Why is “Islamophobia” a thing, but Hinduphobia, Sikhophobia or Buddhaphobia aren’t?

What are you afraid of?

Or any other religion-o-phobia for that matter?

What is so special about Islam that it gets its own phobia, when other religions don’t?

Surely if white Westerners were as racist as we are supposed to be, then naturally we would be as hostile to Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, wouldn’t we?

Apparently not. And we don’t see any of those religions complaining that the ‘far right’ have a ‘phobia’ towards them. We don’t have any words in the lexicon for ‘fear’ of these religions.

So what is it about Islam in particular, that sets it apart from those other religions? Hmm… I wonder…. Just let me think…

[Pause for effect]

After racking my brains for literally a fraction of a second, I’ve struggled to come up with some ideas:

  • Could it be the supremacism of Islam, which regards itself and its followers as superior to everyone else?
  • Could it be the intolerance of the ideology which demands respect and threatens death to anyone that leaves?
  • Could it be the unending hatred of non-Muslims that Islamic texts require?
  • Could it be the incessant violence carried out by Muslims in the name of Islam for over 1,400 years?
  • Could it be the medieval treatment of women as second class citizens?
  • Could it be the religion’s endless demands for special treatment in predominantly Western cultures, when Christians in the Middle East are persecuted and killed?
  • Could it be Islam’s obvious disgust at anything un-Islamic, like Western art, culture and democracy?
  • I could go on, but life is too short…

No – it couldn’t possibly be any of these things, since according to the media and Western governments, it’s just our grubby latent racism, rearing its ugly head at any and every opportunity.

Funny it never appears with any other religion, however… it’s just one of life’s little mysteries.

Unbelievable: Sydney school permits Muslim students to refuse handshakes with women

They'll be paying jizya next...

They’ll be paying jizya next…

Let’s try this experiment in Saudi Arabia, shall we? Christian students refuse to pray to Allah because it is not part of their culture. I wonder how long they would last…

Not here in dhimmified Sydney, where we must kowtow to misogynistic Islamic sharia law in order to avoid being called RACIST:

A public school in Sydney’s west has adopted a policy permitting Muslim male students to decline to shake hands with females, despite­ the practice having been denounced by many senior Islamic figures.

The Hurstville Boys Campus of Georges River College in Sydney recently hosted an awards ­ceremony at which female present­ers, including several accom­plished and respected members of the local community, were told by one of the school’s two principals that some students would not shake their hands because of their Muslim faith.

The instruction is understood to derive from an Islamic hadith — a report describing the words, action­s, or habits of the Islamic prophet Mohammed — stating that “it is better to be stabbed in the head with an iron needle than to touch the hand of a woman who is not permissible to you”.

The NSW Education Department has confirmed the school had an “agreed protocol” regarding handshaking and Muslim ­students.

Personally, I don’t give a f**k about any idiotic ‘protocol’ and think that Muslim students in Australia should be taught what Australian customs and manners require. End of story.

Truly shocking.

Melbourne Muslims target Christmas, but Premier Andrews says plot ‘not religious’

Press conference on the Melbourne terror plot

Press conference on the Melbourne terror plot

This is why we will never defeat the global jihad: suicidal and wilful blindness on the part of our leaders.

Five Muslims plot to carry out a terrorist attack in Melbourne, including at St Paul’s Cathedral, on Christmas day, and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews denies any link to religion:

“This is not an act of faith. What was being planned, what will be led in evidence, what the police will allege, was not an act of faith, not an act of religious observance, it was, instead, in its planning, an act of evil, a criminal act,” he said.

Why on earth would you say such a thing? Why would you intentionally avoid the obvious religious motive of hatred of Christianity that Islam has practised for 1400 years? Answer: because it’s easier to label five individuals as ‘evil’ than to confront the reality that the religion (more accurately, political ideology) of half a million Australians is incompatible with Christianity, Western freedoms and democracy.

What Andrews and the majority of Western politicians don’t understand is that to those five Muslims it was not to be an act of evil – it was to be an act of pious devotion through which they would hope to please Allah and enter paradise.

When a mother and father sent their daughters off to a police station strapped with explosives they were not doing it because they were evil – they were doing it because they thought that was the best thing their daughters could do – kill infidels to please Allah.

When a Muslim drove a truck through a Christmas market in Berlin, it was not an act of evil, since killing infidels, and especially Christians, is one of the religious duties of a devout Muslim.

Western politicians always view these events from a Western perspective, when in fact the Muslim perspective is completely different. From a Western viewpoint, all of these acts are ‘evil’, but from a Muslim viewpoint they all make perfect sense.

All that is required for moderate Muslims to become violent is for them to become more devout. No-one can predict which of the millions of Muslims living in the West will next take that final step on the Ladder of Islam and seek to undertake an act of jihad.

But that problem is for the future – at the moment, our leaders are incapable of even acknowledging the existence of a religious motivation for Islamic terror attacks. Until they do, the West will continue to be a soft target.

