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The state of our education system…

The state of our education system…

Educayshun isn’t about learning to read, write and do sums. It’s about progressive social engineering and cultural Marxism.

Is it any wonder that the West is losing the war against Islam when it is so obsessed with madness like this?

‘Mum, dad’ banned under school guidelines

BOYS should dress up as girls as part of “non-gender-specific free play” and teachers should avoid terms like mum or dad when discussing parents — according to guidelines created by the NSW teachers’ union on how to deal with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex issues in the classroom.

Cheltenham Girls High: Teachers at exclusive girls school told to preach gender neutral

TEACHERS at an all-girls school in northwest Sydney have been asked to stop referring to their students as “girls”, ladies” and “women”and to instead use “gender-neutral” ­language.

The request to teachers at Cheltenham Girls High School came in a staff meeting last term to discuss ­implementation of the controversial Safe Schools anti-bullying program for lesbian, gay and transgender (LGBTI) students.

School bans clapping and allows students ‘silent cheers’ or air punching but only when teachers agree

CLAPPING has been banned at a Sydney primary school which has introduced “silent cheering”, “pulling excited faces” and “punching the air” to respect students who are “sensitive to noise”. The school now only allows its pupils “to conduct a silent cheer” when prompted by teachers and says the practice “reduces fidgeting”.

Educayshun in NSW still not Marxist enough

Bleak outlook for civilisation…

Bleak outlook for civilisation…

So bring in Mark Scott, the man who dragged the ABC, or at best allowed it to drift, so far to the left that it became a caricature of itself.

C’mon, New South Wales, we need to catch up to the Marxist madness in Victoria!

We’re f–ked…

Actions have consequences: lefty students learn the hard way

Student Grant (Viz mag)

Student Grant (Viz mag)

The left, and in particular, lefty arts students, hate Christopher Pyne with an almost pathological fervour, probably because he is everything they will never be: successful, intelligent, witty etc. Oh, and conservative.

Despite being warned about their conduct by the police, a bunch of Student Grants (see right) outside a talk by Pyne at the Sydney Masonic Centre failed to moderate their behaviour and were consequently doused with pepper spray.

But being lefty arts students who have never done a proper day’s work in their lives, and who have never learned (or been taught) the fundamental law of nature that actions lead to consequences, they complain to the media about the conduct of the police, and unsurprisingly, get a fulsome hearing – especially from the ABC, which led with the story on the 7pm news: [Read more…]

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