Sydney: Permanent mental health sculptures replace temporary concrete blocks

Mental health sculptures

Clearly those in authority in New South Wales don’t think that the global Islamic jihad, sorry, mental health crisis, will be resolved anytime soon. In Martin Place, outside the Lindt Cafe, scene of a previous outbreak of mental illness, roadwork-style temporary concrete blocks have been replaced with permanent sculpted concrete spheres.

Surely in this time of acute jihad threat, sorry, mental health crisis, in Australia the government should be funneling millions of dollars towards better healthcare, rather than just treating the symptoms.

The mother of Melbourne jihadi, sorry, “driver with a drug and/or mental health-induced impairment causing accidental impact with pedestrians”, has blamed drugs for his actions. From under her hijab, she said ($), “Beautiful son, drug no good. Three years sick, very sick. All the time he’s sick.”

At least the Victorian police aren’t falling into the racist and bigoted trap of thinking that any of this had anything to do with terrorism. They are still firmly of the opinion that this was all about drugs and mental health. Sure, he rambled on about Allah and Muslims in the hospital, but we all know that’s irrelevant to this investigation. I mean, who doesn’t ramble about Allah and Muslims after they’ve mown down innocent people in a car?

Islamic motives and drug problems with mental health issues are mutually exclusive – he was a just a good Afghan Muslim refugee who was the victim of drug pushers and a failing mental health system.

So we can all stop worrying – this was just another unfortunate random act, which has no link to anything, especially Islamic jihad, just like the Lindt Cafe siege, the murder of Curtis Cheng, and all those plots to kill and maim which were foiled by security services. All of this is a great relief to our governments and police, because if they weren’t, we might have to do something about it.

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