Berlin truck jihad kills at least 12

How Muslims say 'Merry Christmas'

How Muslims say ‘Merry Christmas’

UPDATE: Die Welt reports that the driver was a Pakistani refugee who arrived in Germany in February 2016. What a surprise…

This will be the new normal for Merkel’s Islamicised, post-Christian Europe.

Muslims hate Christians almost as much as they hate Jews, and they similarly hate Christian festivals.

For that reason, they target peaceful Christmas markets, where vulnerable families and children are easy targets for their barbaric ‘religious’ duty of jihad.

But the Berlin police are probably still ‘searching for a motive’.

Police say at 12 people have been killed and 48 others injured after a truck ran through a Berlin Christmas market.

Yeah, it was the truck that did it – all by itself – thanks, ABC.

Police spokesperson says they have arrested a suspect, but cannot confirm if it is the driver of the truck. A second person inside the truck died at the scene.

The truck had Polish licence plates and has been traced to construction site in Poland. Police suspect vehicle was stolen. (source)

We will probably find out this was the work of one of Mutti Merkel’s migrants, who wanted to express his gratitude to Germany in that special way only Muslims can.

Christmas is just around the corner – time for the Muslim grievance-mongers to emerge

Not 'Happy Holidays' but 'Merry Christmas'

Not ‘Happy Holidays’ but ‘Merry Christmas’

When Muslims immigrate to a Western country, their supremacist ideology expects that country to accommodate their cultural requirements. So when Christian festivals occur, it is us that must be careful.

Christmas trees are deemed ‘offensive’. We cannot say “Merry Christmas” any more, and have to adopt the bland “Happy holidays” instead.

Anyone who makes these demands in the UK or Australia should try going to Iran or Saudi Arabia, and demanding that Muslim festivals be “toned down”, because they might be offensive to Christians.

See how far you get with that!

Muslims are welcome to settle in Australia, however, they have no right to determine the behaviour of the predominantly Christian population.

Happy 2016, Europe! Islamic terrorism threat halts Belgian New Year celebrations

Islam prefers a different kind of explosion

Islam generally prefers a different kind of explosion

The terrorists win.

Brussels cancels its New Year celebrations after receiving intelligence of a possible terrorist attack. As usual, you have to read at least a page down the BBC’s report before you’re given any clue to the nature of the threat – must be those damn Methodists again…

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