The Turnbull Traitors have destroyed the Liberals

Feeling the strain?

I really hope Chairman Mal, Julie Bishop, Scott Morrison, Wyatt Roy, George Brandis, Christopher Pyne and all the rest of the traitors are happy, now that they have  brought the Liberals to the brink of defeat.

Certainly Wyatt Roy will have plenty of time to reflect on his treachery, having been voted out of his seat – good. By the way, the Centrelink office is two blocks down on your left…

As I wrote back in September 2015, when the shameful assassination of Tony Abbott took place:

Ever since Tony pipped him at the post in December 2009, Malcolm has been plotting and scheming to get the job he believes he deserves. And now, thanks to the treachery of Julie Bishop (and many others), he has achieved his goal.

Turnbull complained that Abbott’s performance had not improved since February, whilst at the same time he and Bishop were both leaking like a sieve to destabilise him in the background. With a constant stream of leaks is it any wonder Abbott’s recovery was thwarted.

Finally, of course, the Lefty hate media (ABC and Fairfax) have successfully portrayed Abbott as some knuckle-dragging, misogynistic, neanderthal thug, someone who does not merely hold different opinions, but is genuinely evil.

So what happens now? If the Coalition manage to scrape a majority, Turnbull’s credibility is gone.

Who can replace him? Scott Morrison? No, because he was too eager to switch sides to Malcolm after initially supporting Abbott in the spill, i.e. he was bought with the promise of Treasurer. Julie Bishop? No – because she destroyed the meaning of the phrase ‘loyal deputy’. Peter Dutton? Maybe… Kevin Andrews? Too boring.

Or maybe a certain T Abbott might be persuaded to step in…

Here are a couple of Aussie Madness posts from the time of the leadership spill:

Election 2016: Malcolm trashes Coalition



Bravo Malcolm.

The Great Communicator, the Great Saviour of the Party, the “ABT” (Anyone but Tony) Candidate, who was going to rescue us all from certain defeat under the knuckle-dragging Abbott, brings the Coalition to the brink of a humiliating hung parliament, less than three years after the landslide of 2013.

This is what happens when you ignore, humiliate and trash the silent conservative majority in the Coalition. This is what happens when you ride roughshod over the ordinary people, with their ignorant, bigoted and uninformed views. This is what happens when you pander to the Left and the ABC to appear more ‘inclusive’ when in fact you are betraying your core supporters. You just have to look at Brexit to realise that.

And then, to add insult to injury, he gives the most shallow, petulant speech, roundly criticised from all sides – blaming everyone and everything but himself for the disastrous result.

The outcome is actually a good thing – the Coalition will be returned (just) but Turnbull, the cynical Playboy Banker, will be finished. He can skulk back to his harbourside mansion and nurse his wounds. He never knew (or cared) what he was going to do as Prime Minister – he just wanted the job on his CV.

I am glad my original opinion of him has been thoroughly vindicated, but I am sad for the mess the country is in as a result.

SHOCK! If elected, Liberals will “shoot koalas”, says Labor

Evil Liberals

Evil Liberals

Labor has claimed that, if elected, the Liberals will privatise Medicare, close the ABC and shoot koalas for fun.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten said, “You cannot trust the Liberals with our cherished institutions, or with koalas. I know for a fact that they intend to shoot lots of them after the election, just for fun. You cannot trust them when they say they won’t shoot koalas, and that it’s just another ridiculous and desperate fabrication by Labor to scare voters. Well, I’ve got the perfect response to that: they would say that wouldn’t they?”


The Playboy Banker sinks as Shorten rises

Great effort by the playboy banker…

Great effort by the playboy banker…

But he’s such a good communicator! So much better than Tony Abbott! Unless Abbott goes we’ll lose the election!

The one thought that keeps me going in all this is that if Turnbull loses in July, we will never, ever, see or hear from him again.

He won’t care, though. He’ll just go back to his harbourside mansion and carry on with his privileged life, whilst the rest of us have to deal with the disastrous consequences of a Shorten Labor government.

Bill Shorten’s standing with ­voters has jumped to a 12-month high, underpinning Labor’s election-winning lead in Newspoll as Malcolm Turnbull’s support has continued to tumble.

The latest Newspoll, taken ­exclusively for The Australian, shows that after the first two weeks of the election campaign the government has been unable to claw back Labor’s two-party-preferred lead of 51 per cent to the ­Coalition’s 49 per cent.

And the massive approval ­enjoyed by the Prime Minister in the early months after he replaced Tony Abbott last September has been wiped out, with Mr Turnbull’s net satisfaction rating now the same as for the Opposition Leader, at -12 points.

With six weeks to go until polling day, the Newspoll represents a two-party swing against the government of 4.5 per cent.

If ­repeated on election day with a uniform swing, it would suggest about 23 Coalition seats would be lost and Mr Shorten would lead a Labor government with a narrow majority.

Slaps forehead.

Richo: Turnbull government ‘a Rudd-like mess’

Equally vain, equally self-centred, equally hopeless

Equally vain, equally self-centred, equally hopeless

The playboy banker never had any idea of what he was going to do as Prime Minister, he just wanted revenge for losing the leadership by one vote to Tony in 2009.

With Chairman Mal, settling personal scores outweighs service to the country at every turn.

As a result, the country flounders, and we could end up with a Shorten-Labor government this year, something that was unthinkable six months ago.

And today, Richo describes Turnbull’s disastrous record in office as a ‘Rudd-like mess’ – a more damning comparison is hard to imagine.

Political suicide from the Coalition.

‘Confusion’ reigns in Turnbull government

So this isn't just about poncing about and taking selfies, then?

So this isn’t just about poncing about and taking selfies, then?

Two opinion pieces in The Australian this morning use the word ‘confusion’ to describe the current state of the Turnbull government.

An extremely concerning word to be reading in an election year, when we were led to believe that Mal the Magnificent would solve all the Coalition’s woes. [Read more…]

He’s not the Messiah…

Malcolm's on the Left.

Malcolm’s on the Left… of just about everybody

… he’s just a wealthy, self-interested playboy banker, who cynically used his charms and influence to snatch the Prime Ministership from Tony Abbott, and has spent the last six months doing precisely nothing except preening and ingratiating himself with the Love Media.

And the public can see straight through it. Because, contrary to what Malcolm and his disconnected buddies think, we aren’t stupid. [Read more…]

Turnbull government’s floundering makes Labor look decisive

Barely concealed chaos

Barely concealed chaos

Better communication, he said. Better economic policy, he said. LOLZ…

Say what you like about Tony Abbott, but he had vision, commitment and belief in what he thought was right. He didn’t care about popularity or being liked, he just had the wish to serve his country in the best possible way.

Contrast and compare with the glamorous playboy Turnbull. Vanity is everything. Wants to be liked the whole time. Thought PM would look good on the resume. He’s in it for what he can get out of it, not what he can do to improve the life of Australians. He doesn’t care anyway – multimillionaire with a mansion on Sydney Harbour – utterly disconnected from ordinary Aussies, and a completely unsuitable person to hold the office of PM. [Read more…]

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