Sydney Muslims plotted to blow passenger jet out of the sky

Plotters were Muslim – of course…

Lakemba, Wiley Park and Punchbowl – suburbs in the festering Islamic heart of Sydney’s west – feature prominently in the plot. A device was found in Surry Hills, an affluent suburb close to the main road that leads to the airport. Hijabbed women are seen in photos of the arrests. There is no doubt which particular ‘religion’ was behind this sick plan.

Even in the midst of such a scheme, the perpetrators still remember to whip out the victim card, whining that the police treated them less than gently during the arrests. Tough. You try and commit acts of mass murder, you should accept the consequences.

The security services intercepted the plot at the last minute, thanks to a tipoff, and enormous credit must go to them for doing so.

Anyone who still thinks that Islam isn’t at war with us is either delusional or stupid.

Sydney terrorism raids believed to relate to ‘bomb plot involving aircraft’

The Australian Federal Police have conducted a number of terrorist raids across Sydney over a suspected bomb plot to bring down a plane.

The raids, conducted by the Sydney Joint Counter Terrorism team, took place in Surry Hills, Lakemba, Wiley Park and Punchbowl on Saturday afternoon.

The operations are part of an ongoing investigation.

Fairfax Media understands the raids relate to a terrorist cell and a bomb plot to bring down an aircraft. The raids were not planned but instead were a rapid response to information about the plot received by police.

Four men have been taken into custody and the searches at the properties are expected to go late into the night. The man who was arrested in Surry Hills emerged with blood on his head and was taken to hospital by paramedics.

“These searches and the broader investigation remain ongoing, and further information will be made available at the appropriate time,” the AFP said in a statement. (source)


  1. How long before they don’t catch the extreamests that want to kill innocent. Australians
    Police have to get it right every time
    While terrorists only need to get it right.


  2. johnbuk says:

    Far more concerning than your Peace-loving Muslims must be the increasing numbers of “mentally deranged” individuals running amok in Europe killing people with swords etc whilst shouting some unintelligible phrase in a foreign tongue.
    Its obviously an epidemic and no-one seems to know how or why it has arisen! Coincidentally they are not photogenic as their images don’t appear in the media either.

    The latest “incident” happened in Konstanz Southern Germany and involved a “psychologically unstable” immigrant. Police reassured everyone by adding the “motive for the shooting remains unclear”. Two people were killed – presumably accidentally.

    The weapon was an M16 machine gun – you know, the sort most of us have in our cutlery drawer to scare off the neighbour’s cat when it looks hungrily at the birds gathering next to the bird feeder at the end of the garden.

    Lets hope these poor “unstable” human beings don’t get together in a large group at any stage with perhaps some sharpened frisbees or similar and have a “psychological melt down” whilst piloting a plane or two – that could cause a few problems.

    In the meantime here in the UK the real priority is a new law to ensure we can choose our own gender and swap around from time to time as and when the fancy takes us.

    I feel safer already.


  3. So the third suspect has been released. What will happen now? Won’t it just enrage them and they’ll go back into our society and plan another attack? Anyone who has any links to a terror plot should be put away for life IMHO. There needs to be stricter laws. I hate the fact that guy is swanning around in our city again. As for the other two: life means life – not a few years dammit.


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