Bill Shorten: a charisma-free zone

Little Billy returning to his union roots

Little Billy returning to his union roots

What is it about Bill Shorten? Whenever he’s on the telly it’s like the air gets sucked out of the room.

The robotic delivery, the overdone pauses, the creepy eyes.

But worst of all is the shouting. The style consultants can work their magic all they like, but deep down, he’s still a tawdry union thug, and it keeps breaking through the insulation.


The Playboy Banker sinks as Shorten rises

Great effort by the playboy banker…

Great effort by the playboy banker…

But he’s such a good communicator! So much better than Tony Abbott! Unless Abbott goes we’ll lose the election!

The one thought that keeps me going in all this is that if Turnbull loses in July, we will never, ever, see or hear from him again.

He won’t care, though. He’ll just go back to his harbourside mansion and carry on with his privileged life, whilst the rest of us have to deal with the disastrous consequences of a Shorten Labor government.

Bill Shorten’s standing with ­voters has jumped to a 12-month high, underpinning Labor’s election-winning lead in Newspoll as Malcolm Turnbull’s support has continued to tumble.

The latest Newspoll, taken ­exclusively for The Australian, shows that after the first two weeks of the election campaign the government has been unable to claw back Labor’s two-party-preferred lead of 51 per cent to the ­Coalition’s 49 per cent.

And the massive approval ­enjoyed by the Prime Minister in the early months after he replaced Tony Abbott last September has been wiped out, with Mr Turnbull’s net satisfaction rating now the same as for the Opposition Leader, at -12 points.

With six weeks to go until polling day, the Newspoll represents a two-party swing against the government of 4.5 per cent.

If ­repeated on election day with a uniform swing, it would suggest about 23 Coalition seats would be lost and Mr Shorten would lead a Labor government with a narrow majority.

Slaps forehead.

He’s not the Messiah…

Malcolm's on the Left.

Malcolm’s on the Left… of just about everybody

… he’s just a wealthy, self-interested playboy banker, who cynically used his charms and influence to snatch the Prime Ministership from Tony Abbott, and has spent the last six months doing precisely nothing except preening and ingratiating himself with the Love Media.

And the public can see straight through it. Because, contrary to what Malcolm and his disconnected buddies think, we aren’t stupid. [Read more…]

Dutton jokes about non-existent climate change, Lefty media goes batshit crazy

Key points - in case you need to memorise them

In case you need to memorise them, or print out and carry around in your pocket

The Lefty media is utterly deranged.

I wrote a blog on climate change for six years, and the one story that kept turning up like a bad penny was the Pacific islands flooding due to rising sea levels.

The story is so useful because of the emotional blackmail that can be wrought on the rest of us: poor islanders being forced to flee their homes as ‘climate refugees’ because the sea levels were rising due to melting ice – caused by burning fossil fuels. It could almost have been written for the ABC and Fairfax.

Trouble is, none of it is true. Sea levels have barely moved, and it is geological movement of the islands that is to blame – i.e. they are sinking. But it’s OK because they are atolls, and as they sink, the coral expands to fill the gap.

[Read more…]

The madness of crowds: Shorten leads as preferred PM

Our next PM, classy as always…

Our next PM, classy as always…

The old adage holds true – the people get the government they deserve. And if this poll is repeated at the election, by the end of 2016 we will have another Labor government with Bill Shorten as Prime Minister.

Just typing it makes me vomit a little bit in my mouth. Prime Minister Bill Shorten… and again.

Yes, Abbott has had a rough few weeks, with the hypocritical and confected outrage of Choppergate, helpfully fuelled and stoked by the Lefty love-media, the radical gay lobby trashing Abbott for standing up for traditional marriage, but seriously? We’d rather have Bill and the Labions? Bill, who is likely to be called back before the Royal Commission to expose his (alleged) shady deals whilst in charge of the AWU? Bill, the shouty union thug who lacks any class?

And the Labions™, who want to bring back the carbon tax, and abandon the Border Force, opening our doors to the boats again? The Labions™ who when last in government couldn’t decide who should be prime minister, and couldn’t organise a chook raffle to save their lives? The Labions™ whose BER scheme wasted billions just for the sake of it, and whose insulation scheme killed four workers through incompetence? The Labions™ who would gleefully trash a former High Court judge in order to protect their union rorts? Really? These are the people we want running our country?

But that’s democracy. If the people of Australia, in their infinite wisdom, decide they want Bill and the Labions™, then who am I to complain? I can always move to New Zealand.

Labor: the party of insanity

Defined insanity - and there ain't no Einsteins in the ALP, that's for sure…

Defined insanity – and there ain’t no Einsteins in the ALP, that’s for sure…

One definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.

By that definition, Bill Shorten and the ALP are insane. [Read more…]

Labor Conference triumph! One backflip, one failed policy and gay marriage…

Labor: in touch with the ordinary Aussie…

Labor: in touch with the ordinary Aussie…

The ABC’s celebrations regarding the success of the Labor conference on the 7pm news this evening were utterly nauseating. Juanita Phillips was smiling so hard when she announced the breakthrough deal on gay marriage I thought her face might actually crack and fall off.

[Read more…]

CFMEU organiser arrested after Royal Commission hearing

"Shifty" Shorten

“Shifty” Shorten

But, but, but… I thought the Royal Commission was a cheap and tawdry political witch hunt by Tony Abbott to smear his opponents, namely innocent Labor MPs, wasn’t it?

And I thought Commissioner Heydon Dyson and Counsel Jeremy Stoljar SC were just stooges, paid to do the evil bidding of the Coalition, weren’t they?

Must be right, ‘cos Kim Carr said so! What was it again, Kim? “Totalitarian regime” was the phrase you used, yes? More spin than a launderette…

[Read more…]

Royal Commission hard at work in Canberra, and not a Labor PM in sight!

No PM in sight!

Oh look, they’re still at work! And no sign of Bill, Julia or Kevin…

If we are to believe Bill Shorten [always a mistake – Ed], the Royal Commission is simply “Tony Abbott’s smear campaign”. You would have thought, therefore, having nailed Bill, Kevin and Julia, they would all have packed up and gone home. Job done, right? [Read more…]

Royal Commission: Labor in La-la Land

“Shifty” Shorten looking decidedly uncomfortable

Sometimes one has to question one’s own sanity when confronted with the alternative version of reality presented by Labor—not by just one or two fruitcakes, but essentially the whole Labor edifice.

Bill Shorten’s appearance before the Royal Commission into trade unions made for painful viewing. He was by turns evasive, shifty, embarrassed, arrogant and tricky. I’m amazed counsel assisting, Jeremy Stoljar SC, kept his cool as well as he did. Commissioner Dyson Heydon, a former justice of the High Court, was required to tactfully remind Shorten to (in layman’s terms) stop waffling and answer the goddam question. [Read more…]

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