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Pope Francis: Muslim terrorism doesn’t exist (but the climate crisis is REAL!)

Weather is more scary than Allahu-akbaring, sword-wielding Muslims

Thinks the weather is more scary than Allahu-akbaring, sword-wielding Muslims beheading Christians every day…

Apologies to my Catholic readers, but the truth is that Pope Francis is just a few chalices short of a communion, and is setting back the cause of the Christian church in the process.

Good job Francis’ predecessor, Urban II, didn’t claim that Islam wasn’t a religion of violence, otherwise Europe wouldn’t have bothered to defend itself with the Crusades, and Europe would have been Muslim for a thousand years already.

Urban II knew full well that Islam would have no truck with Christianity, and if Christianity were to survive, it would have to defeat the Muslim invaders. He’d probably read the Qur’an and knew enough about the political ideology of Islam – unlike Francis, who probably just thinks its a Religion of Peace™.

Yes, I know – Francis said “Muslim terrorism” doesn’t exist – but it’s a ludicrously fine distinction, and anyone who claims that violence (including terrorism) carried out in the name of Allah does not happen is deluded. It happens every day, and has done for the past 1400 years.

But on the other hand, Francis does believe a hoax, namely the climate ‘crisis’ – which he believes is a greater threat to the planet than our Allahu-akbaring friends.

Read the full message here (if you can bear it).

10 Leftist myths about Islam

Totally busted

Totally busted

The terrorist atrocities in Paris on 13 November have unleashed a tsunami of delusional Leftist commentary on Islamic State and how we should respond (or not respond, as the case may be).

Case in point, Waleed Aly’s lecture on Channel 10 earlier this week (see my fisking here), which Leftists around the world homed in on as the ultimate expression of their views on the subject. As expected it was a stomach-churning cocktail of snake-oil, hippy ‘love-not-hate’ Kumbaya and full-blown Islamic taqiyya.

So here are ten myths perpetuated by the Left to ensure they stay safely isolated from the unpleasant reality that the world faces, busted for your enjoyment. [Read more…]

‘It’s absurd to deny jihadis act in the name of Islam’

Ergas: common sense

Ergas: common sense

Bravo Henry Ergas, who has the guts to speak the truth in the pages of The Australian today.

How long will it take before he is branded a filthy Islamophobic, racist bigot by the apologists and the Left? Probably already happened… [Read more…]

Psychotic: Obama compares Islamic State with Christianity

Unhinged. No, really.

Unhinged. No, really.

I once read that a measure of one’s mental health could be established by comparing the model of the world that exists in your mind with the reality outside. The closer the two are to each other, the healthier one’s state of mind can be said to be.

If that test were applied to Obama and the Liberal left in America, they would all be diagnosed as psychotic. Because the models of the world they have in their brains is so far removed from the brutal reality outside that they may as well be hallucinating.

This psychosis is wilfully aided and abetted by the mainstream media, which continues to ignore what is happening in the real world, and instead reinforces the Liberal fantasy which our so-called leaders believe to be the truth. [Read more…]

‘It is better to die standing than to live on your knees’

Sharia law doesn't apply in Australia, at least yet…

Sharia law doesn’t apply in Australia, at least not yet…

Stephane Charbonnier’s quote, above, should be the motto for the current generation.

With the appalling massacre in Paris, the world is once again plunged into darkness as a direct result of the teachings of the violent, supremacist, barbaric, pre-medieval ideology of Islam.

Unless Western leaders and the mainstream media make a positive decision to acknowledge the inspiration for these attacks, the many Qur’anic verses and other Islamic texts which encourage and sanction violence against non-Muslims, this kind of attack will become more and more common. [Read more…]

Radio National: Sahar Amer and Clive Kessler

Sahar Amer and Clive Kessler

Sahar Amer and Clive Kessler

Bravo to Andrew West on RN’s Religion and Ethics Report for challenging the politically correct notion of Islam as a religion of peace, and it was done without labelling anyone an Islamophobe! See, it is possible.

It also clinically exposed the shrill obfuscation and avoidance typical of Islamic apologists when confronted with awkward facts and cogent arguments.

[Read more…]

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