Car bomb targets Australian Christian Lobby

What rotten bad luck…

What rotten bad luck…

But don’t worry, it wasn’t ‘religiously or politically motivated’.

Just a random guy who just happened to have a stack of gas bottles in his car, by chance crashes into a Christian organisation and – bad luck or what? – it all catches fire and blows up!

The police have already swept all the usual awkward possibilities under the carpet:

ACT police confirmed a 35-year-old Canberra man had ignited gas cylinders in the van and caused an explosion, which damaged the vehicle and building.

In a statement, police said their brief questioning of the man revealed his actions “were not politically, religiously or ideologically motivated”.

So that’s all OK then – nothing to see here – go back to sleep. Oddly, they haven’t named this unfortunate ‘man’ who is a ‘resident of Canberra’ – wonder what the odds are of him having a non-zero MoQuo*?

The head of the ACL isn’t convinced by all these convenient explanations:

The head of the Australian Christian Lobby has accused ACT police of “prejudicing” the investigation into a van explosion outside the group’s headquarters, saying an announcement it was not politically, religiously or ideologically motivated “just doesn’t add up”.

ACL managing director Lyle Shelton also said he still had unanswered questions following phone calls with the police and was unconvinced by their “quick” conclusions.

You and me both, mate. It has all the hallmarks of the now typical cover-up of an extremist attack because… Islamophobia. Or something.

I sincerely hope to be proved wrong, but my cynicism is high.

* MoQuo: Mohammed Quotientl is the percentage of a person’s name that is Mohammed or some derivative thereof

Christmas is just around the corner – time for the Muslim grievance-mongers to emerge

Not 'Happy Holidays' but 'Merry Christmas'

Not ‘Happy Holidays’ but ‘Merry Christmas’

When Muslims immigrate to a Western country, their supremacist ideology expects that country to accommodate their cultural requirements. So when Christian festivals occur, it is us that must be careful.

Christmas trees are deemed ‘offensive’. We cannot say “Merry Christmas” any more, and have to adopt the bland “Happy holidays” instead.

Anyone who makes these demands in the UK or Australia should try going to Iran or Saudi Arabia, and demanding that Muslim festivals be “toned down”, because they might be offensive to Christians.

See how far you get with that!

Muslims are welcome to settle in Australia, however, they have no right to determine the behaviour of the predominantly Christian population.

Orlando: FBI release transcripts of 911 call

Nothing to do with Islam - again!

Nothing to do with Islam – again!

They had hoped to scrub all references to Allah and Islamic State in order to keep up the pretence that this had ‘nothing to do with Islam’. Yeah, that didn’t work.

The transcript still manages to obfuscate, by referring to “God” instead of “Allah” so I have changed it accordingly:

Orlando Police Dispatcher (OD)
Shooter (OM)

OD: Emergency 911, this is being recorded.

OM: In the name of God Allah the Merciful, the beneficial [in Arabic]

OD: What?

OM: Praise be to God Allah, and prayers as well as peace be upon the prophet of God Allah [in Arabic]. I let you know, I’m in Orlando and I did the shootings.

OD: What’s your name?

OM: My name is [ ] I pledge of allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of the Islamic State.

OD: Ok, What’s your name?

OM: I pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi may God Allah protect him [in Arabic], on behalf of the Islamic State.

OD: Alright, where are you at?

OM: In Orlando.

OD: Where in Orlando?

[End of call.] (source)

But don’t forget, this has nothing to do with Islam, right Barack? Right Hillary?


Ramadan jihad in Sydney – three injured

No clue to his ethnicity given, naturally…

No clue to his ethnicity given, naturally…

UPDATE: Apparently the man was ‘mentally ill’ and escaped from a ‘psychiatric facility’…

UPDATE2: As expected, the ‘man’ was a soldier of Allah, and the ‘ranting’ was Allahu akbar. But it took many articles before this key detail was revealed (source)

A random ‘man’ starts ‘ranting’, and threatens bystanders with a knife. Sound familiar?

Police fire shots, and fragments of bullets injure three old folks minding their own business.

Wonder what he was ranting? Allahu akbar, anyone? CONFIRMED.

Probably just a Right Wing Extremist having a bad day.

Get used to this, folks. More is coming.

Up to three elderly bystanders have been injured in a shooting at a shopping mall in Sydney’s north, after a “ranting” man carrying a knife was shot by police.

The incident unfolded just before midday at the Hornsby Organic Food Markets in Florence Street following reports of a man armed with a knife.

Police have issued a statement saying: “On arrival officers located the man and attempted to speak with him. Following a confrontation, a number of shots were fired by police.

“As a consequence four people have sustained various injuries and have been taken to hospital.” (source)

But never mind, because Islam is the Religion of Pieces™. Pieces of bodies, that is…

More photos:

Random 'man'

Random ‘man’

Imam Turnbull’s Ramadan message

Allahu akbar!

