Paris: Bishop smirks as climate action back on the table

Celebrates a pointless waste of money

Celebrates a pointless waste of money

UPDATE: In a depressing double-whammy, Turnbull has also lifted TA’s sensible ban on pointless and ugly bird-choppers (wind farms). Oh well, they can be a lasting monument to Chairman Mal’s stupidity.

One of the main reasons Tony Abbott was elected in 2013 was his rational stance on climate alarmism.

He stood apart from Rudd, Gillard and Turnbull, all of whom advocated taking action on global warming climate change – and won the 2013 election as a result.

Abbott rightly believed that spending trillions of dollars to make no difference to the climate is a pointless solution to a non-problem. There has been virtually no warming for almost two decades, despite rising CO2 levels, and the science, in particular on the sensitivity of the climate to CO2, is far from settled.

How it all changes. [Read more…]

Malcolm’s ultimate fantasy: preaching to a UN climate gab-fest

Mal's wet dream

Mal’s wet dream

To all those in the Coalition that thought deposing Tony Abbott was a good move, I hope you are enjoying this particular spectacle, because personally, I am trying not to hurl.

Just for the record, Tony wouldn’t be seen dead preaching at a UN climate conference, but our new dear leader, on the other hand, is positively in his element. [Read more…]

Paris climate conference news: ISIS pledges to slash its emissions

The last climate sceptic in Islamic State

Abu Bakr al-Gore deals with the last climate sceptic in Islamic State

A delegation from ISIS has returned to Paris after their last visit a fortnight ago, where they callously murdered 130 people, to attend the UN’s Climate Conference.

The rogue terrorist organisation of fanatical Islamists has pledged to cut its emissions by nearly 100% by 2020, an ambitious target which many Western countries will struggle to meet. [Read more…]

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