Disgusting: British Army prostrates itself before Islam

Submit to my religion, infidels.

What ever next? Will they send a message apologising for all the wars they have ever fought in? Why not surrender completely! It would be quicker, and less painful.

The UK is screwed.

Prayer time on patrol: British Army defies critics of politically correct campaign as it releases new recruitment video showing Muslim soldier praying in front of his colleagues

  • The soldier kneels on a prayer mat while comrades wait respectfully nearby
  • The ad Keeping My Faith is the latest in the Army’s ‘This is Belonging’ campaign
  • Earlier videos have reached out to gay recruits and said troops can be emotional
  • But some former soldiers have said the adverts are ‘political correctness’

The British Army has released a new advert showing a Muslim soldier praying as it defied critics of an inclusive recruitment campaign which critics have called ‘politically correct’.

The new film, called Keeping My Faith, shows a soldier taking off his helmet and kneeling down in prayer while his comrades wait respectfully nearby.

It is the latest step in the Army’s ‘This is Belonging’ campaign, which has featured adverts telling recruits they are allowed to be emotional and reassuring gay people that they will be accepted if they sign up.

But the videos uploaded to YouTube came under fire last week when retired Major General Tim Cross said recruits needed to know that ‘we are not going to be soft and we are not going to be nice to people’.


  1. Maybe the goal of a recruitment campaign is to – you know – actually get people to join up. I ended up in the army in 1969 because I had no choice. The term “National Service” was used. We finished up with a pretty diverse crew in my rifle section in Vietnam – two Murris, a West Indian, a Sri Lankan, a Polish-born digger, a Pom and four others (myself included) with less exotic heritage. We were a bloody good unit. We reflected pretty accurately the community we came from. Random (birthday ballot) conscription does that.
    Whether you like it or not, diversity works. Once bonded, the race, religion and colour of the digger next to you means SFA.


    • None of those people you mention belong to a belief system that actively wishes the overthrow of Western society and the imposition of its own worldview. Why do we want to encourage an ideology that is antithetical to everything the British Army stands for? A devout Muslim does not respect non-Muslims and would not fight truthfully and honestly for a non-Muslim country. Just read the Qur’an if you need proof. We are all in favour of ‘diversity’ to a certain degree, but really this crosses a line.

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