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media_balanceAfter a knife attack at a school in Sweden, the media (in particular the ABC) wasted little time in ascribing the motives to ‘far-right extremism’, despite there being scant evidence at this point to back it up.

Compare and contrast with the vicious shooting of Curtis Cheng, carried out by a black-robed Muslim who had just left a mosque after Friday prayers and shot an infidel in the head whilst shouting ‘Allahu akbar’, where avoiding mentioning ‘Muslim’ and ‘Islam’ and called the act ‘political’ and then scratched their heads for days, desperately searching for a motive that was staring them in the face, whilst cautioning everyone not to rush to snap judgments.

There’s media balance for you – what a joke.

Lefty lynch mob: ABC gives prime-time platform to terrorist

Fine, upstanding young member of society... only kidding!

Fine, upstanding young member of society… only kidding!

The ABC hates the Coalition, Tony Abbott and all of his policies with a visceral passion. It also hates Australia enough to give a terrorist a platform to speak on Q & A last night.

I wonder what it will take before the government actually requires the ABC to comply with the obligations of impartiality in its charter. Maybe a live beheading on Insiders? [Read more…]

Hypocrisy from the ABC, a.k.a. the Abbott-Bashing Corporation

Their ABC leans to the Left

Their ABC leans to the Left

It’s not the principle, it’s the side.

A week or so ago, the ABC was jeering that Tony Abbott had scuppered any chance of a last minute reprieve for Bali Nine drug smugglers Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. Raising the issue of the humanitarian aid for the Indonesian tsunami in 2004 was viewed as a ‘threat’ and had therefore jeopardised any chance of a last minute change of heart.

Today on NewsRadio, the ABC was crowing that the Indonesian President Joko Widodo had told Tony Abbott he wrong to suggest, as he did earlier this week, that Widodo was reconsidering the executions of Chan and Sukumaran.

In the first case, Abbott’s actions had prevented a change of heart by the Indonesians, in the second, a change of heart was never going to happen and Abbott’s made a fool of himself by suggesting otherwise.

Two entirely contradictory positions which only make sense when you understand that the premise of the two stories is solely to make Abbott look dangerous and incompetent.

Proudly brought to you by the ABC: the Abbott-Bashing Corporation.

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