Allahu akbar!

That’s right Malc, let’s celebrate and encourage the pre-medieval, violent, supremacist, misogynist political ideology masquerading as the Religion of Peace™, as its adherents dedicate themselves to more jihad in the cause of Allah:

To Muslims across Australia and around the world, Lucy and I send our warmest greetings to all those observing the Ramadan month of fasting.

For Muslims, Ramadan is the holiest month of the year – a time for charity, for remembering the less fortunate in society, and a time for personal reflection and renewal.

Not forgetting the ritual sharpening of the beheading knives. And renewed commitment to jihad of course.

At this time I also hope that you will enjoy Iftar, not only with family and friends, but also with neighbours who may be unfamiliar with Ramadan and Islamic traditions.

Yeah, right! You really think they’d invite the filthy kuffar to partake in the ‘holiest’ Muslim festival? I hardly think so…

The practice of sharing meals establishes links across cultural communities and builds bonds of understanding.

Oh, look, a pig just flew past my window.

We are a nation that respects each other’s right to freedom of speech, thought and religion. That right, supported by our principles of democracy and law, bind us together into what I believe to be the most successful multicultural society in the world.

Except for Islam, which respects none of those things. Allahu akbar!

I look forward this year to hosting Australian Muslims and representatives of various faiths at an Iftar dinner to honour the month of Ramadan.

Congratulations, Imam Turnbull.

We can all kiss goodbye to Western civilisation, if this is how we treat the greatest threat to our freedoms since the Second World War.

Bataclan band banned as political correctness trumps all

Doesn't hold an entirely positive view of Muslims…

Doesn’t hold an entirely positive view of Muslims…

You literally couldn’t make this stuff up.

The band that were playing when the Bataclan theatre in Paris was shot up by Muslims in 2015 has been banned from performing at two French music festivals for daring to air some inconvenient views about the attacks.

In other words, people who were lucky not to have been killed by a bunch of crazed Islamic terrorists with AK-47s are punished for saying things that are not entirely positive about Muslims. Wow.

As Laura Rosen Cohen would say, Fuck you, France – you deserve the Islamic hellhole fate that awaits you and the rest of Europe.

Two French music festivals have cancelled Eagles of Death Metal concerts this summer over remarks by the band’s frontman about the Paris attacks.

The Rock en Seine concert in the French capital and the Cabaret Vert festival in northern France said on Friday they are “in total disagreement with Jesse Hughes’ recent allegations”.

Hughes claimed in an interview last week that he saw “Muslims celebrating in the street during the attack”.

He also said he spotted some “terrorists” in the Bataclan concert hall before the band’s fateful 13 November show. (source)

No doubt survivors of Islamic terrorist attacks are supposed to say Islam is a Religion of Peace™…

Paris and Brussels attacks: huge terror network hidden in plain sight

France descends into a terrorist hellhole

France descends into a terrorist hellhole

Watching the ABC’s Four Corners yesterday evening, on the subject of the recent European terror attacks, the most astonishing thing that struck me was how such a huge terror cell could remain undetected for so long.

They were able to buy weapons, explosives and detonators and plan two military style assaults, across two countries, right under the noses of the European security services.

Dozens of Islamic terrorists were involved in numerous coordinated attacks across Paris and Brussels, and yet not one tiny piece of intelligence leaked out. Not a skerrick of information made its way through to the police or intelligence agencies.

Why? Because the Muslim communities are completely watertight.

No intelligence leaked out because nobody wanted it to leak out. Hundreds of people in those communities must have heard little snippets, known something, little scraps of information that might, when taken together, have put a picture together and saved those 130 innocent victims.

But there was essentially zero cooperation from the community, zero intelligence and zero chance of stopping a barbaric mass murder of innocent civilians. The perpetrators were known to many, and they weren’t just ignored, they were actively concealed.

A recent poll ($) confirms this absence of cooperation – only one in three Muslims in the UK would report terrorist sympathisers in their midst.

The global community of Muslims, the umma, transcends any duty to an infidel host country. They would never betray one of their own…

And so it was in Paris and Brussels.

Hardly surprising therefore that many were ‘dancing in the streets‘ at the news of the Brussels attack, which they regard as a victory for Islam over the unbelievers.

Zebiba boy at the heart of terror network

Zebiba boy at the heart of terror recruitment

It was also interesting to see a photo of a key jihadi recruiter in Molenbeek, a Muslim enclave of Brussels, Khalid Zerkani. Note the dark bump on his forehead. That’s known as a zebiba, or prayer bump, which, according to Wikipedia, is “apparently due to the friction generated by repeated contact of the forehead with the prayer mat during [Muslim] daily prayers.”

Furthermore, “the bump also serves as a public demonstration of one’s piety, with some Muslims using various methods to deliberately cultivate the bump to acquire the appearance of a devout Muslim.”

But don’t forget, none of this has anything to do with Islam, just in case you were wondering.

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