More concrete blocks required to tackle global mental health epidemic

Mental health bollards

A sudden outbreak of ‘mental health issues’ across the globe has required the rapid installation of ugly concrete blocks and bollards in our cities.

The bollards have been installed to stop normally peaceful Australians from committing mass murder whilst experiencing unexpected episodes of mental illness.  It is important not to believe that these measures have anything to do with protecting innocent people from jihadi terror – they are only there to deal with this random uptick in mental health issues and drug problems.

The fact that most people who commit such acts are either Muslim or have ties to Islam, and wear long beards with shaved moustaches, should not distract anyone from the shocking and unprecedented epidemic of mental health issues that is afflicting Australia and the rest of the world, such as in Nice, Westminster, London Bridge, Berlin etc etc.

The man that drove into a crowd in Melbourne yesterday was a normal ocker Aussie bloke (from Afghanistan) who practises an unspecified religion, who has a long history of mental health issues and drug problems, and also has a long beard with a shaved moustache. But the only issue here is the mental health issues and drug problems. Any suggestion that this is a terror incident is just racist and xenophobic, and stirring up hate.

The fact that there was another guy who was filming it all on his phone and was carrying a bag of knives should not in any way be seen as evidence of a conspiracy to commit a terrorist act and film it for jihadist web sites. People take bags of knives out in the middle of Melbourne all the time.

Victorian government spokesmen have said that there must be a full inquiry into the mental health and drug situation of the state, in particular cracking down on ice dealers. Because that’s the real issue here. Drugs and mental health issues.

Denial is a river in Egypt.

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