Labor’s $1 trillion debt

Economic incompetence

Economic incompetence

A few trivia questions for you:

  • Which government spent the Liberal surplus bequeathed to it in 2007 within hours of taking office and then borrowed for the next six years like there was no tomorrow?
  • Which government wasted billions on pink batts, the NBN, asylum seekers and the stimulus package (where even a simple dunny block or a shade cloth in a playground mysteriously cost many times more than it should)?
  • Which government set Australia on track to reach a net debt of $1 trillion by 2037?
  • And now, which opposition is refusing to pass budget measures aimed at putting this mess right?
  • And which opposition is claiming there is no ‘budget problem’ and it’s all just a ‘distraction’ by the Coalition?

Yes, the answer to all the above is…

Labor: The party of economic incompetence since 1901.

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