Why is “Islamophobia” a thing, but Hinduphobia, Sikhophobia or Buddhaphobia aren’t?

What are you afraid of?

Or any other religion-o-phobia for that matter?

What is so special about Islam that it gets its own phobia, when other religions don’t?

Surely if white Westerners were as racist as we are supposed to be, then naturally we would be as hostile to Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, wouldn’t we?

Apparently not. And we don’t see any of those religions complaining that the ‘far right’ have a ‘phobia’ towards them. We don’t have any words in the lexicon for ‘fear’ of these religions.

So what is it about Islam in particular, that sets it apart from those other religions? Hmm… I wonder…. Just let me think…

[Pause for effect]

After racking my brains for literally a fraction of a second, I’ve struggled to come up with some ideas:

  • Could it be the supremacism of Islam, which regards itself and its followers as superior to everyone else?
  • Could it be the intolerance of the ideology which demands respect and threatens death to anyone that leaves?
  • Could it be the unending hatred of non-Muslims that Islamic texts require?
  • Could it be the incessant violence carried out by Muslims in the name of Islam for over 1,400 years?
  • Could it be the medieval treatment of women as second class citizens?
  • Could it be the religion’s endless demands for special treatment in predominantly Western cultures, when Christians in the Middle East are persecuted and killed?
  • Could it be Islam’s obvious disgust at anything un-Islamic, like Western art, culture and democracy?
  • I could go on, but life is too short…

No – it couldn’t possibly be any of these things, since according to the media and Western governments, it’s just our grubby latent racism, rearing its ugly head at any and every opportunity.

Funny it never appears with any other religion, however… it’s just one of life’s little mysteries.

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