, namely young Muslim males with a chip on their shoulder and nothing to do, provide prime recruitment fodder.

They would probably have succumbed to the same fate outside Europe had they been approached, but it’s so much easier to carry out attacks when already deep within infidel lands. [Read more…]

Mike Baird’s straw man against refugees

Polarising and wrong

Polarising and wrong

Premier of New South Wales, Mike Baird, has fallen into the trap of polarising the refugee issue into ‘welcomers’ and ‘bigots’.

In his view, if you oppose certain kinds of immigration to Australia, you are ‘fearful or ignorant’, conveniently avoiding the real issue at stake, which is the kind of refugee Australia should be accepting. [Read more…]

Germany: migrants arrive, sex assaults skyrocket

"No verbal and physical sexual harassment against women in any clothing" - yes, they have to be told

“No verbal and physical sexual harassment against women in any clothing” – yes, they have to be told

Respect for uncovered women in Muslim countries is close to zero, so importing hundreds of thousands of them into Western society, where being ‘uncovered’ is the norm, is asking for trouble.

The hijrah to Europe has only just begun, but already, Germany is sinking into the mire of Islamic misogyny.

Following the taharrush of New Year’s Eve in Cologne, we find that swimming pools have been forced to ban migrants and update their guidelines for appropriate behaviour. [Read more…]

Europe: multicultural romanticism collides with Islamic misogyny

UPDATE: The Australian is reporting that the assaults were organised on social media…

It is morbidly fascinating to watch the social justice warriors of the Left struggle with the latest manifestation of the ongoing clash of civilisations.

Support for unfettered immigration to Europe and the multicultural utopia that would follow has always been at the centre of the progressive agenda, and Angela Merkel’s policy of welcoming over a million, mainly Muslim, refugees from Syria must have seemed like a dream come true.

But the dream has already turned very sour, as it emerges that hundreds of sexual assaults carried out in many German cities on New Year’s Eve were perpetrated by those very same immigrants that the SJW brigade so longed for. [Read more…]

The Surrender of Europe: the next steps

Hey, I hope that's Halal water, or else…

Hey Infidel! I hope that’s Halal water, or else…

The gates have been flung wide, and the invaders arrive. But that is just the beginning, and already the next steps are underway.

Obviously, Europe cannot expect the invaders, sorry, migrants, to adapt to the cultural norms of their host countries – that would be terribly racist, clearly. So the local populations have to start adapting their behaviour to suit the cultural standards of their guests. [Read more…]

Europe surrenders without a shot being fired

At least in 1683, they knew who the enemy was…

At least in 1683, they knew who the enemy was…

In 1683, on 11th of September (symbolically), the Ottoman army was crushed outside the Gates of Vienna, thus halting the spread of Islam into western Europe, and signalling the start of the decline of the Ottoman empire.

Contrast with 2015, when those metaphorical gates have been flung wide, and the Soldiers of Allah (either masquerading as genuine refugees or embedded with them) are welcomed with open arms by Europeans, their befuddled minds clouded with multicultural propaganda rammed into them since primary school.

In 1683, Europeans weren’t hamstrung by political correctness, so they spoke the truth, namely that Islam’s purpose was, is, and always will be, to conquer the non-Muslim world, and needed to be stopped.

In 2015, however, if anyone dares to speak that unpalatable reality, then they are a ‘racist’ and an ‘Islamophobe’. But the situation hasn’t changed, only our perception of it and response to it. In fact, thanks to the internet and social media, we are far better informed than those fighting in 1683. The Islamic State has made it clear, via a number of publications and announcements, that their goal is to conquer Rome. Robert Spencer discusses further in this video.

In the 332 years since the Ottoman empire was halted, we have learned nothing. In fact, ignorance and political correctness have triumphed over knowledge and honesty, as Europe finally capitulates to the Muslim invaders.

Euro crisis solved: every pro-migrant demonstrator can take in a Syrian family

After you, guys!

After you, guys!

Here’s a solution to the refugee crisis in Europe. All the pro-migrant demonstrators who say Europe should ‘do more’ to help , like those in the photo above, can start by taking a family into their own homes.

[Read more…]

Heart trumps head in refugee crisis

Some on the Left would do well to heed this advice…

Some on the Left would do well to heed this advice…

As with everything else on the Left, it’s all about ‘feelings’ and emotion.

Labor and Greens politicians are clambering over each other to show who is the most ‘compassionate’. And of course, if you don’t share that heart-on-sleeve attitude, then you’re just a bigoted, racist [insert term of abuse here].

But in the rush to ‘do something’ and demonstrate to the world our compassion, we have forgotten to engage our brains. [Read more…]

EU migrant crisis ‘planned’ by Islamic State

Migrants, or terrorists, or both?

Migrants, or terrorists, or both?

What could possibly go wrong? Europe opens its doors to hundreds of thousands of ‘refugees’ supported by emotional blackmail of dead children washing up on beaches. Anyone who dared oppose such a plan is nothing more than a heartless, right-wing nut-job, right?

[Read more…]

Imagine a world without the US and Europe

Game over?

Game over?

The US and Europe are disintegrating before our eyes, and the world will be a very different place in 50 years… perhaps even in as little as 5 years. Massive demographic changes in both continents are changing them forever, and the rest of the world will have to accept a new paradigm. [Read more…]

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