Anne Aly to stand for Labor in Cowan

Labor through and through

Labor through and through

True colours revealed, and helpfully evidencing the mutually parasitic and unhealthy relationship between Islam and the Left.

Without the Left’s distorted worldview and obsession with political correctness, racism and Islamophobia, Islam in the West would be unable to flourish as it does. Without the support of Muslims in most Western democracies, the Left would lose an important and substantial voter base. I scratch your back… [Read more…]

Parramatta: Where are the condemnations from Islamic leaders?

Not in any hurry to condemn…

Not in any hurry to condemn…

Missing in action. Islamic leaders are saying nothing after the Parramatta shooting, a sickening act of jihad carried out by a devout Muslim shouting ‘Allah is the greatest’.

Their silence tacitly condones the actions of the gunman. You might even think that they secretly supported such actions…

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Anne Aly won’t discuss Guardian article with ‘non-academic’

UPDATE: Dr Aly shows her true colours again in this unnecessary and uncalled for tweet:

Maybe that is the kind of conduct that is to be expected from staff at Curtin University…And of course, ‘polemics’ are only written by other people that disagree with you… LOL!

'Shut up' she explained…

‘Shut up’ she explained…

I think we can all draw our own conclusions from that.

Dr Anne Aly’s biography at Curtin University reads as follows:

Dr Anne Aly is an Early Career Research Fellow at Curtin University. She has a professional background in policy having worked as a Senior Policy Officer and Manager within the Western Australian Government.

Anne’s research interests are in the areas of terrorism studies and counter terrorism with a focus on the public and policy responses to terrorism. Her PhD explored the mediated [which I infer from the context means ‘via the media’] fear of terrorism among Muslim communities and the broader community in Australia.

Anne has published widely on diverse issues including Muslim identity, Muslim media activism, terrorism and the internet, the terrorism discourse and counter terrorism responses. She has presented at national and international conferences and workshops on terrorism and counter terrorism and Australian Arab relations. She is the author of Terrorism and Global Security: Historical and Contemporary Approaches (Palgrave Macmillan).

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Response to Anne Aly

UPDATE: Dr Aly responds with an ad hominem via Twitter (try to ignore the typo):

In other words, unless you are worthy, your arguments are not worth considering. Ah, the high standard of academic debate on Islam, sigh… Sounds almost like climate change 😉

Enabler of victimisation and resentment in the Muslim community

Enabler of the culture of victimisation and resentment in the Muslim community

I forced myself to read Anne Aly’s latest attack on anti-Islamisation protesters in The Guardian for the purpose of preparing a rebuttal. Some of her claims are so egregious that they need to be exposed (not that Guardian readers will ever question their progressive bible).

So without further ado, let the fisking commence: [Read more…]

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