Liberal Party abandons conservatives

Conservatives not welcome any more

No pretence remains. Turnbull has admitted what has been obvious for months – that conservatives are no longer welcome in the ‘progressive’ Labor-lite Liberal party.

About the only policy area that still vaguely resembles a conservative position is border protection, thanks to Peter Dutton. The rest is in ruins.

Small government? Abandoned in the budget.

Low taxes? Ditto.

Traditional family values? Hanging by a thread.

Climate? Adopt Finkel’s alarmist position.

Education? Copy Labor with Gonski 2.0.

The Turnbull destruction of the Liberal Party is almost complete. Perhaps the introduction of gay marriage to Australia will be his crowning glory. That and an emissions trading scheme.

There’s only one place for true conservatives now, and that is with Cory.


  1. John Wright says:

    Well of course Malevolent Mal, otherwise known as ‘Turmoil Turnbull’ would know all about Madness. The man is a fool.


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