Mohammedan Megaphones installed in Melbourne

Mohammedan Megaphones in Melbourne

I know they are calling them emergency loudspeakers, but I think they’ve been secretly installed to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer, for when Victoria eventually submits to Islam…

Early jihad warning loudspeakers, or as we call them here at Aussie Madness, “Mohammedan Megaphones”, have been installed and tested in Melbourne, although strangely they didn’t use them for the Flinders Street attack…

The new CBD emergency siren system was ready to go during last week’s Flinders Street carnage, however, police decided not to use it.

Acting Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said police chose not to activate the alarms last Thursday when a driver allegedly drove into a crowded intersection, injuring 18, as they were able to quickly contain the incident.

Some media outlets are referring to it as a “terror warning system” which is terribly racist. We all know it should be called a “mental health warning system”. Or simply the Melbourne Muezzin.


  1. Have things gotten that bad in the four months. I have been away from Melbourne and enjoying Tassie?



  1. […] with the Mohammedan Megaphones installed, at least we’ll all know when we’re about to be blown up/run down/shot, etc, […]

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