Pygmies clueless against intellectual giant Heydon

Ah, the hypocrisy

Ah, the hypocrisy (link)

Judith Sloan got it right in The Australian yesterday morning:

Dave Oliver, secretary of the ACTU, reminds me of a tantrum-throwing toddler who covers his ears in order to block out the sensible advice of his parents. “I can’t hear you,” he screams, also hoping that no one else can hear the wise words being uttered by the grown-ups.

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Royal Commissioner Dyson Heydon should stay

Witch hunt victim

Witch hunt victim

Labor apparatchiks smearing Royal Commissioner Dyson Heydon (pictured) as biased is a shocking spectacle.

Of course, Labions (which is what I will in future be calling Labor and the Unions, since they are the same) are lining their pockets with corrupt deals and backhanders, so they are personally concerned that if the Commission puts a stop to these shady deals, their bank accounts will suffer.

So it’s not surprising that the Labions are desperate to nobble the inquiry by any means possible. But having branded the Commission as a ‘witch hunt’, the Labions then engage in one themselves, against the Commissioner.

The Commissioner should stay put in the face of this protection racket. If the Labions wish to take the matter to the courts, then they should.

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